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The sum total of life was never easy to calculate,

And the equation of existence was never easy to evaluate,

Where, I had rubbed some, and some had rubbed me,

And from this tug of war I could never be free.


But I remember I was born with a mission,

That had a vision,

It also had a goalpost,

And it also had the foremost.


But then what went wrong?

That soon after I was born,

My mission changed and vision altered,

Goalpost shifted and I somersaulted.


Perhaps, in the windings of life,

Attractions were galore,

Where arrogance was available even in a road side store,

And where ego had become the dubious cynosure.


Slowly, all these had become the handy recipes for success,

Where, show off had become the order of the day,

Humbleness had become the emblem of the frail,

And politeness the solemn disgrace.


So, to stay the course,

 I deviated from my umbilical holds,

To become that fashionable rogue,

Where, I too, cheated to the fore,

And intimidated others, galore.


One day I met God while walking on the road,

He asked,

Son! How are you?

I replied,

Who are you?


He said,

Well I’m God your creator,

I replied,

But you’re quite a traitor,


In utter disbelief,

He asked why?

I said because you belied,

About the journey of life,

By selling me the futile.


But how?

Asked God,

I said,

Where, it was arrogance you gave me some great mission,

Where, it was ego you gave me some stupid vision,

And where it was show off you gave me that wide goalpost.


But all that wasn’t required,

To rise higher,

So I changed my fire,

And with that my sire.


But son I had sent you to there,

For everyone’s welfare,

But instead of welfare,

You became a malware,

And what will God do,

If it has sons like you?


That is your problem God,

If men can’t do what you want them to do,

Go create some other species,

That will help you chase,

Your mandate that is not easy.


Hold on my son,

Don’t throw such a referendum,

Life for you has just begun,

So, let give you an ultimatum.


Mend your ways,

And return,

To those humble and noble sways,

For you have no idea,


Of the sum total of those stormy waves,

That will only strike you,

When you’re at the twilight of your days,

And that will be too late.


In pursuit of wild success man has imbibed arrogance, ego and show-off leaving behind those splendid virtues of a simple lifestyle. And it is only by practice of simple habits the sum total of your life will move towards the positive side.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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Vishadapyamritam grahammedhyadapi kanchanam,

Nichadpayutama vidya striratnam dushkuladapi.

If there is nectar in poison, accept it. If there is precious metal or object in filth, retrieve it. If a low bred man has some good knowledge, wisdom, art or quality, imbibe it. If a woman born to a family of disrepute turns out to be a lady of high qualities, possess such a gem.


Strinaam diguna aaharo budhisatasam chaturguna,

Sahasam shargunam chav kamoastgun uchayate.

Compared to males, the females, eat twice the amount of food, possess cleverness four times, display courage six times and have hunger for sex eight times.


Aanratam sahasam maya murkhtavmatilubadhata,

Ashochatavam nirdayatam strinam dosha: swabhavjhaha.

Speaking falsehood—starting a work without any due diligence or thought, daredevilry, deceitful behavior, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty. These are things, basic to the nature of women.


Bhojayam bhojanshaktitascha ratishaktivarragna,

Vibhavo danshaktishcha naslapasya tapas: phalam.

Only great penance can earn one: Rich food to eat and a good digestive power to dispose it—A beautiful woman, for a wife and the virility to ravish her—and riches with charitable disposition to use the money for good causes.


Yasya putro vashiibhooto bharya chandasnugaamini,

Vibhave yashcha santushtsatasya swarg eihev he.

This very earth is heaven for one whose son is obedient. The wife is faithful and whose own heart is content with whatever money he has.


Te putra yepiturbhakta sa pita yastu poshakah,

Tanmitram yasya vishwasahah: sa bharya yatra nirvrati.

True son is the one who is obedient to his father. A true father is the one who looks after his sons. Similarly, true friend is the one who is trustworthy and true wife is one who makes her husband happy.


Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi

Short story: Mongoose and the lady




    Once upon a time there lived a farmer who had a mongoose as a pet in his house. He was very clever and loyal to his master. One day the farmer went out on business and his wife too after feeding the baby and putting him off to sleep left for the nearby well, to fill water in her pitcher. She was relaxed as the mongoose was there to guard the baby.

    But after she left for the well a black snake came out from the nearby hole, close to where the baby was sleeping on the floor. And it started inching towards the infant. On seeing the threat, the mongoose pounced on the snake and attacked him. In the fight that ensued, the mongoose tore the snake into pieces and killed it. He then went to the main door of the house to wait for the farmer’s wife.

    The farmer’s wife soon returned after filling her pitcher when she saw the mongoose resting near the doorstep. But on seeing blood in his mouth she thought he had bitten her baby. She felt saddened and even angry for a moment. And then in a fit of rage she threw the heavy pitcher full of water on the mongoose. Poor mongoose could not withstand the impact of the heavy pitcher and died on the spot.

    Farmer’s wife then ran inside in panic, but only to find that her baby was peacefully sleeping, but close by, a dead snake was lying that was killed by the mongoose. The lady realised her mistake. She ran towards the dead mongoose and held it in her arms and started weeping. But by then it was too late. And that is why it is said:

    One should not act and react without ascertaining facts, and if you do so you’ll only mess up things and be laughed at by the world.

Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi




By kamlesh Tripathi

reality truth

The spiritual Indian city of Kashi is located on the holy banks of river Ganges where an able ruler once ruled. His court was blessed by many renowned scholars who used to have big discussions and debates on ‘truth.’ And in the court it was inscribed in golden letters, ‘In pursuit of truth.’

One day in the morning a Yogi came to his court and suggested, the ruler change the inscription in gold, and suggested the inscription should be, ‘In pursuit of reality’ and not ‘in pursuit of truth’ and on hearing this all the scholars in the court of the ruler were rather startled.

To convince he said, ‘Truth is not like reality. Truth is what we believe in, but reality is the state of things as they actually exist.’ And to prove his point he called for some barrels and got it filled with oil and on a moonlit night he got the barrels placed in an open field where the reflection of moon was very clearly visible in each barrel of oil.

And then the Yogi said, ‘Dear friends when you see the reflection of the moon in these barrels you feel there are so many moons, but when you look up to the sky you come to know of the reality, that there is only one moon.’

‘In the same manner if we want we can get so many things made out of wood, but we are well abreast of the fact that all these are made of wood. In the same manner when you’ll empty the barrels you’ll come to know the moons have vanished but the real moon atop remains.

So also when the furniture breaks into pieces various furniture items will lose their identity but the identity of wood remains. In the same manner truth might be linked to the environment and times but reality is quite different from all this.

And that is why our efforts and inscription should be in accordance to the directive, ‘In search of reality.’ And every scholar in the court agreed with the logic of the Yogi and the inscription accordingly was changed to ‘In search of reality.’

After sometime another Yogi came and said, ‘Dear friends there may be a difference between truth and reality but truth has its own importance as we see so many moons in barrels filled with oil so we cannot condone the truth even when we know that the moon is one. In the same manner we cannot overlook the reality and status of various things with various names. In reality you all are either male or female, but you cannot overlook the fact that you too have a name. The ultimate and complete face of truth is the reality and reality is witnessed in various forms of individual truths.

And that is why my suggestion is to change the inscription to ‘in pursuit of truth and reality’ to which every scholar gave his approval. But the change of inscription did not last for long as after a while another Yogi came who wanted to change the inscription again. He said, ‘truth cannot become truth unless it is linked to reality .’ he further said  in all the barrels of oil  the reflection  of moon is linked to one such reality that the moon exists and moon had not existed its reflection too would not have been there. In the same manner the wooden furniture is linked to its basic raw material—wood. And. you will have to agree that truth in any form is always connected to the reality and you also can reach the substance if you change the inscription to ‘the relation of truth with reality’

All scholars had felt the power of real truth in what yogi had said and therefore the inscription was further changed as per the Yogi.