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I was right and he was wrong,

And that brought about the storm,

No! she was wrong and I was right,

And that brought about the enduring strife.


In the race of life,

I always made my wrong look like right,

And, his right look wrong.

But all that required,

 A lot of treacherous brainstorm.


For no one could realize,

 In the rhythm of life,

Right and wrong,

Were only the two sides of the golden coin.


And what mattered in the cruise of life,

Was, the proud possession of the coin,

And, not the two deadly sides,

In the spiral of right and wrong.


And as my life meandered along,

There came a day when I turned blind,

Is when I lost the coin,

And what was left with me,

Were only the two sides without the coin,

My right and his wrong.


I then realized,

In the speed and greed of life,

When my wrongs outweighed my rights,

God took away whatever I liked.


And when I began entering my twilight,

I painstakingly realised,

Neither was right and neither was wrong,

As it was only a lethal battle of ego, rage and the storm.


Then sadly one day,

The ego eclipsed,

Storm vanished,

Rage retired,

As my partner expired.


And that made me realise,

He too was right,

And I too was wrong,

And that had brought about the blazing storm,

But by then it was too late for a new dawn.


Man is born with zero balance of ego but during the journey of life he accumulates ego like no one’s business. That happens to be the main reason for most clashes that doesn’t even spare loving couples.

by Kamlesh Tripathi

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