I saw you here and I saw you there.

Even when,

 I know all very well,

You aren’t really there,

And every year on this day,

You do send me to despair.


When I reflect,

I still can recollect,

 Those lovely moments,

When you were born,

And I had thought,

We’ll be together lifelong,

But that was not to be.


In your fight for life,

I remember with gripe,

Seasons had come and seasons had gone,

Where time was kind but destiny was strong,

Though time fought well, yet destiny won,

As it snatched you,

With its divine intents.


Now that you’re gone,

There isn’t too much of a song,

Except for the noble mission,

That you had brought along.


You often come in my dreams,

That brings me loads of serene,

Is when, I willfully dream,

To serve those sick umpteens.


It is said,

Life is a mystery,

Where destiny is another name of cruelty,

But God is kind,

And time is like a serpentine.


And when I bring it upon myself,

I realise,

Your short span was indeed the mystery,

Where destiny pulled off the cruelty,

And between mystery and cruelty was God’s beauty,

But where time still meanders like the serpentine’s ferocity.


In this windswept life,

One more year goes by,

But I’m happy to tell you,

I’ve kept your mission alive.

So rest in peace,

For you have achieved your destiny.


In warm remembrance of our son’s birthday. Who left us some years back.

By Kamlesh Tripathi



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