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First published in 2011

    It gives me great satisfaction to share the fact that my book ‘GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE’ has got entry into many prestigious libraries of the US including HCL technical services, Harvard College Library; Library of Congress, Washington DC and can also be accessed in the library of MIT, Massachusetts through It is also available for reading in the University of Washington libraries—Seattle WA 98195 United States; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN-55455 US; Library of University of Chicago; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 United States and Yale University Library, New Haven, CT 06520 US.

    I began writing this book immediately after the untimely and tragic death of my son Shravan, as everything was fresh in my mind then. He had staged a long and valiant fight against Brain Cancer. But then he sadly succumbed to it leaving us all high and dry. He developed cancer, when he was just two-and-a-half. I was then thirty eight. The battle continued for 14 years and during that period he underwent as many as eight surgeries and a whole gamut of treatment that comprised of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and what not. My biggest challenge then was to keep a very fine balance between my career and my emotions. And of course keep myself solvent enough to meet the high cost of treatment. Further, as luck would have it, my wife in the process had to give up her career, as she was 24×7 required to look after the boy. Those days, I used to get a feel as if my entire life was in a deep muddle. Where, emotions had no place as that would have pulled me down on my performance. On the other hand outstanding performance would have earned me more incentives and salary and that in turn would have helped us in his treatment. So the whole thing was like a lethal chakravyuh that could have given anyone jitters.

    In this tough stranglehold of time, me and my wife spent some fourteen precious years of our lives. In that duration I grew from thirty eight to fifty two, when he finally expired. Those were the toughest years of my life. The idea of scribbling down this page, is to go down the memory lane and express my deep gratitude once again to each of those Good Samaritans who came into our lives around that period time to take us through that very difficult decade and a half, even when their names are mentioned in the acknowledgment page of the book I would like to thank them once again. Because in such adversities it is indeed the collective bench strength of all your well wishers that pulls you through the upstream.

    The book was intended to describe the grueling fight, our family had to undertake, in the India of those times to fight the dreaded disorder. And it also intended to convey, what it took, to see through 14 years of intense cancer, by an infant patient, who saw it through and through till he succumbed when he was sweet sixteen. It also detailed the issue of how noble companies fought for such causes for their devoted employees, especially, when Shravan’s medical insurance was not there, since he was just two and a half when he was diagnosed of cancer, clearly our fault. I’m sure the book has achieve the purpose for which it was written and most certainly it must have passed through many enlightened minds across the globe. Who, in turn will put their might together into this long standing challenge of cancer, for the world to benefit. 

    Here, I would also like to profusely thank all those, who helped me in bringing, this book to light. Where, I can’t forget my elder brother Ajit and his wife Aolla, my son Kartik, my colleague Bipin Bihari, Mr Vijay Sharma and my publisher Kaushal Goyal and of course my wife Sujata. For those of who haven’t read it. The book is not at all scary. On the contrary it will pep you up and make you realise there is always a way out in every situation.  

    The first publication was done by Shravan Charity Mission followed by Pigeon Books. For print copies kindly contact Pigeon books website and for e-book (In after entering home page go to categories than biography/autobiography where you’ll find the book.

    The details of its cataloging in various libraries is given below:

(  (this is the harvard link. Kindly write ‘gloom behind the smile’ in the search column that will take you to web page where the name of the book and other details are mentioned.

  1. HCL TECHNICAL SERVICES, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, MA 02139 United States vide storage noumber RC 265.6.S68 T75 2011 at Widener offsite storage Hollis number: 012926119.
  2. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON LIBRARIES-SEATTLE, WA 98195, USA- Available at Suzallo & Allen Libraries- stacks (call number- RC 265.6.S57 T75 2011)
  3. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, MINNEAPOLIS, MN-55455, USA- available at TC Wilson library Ames (RC 265.6.S68 T75 2011
  5. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill, NC 27514 USA, Davis Library 8th floor, RC.265.6.S68T752011
  6. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington (biggest library of the world) DC 20540, USA, RC 265.6.T76 2011
  7. YALE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, NEW HAVEN, CT 06520, USA- call no RC.265.6.T76x2011(LC)

By Kamlesh Tripathi


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By Kamlesh Tripathi

Book K Tripathiji

    Book title: REFRACTIONS … FROM THE PRISM OF GOD– You could download the e-book from or for just Rs 100 or $1.50. Collections will be utilised for poor children suffering from cancer.


    What goes on in a cancer patient’s mind is not known even to his near and dear ones, what to talk of anyone else. Maybe, only the invasive part is revealed, and the rest remains within the confines of the patient’s mind.

    It is said about cancer, that only the ones who have seen cancer from close quarters are sensitive about it, and the rest are not. This includes cancer patients, their near and dear ones, Parents of child cancer patients, and also people who have lost their loved ones to cancer.

    A normal and healthy person may not even think about cancer, forget reading about it, because your mind is clouded by a plethora of interesting things around you, where the word ‘cancer’ is somewhat uneasy and eerie. But there is still a need to communicate to the society about the incessant suffering of a cancer patient.

    This book does exactly that. It communicates the mindset and sufferings of a poor, young and a three time cancer survivor Suresh from Chennai in a comforting and engrossing manner that readers would like to read. First time when Suresh got cancer he was six, and then he was okay for a decade and a half. But it struck again when he was twenty one and again when he was twenty four. All three were different types of cancer.

    Suresh wanted to tell his story for the benefit of other cancer patients. Primarily, to make them understand the challenges of a young cancer patient. Where, he has his entire life in front of him in terms of his school, college, professional education, career and aging parents. When, he doesn’t even know how long he is going to survive. And in all of this he builds his determination and alters his mindset to take cancer head on.

    The book has a motivational slant. That cheers you up with peppy poems and morale raising short stories, while it unfolds the grit and determination of the protagonist.

    Number of cancer cases in the world, are on the rise and there is a great need to communicate the sufferings, trauma, and the challenges of a cancer patient to people in general. Also, there is need to communicate how to handle such situations, and more importantly make people realise that cancer is conquerable.

    The author of this book is Kamlesh Tripathi and co-author is Dr Sujata Tripathi who had lost their younger son to brain cancer. The book is endorsed by Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

    The book is co-published by Cankids … Kidscan and Shravan Charity Mission. Both are NGOs that work for children suffering from cancer.

    The gutsy founder of ‘Cankids … Kidscan,’ is Ms Poonam Bagai who herself is a colon cancer survivor. But that has not deterred her. From taking up the noble cause of child cancer in India.

    Sharvan Charity Mission is an NGO that was started by the author and the co-author in the name of their late son Shravan that also works for child cancer.

    The book is available online in:

The Variety Book Depot

A.V.G. Bhawan, M3 Connaught Circus

P.O. Box 505

New Delhi-110001

Tele Nos: (011) 23417175/2567

Or download an e-book from or (autobiographies)

Or you could write directly to the NGO for your copy-



By Kamlesh Tripathi

sikh flag gloom

An excerpt from the book ‘Gloom behind the Smile’

    It is amazing to see some cities and states losing people to other urban areas that are dynamic. This has also been happening across countries and continents. I guess this is how civilizations kept moving from one place to another. I was reading about a Sikh Guru. He once visited a village and stayed there for a few days and then prepared to leave. While he was leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper by staying here only.’ Guru moved on and as night was setting in he camped in another village and stayed there for a couple of days and enjoyed their hospitality. While leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper and move to other parts of the world.’ A keen follower.Who was watching. Asked the Guru as to why he had given two types of blessings. To his disciples in two different villages. The Guru replied that the people of the first village. Though looked after me, were not very cultured. Therefore, I blessed them. But prayed to God. That they should not move out and spread their culture. I found the second village well cultured. Therefore I wished to the Almighty. That these people should prosper and travel to other parts of the world. So that they spread the light of their sweetness and culture everywhere.

Write to us for hard copies. Or you could purchase the book online from any book store. E-book can be downloaded from or



Arvind Kejriwal had quit as Chief Minister of Delhi, just after 49 turbulent days of taking charge. Putting the blame of his Government’s demise on Congress and BJP, whom he accused of colluding to thwart Aam Aadmi Party’s efforts to get Jan Lokpal Bill approved. Even if the intention was noble, it backfired on him. As, now many call him an escapist or even a Bhagora.

He announced his resignation, screaming victimization, without realizing Delhi is a city of doers and achievers. Who don’t give up so easily even if it happens to be corruption. Therefore, he was found wanting in the skill of ‘power-struggle’ and a complete non-starter in managing a coalition- considered so vital in politics. So one can say, the speed with which he rose was fast, but the direction was wrong, and as they say direction is more important than speed, so he came crashing down. This brings us to an important analysis about Kejriwal himself.

Whether Kejriwal is a man for all seasons or only for the ideal season? Popularly referred as ‘Mufflerman’ juxtaposed to a common man. But mufflers are only seasonal, perhaps he did not realize this; else, he would have preferred himself to be called as a ‘Kurtaman’ implying –man for all seasons, even before the typecast kurtas of Narendra Modi made waves nationally.

That apart, his ostentatious resignation now becomes his own nemesis. Owing to his lack of political acumen, for which the public of Delhi should forgive him as he is not an outright politician. He came and he conquered but couldn’t hold on to his success- perhaps ill at ease. Today, he crowds the streets of Delhi to seek pardon for his self forced resignation from the public. But, whom all, will he try and convince about his noble intentions and who all will even believe in him.

For he blundered even further, by jumping into the general elections. Thereby opening another front before closing the important one at hand-Delhi. Perhaps, he didn’t believe in, one in hand. And this gave him a very untidy look in the shelf of politicians. Or, was it the case of him not being able to handle success. Which could be termed as an operational deficiency, or a case of simple greed. Trying to amass Pan-India political power in an abrupt fashion, even when he was both on the right side of age and providence. And defying his party colleagues at all stages exhibits the dictatorial streak in him.

Voters may have a short memory, but a voter doesn’t. So Kejriwal now needs to repackage his old distillery with some new wine. And the muffler-man needs to quell certain anxieties of his voters, and not remain in the muffler forever. Rather come out of it. In the next ten days he should assure the people of Delhi on the following points:

Because, unless he clarifies  he may not win the election.

  1. Will he form a coalition government? And if he forms, and becomes the Chief Minister, will he be tempted to resign again if his Party’s agenda is not supported by the coalition?
  2. Will he form a coalition government only if he becomes the CM or will he support a party in forming the government; and whether it will be blanket support or issue based.
  3. If he doesn’t get a majority what will his role be as an opposition party- Staging dharnas or pursuing issues of public interest, and which are those issues?
  4. If he sits in the opposition what are the key deliverables he would like to extract from the ruling party.



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E-book available in, Barnes & Noble. Print copies available in, Flipkart.


‘whatever … whenever … Lucknow is forever.’

‘Aadab-Lucknow … fond memories’ is a story of a group of friends who spend their childhood and part of their adolescence in Lucknow. They part ways for their career and future but the umbilical-cord remains intact and they connect after many years, attempting to relive the city.’

‘What is #Lucknow up to? Smiling, giggling, laughing or weeping. Let’s figure out.’
‘Isn’t Lucknow the world’s showcase of #Hindu-Muslim amity? Do you have any doubts? We have none.’

‘#Imambara-to-see … Evening-in-Ganj-#Hazratganj … Kababs-to-eat …Chikan-to-wear … Attar-for-fragrance … Ikka-buggy-to-roam … Kite-to-fly … Hospitality-by-leaf-Betel-leaf … Sweet-tongue … and the great Lakhnawi pride … after-you-after-you.’

‘Langotia-Gang: A group of ‘Underwear friends’ nay ‘childhood friends’ a metaphorical and peppy expression. The Langotians take you through the intrinsic essence of life.’

‘And post #Kabootar-bazi, dressed in a crisp Achkan, seated on his flashy Ikka, he used to join Rehman for the evening Chai-Nashtaa which he ensured, he never missed after the game. After all … All was fair in love and Kabootar-bazi.’

‘Anyway, guys send me a quick update on, Vakil, Neta, Naukarshah and Abhiyanta … Shahid, IV, Irfan and Savita. Lucknow runs because of these four; business and industry are not there and rest can go to hell.’

‘Other states carry weight as a state, but we carry only some districts as weight.’
‘Mem-sahab, Babuji, kaan laga ke dhyan se suniya Lucknow ka har bachcha kya gaa raha hai.’ (Madam, Sir, listen intently to what every child of Lucknow is singing)

‘Mandar, Masjid, Church the Gurudware da shehar, change shehar Lucknow.’

‘#Awadh shrieks and shrills to the fading countenance of Wajid as she promises to herself to be in command and control of the fond memories of her Mehboob, #Wajid-Ali-Shah.’



Book on Singlehood



All this modern brag about #women’s-lib, male-bashing appeared as poster signs for the erudite to read and jostle through this not-so-good world, as you still had the Ria’s of the world to be saved from the callous studs and bitchy hens of the ‘scheming jungle’ called the ‘society.’
‘Come to the point, Zarine …. What do I do to sort out lives?’
‘What do you dream for Ria?’
‘Good question … Viren- no- Viren … I want Ria to be happy in her forced singlehood,’ replied Viren.
‘Then don’t think of moving out on her, plan to rust on her …. in the sense create situations where she comes and tells you she is not interested in you because of … these … these reasons …. It appears she holds you on a high pedestal. Start lowering your pedestal and do all of that in a subtle way and in no way direct.’
‘The premise of your friendship is quite chaste as I understand from your e-mail. She was ditched by her boy- friends … rejected by suitors, cold shouldered by sister and left to live by … helpless friends. A personality afflicted and wounded by fellow human beings … and in the middle of all this, she found you as her saviour and fell in love. I don’t blame her … Viren. You represent the … Dodos on this planet, they are not extinct, they live in you. Why couldn’t I get this Dodo when I was undergoing my bad time,’ the affection in Zarine’s tone was, as if oozing out of the mouth-piece.
‘#Singlehood’ … to her was a curse. An assortment of … personal abuse, insecurity, vulnerability … incest, dirty eyes and hands.
Unusual … end


GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE : Book by Kamlesh Tripathi



Print media available in all online stores. E-book in

This book is catalogued in the ‘LIBRARY OF CONGRESS’- Washington DC, ‘AMES LIBRARY’- University of Minnesota, Library of ‘UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, ‘LIBRARIES AND ARCHIVES’ of Canada, and LIBRARY of CANCER AID AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION, Mumbai.

GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE a real life story of a young child cancer patient who battled Cancer for 14 years. He was diagnosed of brain cancer when he was around 2 years and he expired when he was sweet sixteen. Long … long battle. Written in a positive tone.
Read the endorsements below which are on the cover page to get the flavour of the book: Quote
‘Kamlesh Tripathi and his family have gone through a great tragedy. It is a tribute to their resilience of spirit that they have succeeded in extracting a positive outcome even from the grimmest of circumstances by penning this book. By sharing the story of his son’s battle with cancer and how the family coped with it, Kamlesh has sent out a beacon of hope that will guide and sustain those in similar circumstances. It is an inspirational account of the power of the human spirit to endure and triumph over adversity. There can be no better memorial to young Shravan than this book and the impact it will have on the lives of others.
… Mr. Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

This book tells the story of a family journey no-one hopes to experience.
Notwithstanding the dark space in which all were operating, this is a book which finds positives, hope and humanity. In that it promises to be an uplifting reflection of the human spirit and thus a book of hope.
… HE Mr. Rupert Holborow, High Commissioner, New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi.

A touching story of a strong willed young cancer patient- Shravan lived with determination and that changes our expectation of human perspectives.
… Mr Rajan Nanda, Chairman and Managing Director, Escorts Group.

I am sure that this selfless act of helping and sharing with others will kindle and nurture hope in those other families who may be going through similar travails, and in this, I must particularly commend Kamlesh’s endeavour, for, of all the ingredients in the will to live, hope is the most vital. Our prayers for the family.
Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman Apollo Hospitals

E-book is available in for Rs 150 or equivalent. In case you require a print copy kindly contact flipkart, Crossword or any online book store or send us a message and we will organise. The price would be Rs 150 + 30 courier charges.
Shravan Charity Mission is a NGO that works for poor children suffering from Cancer. The proceeds of this book too would be spent on such unfortunate children. Please visit our website should you want to donate.