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The sum total of life was never easy to calculate,

And the equation of existence was never easy to evaluate,

Where, I had rubbed some, and some had rubbed me,

And from this tug of war I could never be free.


But I remember I was born with a mission,

That had a vision,

It also had a goalpost,

And it also had the foremost.


But then what went wrong?

That soon after I was born,

My mission changed and vision altered,

Goalpost shifted and I somersaulted.


Perhaps, in the windings of life,

Attractions were galore,

Where arrogance was available even in a road side store,

And where ego had become the dubious cynosure.


Slowly, all these had become the handy recipes for success,

Where, show off had become the order of the day,

Humbleness had become the emblem of the frail,

And politeness the solemn disgrace.


So, to stay the course,

 I deviated from my umbilical holds,

To become that fashionable rogue,

Where, I too, cheated to the fore,

And intimidated others, galore.


One day I met God while walking on the road,

He asked,

Son! How are you?

I replied,

Who are you?


He said,

Well I’m God your creator,

I replied,

But you’re quite a traitor,


In utter disbelief,

He asked why?

I said because you belied,

About the journey of life,

By selling me the futile.


But how?

Asked God,

I said,

Where, it was arrogance you gave me some great mission,

Where, it was ego you gave me some stupid vision,

And where it was show off you gave me that wide goalpost.


But all that wasn’t required,

To rise higher,

So I changed my fire,

And with that my sire.


But son I had sent you to there,

For everyone’s welfare,

But instead of welfare,

You became a malware,

And what will God do,

If it has sons like you?


That is your problem God,

If men can’t do what you want them to do,

Go create some other species,

That will help you chase,

Your mandate that is not easy.


Hold on my son,

Don’t throw such a referendum,

Life for you has just begun,

So, let give you an ultimatum.


Mend your ways,

And return,

To those humble and noble sways,

For you have no idea,


Of the sum total of those stormy waves,

That will only strike you,

When you’re at the twilight of your days,

And that will be too late.


In pursuit of wild success man has imbibed arrogance, ego and show-off leaving behind those splendid virtues of a simple lifestyle. And it is only by practice of simple habits the sum total of your life will move towards the positive side.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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By Kamlesh Tripathi

    We all have heard this famous phrase—Kan kan mein Bhagwan and jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi. In the same breath, we should also reflect on, what Lord Krishna had to say in the famous epic Mahabharat—‘I will not do your ‘karma’ for you. You’ll have to that yourself.’ So in essence, all this forms the core ethos and purpose of our lives. No matter what religion you follow and which strata of society you come from. For, the God’s may vary, but the mission of life shall always remain the same. And in all of this—God helps, only those, who help themselves.

    So, in the ultimate analysis we human beings can’t deny the terse reality that we all are born to serve the holy cause. That manifests, while we serve our family and even our society. But in the process we don’t get younger, on the contrary each day, we are only getting older. And, in the drift of life we often plan to give our children good education and values to make them skilled professionals. So that they can, not only compete nationally, but even globally. But that doesn’t come for free. Nor does it come with interspersed dimes here and there. Rather, it comes from some focused and astute FPI (Financial Planning & Insurance). Just, to cite and example. If we require a crore today, to make our child, a doctor. Twenty years hence the coveted amount will be three crores together with inflation, logistics, competition and new technology costs. So, while we often come across quite a few over ambitious parents, boasting aimlessly about the promising career of their children. They hardly do any FPI for it. And, then they say, we love our children. Isn’t that a sham?

    In the same run up most of us think we are immortal. That I will never die. So we don’t ever visualize a situation. Where, we’ll leave home one day, never to return. But in that case, who will run my establishment, feed my children and beyond that who will educate them. The litmus test would be to ascertain, which relative of mine will pay for all this and for how long. And the buck doesn’t stop there. As the clock keeps ticking with each breath—remember we are only getting older. For as long as you can work, the moolah will pour in. But when you stop working, where will your nickel and dimes come from. So, what happens when you retire? These are some crude realities that the pigeon in you keeps avoiding and condoning while the cat of life keeps observing.

    I was recently at a training programme conducted by Maxlife Insurance. Where, I got many such vital answers to the complexities of life. Remember, the pain of effort is much better than the pain of regret. So, plan your life well. Attend such programmes. And don’t just snub any FPI professional, when he calls on you to plan your wayward life. Better would be to take him as the arm of God.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

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I saw you here and I saw you there.

Even when,

 I know all very well,

You aren’t really there,

And every year on this day,

You do send me to despair.


When I reflect,

I still can recollect,

 Those lovely moments,

When you were born,

And I had thought,

We’ll be together lifelong,

But that was not to be.


In your fight for life,

I remember with gripe,

Seasons had come and seasons had gone,

Where time was kind but destiny was strong,

Though time fought well, yet destiny won,

As it snatched you,

With its divine intents.


Now that you’re gone,

There isn’t too much of a song,

Except for the noble mission,

That you had brought along.


You often come in my dreams,

That brings me loads of serene,

Is when, I willfully dream,

To serve those sick umpteens.


It is said,

Life is a mystery,

Where destiny is another name of cruelty,

But God is kind,

And time is like a serpentine.


And when I bring it upon myself,

I realise,

Your short span was indeed the mystery,

Where destiny pulled off the cruelty,

And between mystery and cruelty was God’s beauty,

But where time still meanders like the serpentine’s ferocity.


In this windswept life,

One more year goes by,

But I’m happy to tell you,

I’ve kept your mission alive.

So rest in peace,

For you have achieved your destiny.


In warm remembrance of our son’s birthday. Who left us some years back.

By Kamlesh Tripathi






In the heat of life,

There was never a summer,

But when the heat was over,

Only the winter got closer.


In my hectic life,

I was always uptight,

About things that mattered,

And also about things that didn’t matter.


In the days of heat,

Life was like a marathon race,

Where some pseudo brainwaves,

Had termed it as a rat race.


One initially thought,

It’s a onetime race,

But sadly, it turned out to be,

A lifetime of a race.


Where, the rats were surprised,

That it was some enterprise,

Where man stole the race,

And made it into a rat race,

And that too, without their gaze.


It all started well,

Like the string of jingle bells,

But soon the jingle was over,

And you were left as a rover.


There was so much to do,

And so much to improve,

Where I had my own dreams,

To brew and stew,

Until one day I realised,

I had a career to pursue.


Between the race and career,

Man had no breather,

Soon he became a teaser,

And with that a big schemer.


That resulted in endless pursuits,

And pointless disputes,

Bereft of generosity,

And full of ferocity,

Where humans were estranged,

And demons were ordained.


From exhaustive to repetitive lifestyle,

To loads of competition,

Until one day I realised,

Sanity was about to get paralysed.


As the stance of life was changing,

Where heat was evaporating,

Where winter was upstaging,

Grace was receding,

And where time was forsaking.


Is when I asked the creator,

What happens now?

When heat becomes cold,

Summer becomes winter,

Hectic become skeptic,

And I become rustic.


Nothing said the creator,

As good sense of life is always greater,

Then the rat race,

That happens to be a crater,

And in disguise a hater.


So come out of it,

To live in the winter,

That also has a summer,

That also has a shelter.


For rat race is just a phase,

And phase should not be a craze,

And the ultimate is encased,

In the wisdom of faith.


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By Kamlesh Tripathi


Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


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By Kamlesh Tripathi


It springs up every time,

That clutter in my empty mind,

And each time,

It only reminds me of wasted times.


If empty mind is a devil’s workshop,

A cluttered mind is a spooky den,

Where emptiness is a result of nothingness,

And clutter an offshoot of everythingness.


When I began doing things,

 I came out of my empty mind,

But by doing too many things at a time,

I cluttered my mind,

But whether it is the empty or the clutter,

Both smother the poetry of life.


And in this baffling world of mine,

One wonders at times,

From where to begin,

And where to end, the acrobats of life.


At times even the almighty—the mind … fails to act,

And slumps into emptiness,

And succumbs to everythingness,

And deviates from equilibrium,

Where, one only wonders why?


One day when I opened my eyes to see my mind,

I could only see zigzag and criss-cross of empty lines,

And that revealed the reasons,

For the clutter in my empty mind.


And thereafter,

I decided each day I would scan my mind,

And would meditate,

To remove,

The malwares floating in my mind.




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I was right and he was wrong,

And that brought about the storm,

No! she was wrong and I was right,

And that brought about the enduring strife.


In the race of life,

I always made my wrong look like right,

And, his right look wrong.

But all that required,

 A lot of treacherous brainstorm.


For no one could realize,

 In the rhythm of life,

Right and wrong,

Were only the two sides of the golden coin.


And what mattered in the cruise of life,

Was, the proud possession of the coin,

And, not the two deadly sides,

In the spiral of right and wrong.


And as my life meandered along,

There came a day when I turned blind,

Is when I lost the coin,

And what was left with me,

Were only the two sides without the coin,

My right and his wrong.


I then realized,

In the speed and greed of life,

When my wrongs outweighed my rights,

God took away whatever I liked.


And when I began entering my twilight,

I painstakingly realised,

Neither was right and neither was wrong,

As it was only a lethal battle of ego, rage and the storm.


Then sadly one day,

The ego eclipsed,

Storm vanished,

Rage retired,

As my partner expired.


And that made me realise,

He too was right,

And I too was wrong,

And that had brought about the blazing storm,

But by then it was too late for a new dawn.


Man is born with zero balance of ego but during the journey of life he accumulates ego like no one’s business. That happens to be the main reason for most clashes that doesn’t even spare loving couples.

by Kamlesh Tripathi

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By Kamlesh Tripathi


In search of joy I wandered,

Only to be squandered.

In search of joy I plundered,

And while doing so I blundered.


And like an alluring dream joy enticed me forever,

Into actions of demean, that played havoc,

With my simple serene.


And in the voyage of life,

I thought important was the end,

And not the means to the end,

So I adopted various means,

Only to achieve the coveted end,

Until one day I realized,

End is only fruitful,

If it is through the right means.


And while running after the joy,

I could only find the venom of waste,

That had left me high and dry,

To the rigors of haste.


For joy was not any achievement,

Joy was not a prized possession,

And joy was not a status symbol,

And joy was not a complexity.


For joy was simple, joy was invisible,

Joy was small, Joy was tiny,

And joy was not tall,

Yet it took me a lifetime,

 To understand joy,

And only in that manner joy was tall.


I wandered and squandered,

My life in search of joy,

And ultimately realized,

Joy resided in my laughter and in my smile,

In my sleep under my pillow,

On the roof and even under my feet,

And above all in my eyes, and in my mind,

Which all this while I couldn’t identify.