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The sum total of life was never easy to calculate,

And the equation of existence was never easy to evaluate,

Where, I had rubbed some, and some had rubbed me,

And from this tug of war I could never be free.


But I remember I was born with a mission,

That had a vision,

It also had a goalpost,

And it also had the foremost.


But then what went wrong?

That soon after I was born,

My mission changed and vision altered,

Goalpost shifted and I somersaulted.


Perhaps, in the windings of life,

Attractions were galore,

Where arrogance was available even in a road side store,

And where ego had become the dubious cynosure.


Slowly, all these had become the handy recipes for success,

Where, show off had become the order of the day,

Humbleness had become the emblem of the frail,

And politeness the solemn disgrace.


So, to stay the course,

 I deviated from my umbilical holds,

To become that fashionable rogue,

Where, I too, cheated to the fore,

And intimidated others, galore.


One day I met God while walking on the road,

He asked,

Son! How are you?

I replied,

Who are you?


He said,

Well I’m God your creator,

I replied,

But you’re quite a traitor,


In utter disbelief,

He asked why?

I said because you belied,

About the journey of life,

By selling me the futile.


But how?

Asked God,

I said,

Where, it was arrogance you gave me some great mission,

Where, it was ego you gave me some stupid vision,

And where it was show off you gave me that wide goalpost.


But all that wasn’t required,

To rise higher,

So I changed my fire,

And with that my sire.


But son I had sent you to there,

For everyone’s welfare,

But instead of welfare,

You became a malware,

And what will God do,

If it has sons like you?


That is your problem God,

If men can’t do what you want them to do,

Go create some other species,

That will help you chase,

Your mandate that is not easy.


Hold on my son,

Don’t throw such a referendum,

Life for you has just begun,

So, let give you an ultimatum.


Mend your ways,

And return,

To those humble and noble sways,

For you have no idea,


Of the sum total of those stormy waves,

That will only strike you,

When you’re at the twilight of your days,

And that will be too late.


In pursuit of wild success man has imbibed arrogance, ego and show-off leaving behind those splendid virtues of a simple lifestyle. And it is only by practice of simple habits the sum total of your life will move towards the positive side.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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By Kamlesh Tripathi

Just before the commencement of the holy war—Mahabharat, Arjun broke down in the battle field and his emotions ran high when he was unable to come to terms with the prevailing circumstances, that soon he would have to fight his very near and dear ones—Kuruvansh who happened to be his first cousins, and where his main rival was Duryodhan. He was also in a state of torment when he saw Bhishma Pitamah standing stupendous right opposite to him, and ready to take him on, when in his cradle of arms he had spent his childhood. And flanked on the sides of Pitamah were his revered Gurus—Dronacharya and Kripacharya all tied down by various pratigyas (vows) to defend the Kuruvansh. And amidst all of this he was suppose to raise the battle cry to deluge them in the sea of destruction.

And when Arjun was unable to withstand the emotional pressure, he looked up to Lord God Krishna who was his charioteer and entered into a conversation with him, who, sermonized Arjun to pick up arms against his close relatives and to fight for righteousness. Arjun responded to his mighty sakha (friend) Krishna, but desired to see his “Vishwaroop” (omni divine form) in order to get out of his tender spell to which Krishna obliged, and thereafter Krishna said to Arjun:

Dear Arjun! I am pleased with you for you are my friend and bhakt (devotee) and therefore with my antarangaa shakti (inner strength) I was able to show you my Vishwaroop. For bear it in mind before you no one else in this universe has ever been able to see the aaseem tatha tajomaya aadi-roop of mine. And you would have realized my Vishwaroop was shinning like the sun and the faces in it were continuously changing like the cycle of birth and death. Krishna had revealed his omni-form to a composed Arjun.

Before Arjun no one had ever seen the Vishwaroop of Krishna but when Arjun was shown this stupendous form of Krishna which was also scary in some ways, avatars and devotees from swarg lok (heaven) and people from other lokas too got a glimpse of it only because of Arjun. Conversely with the blessings of Lord Krishna all his disciples and followers were able to have darshan of his Vishwaroop that Arjun was witnessing.

It is said when Krishna went to Duryodhan with the peace (sandhi) proposal before Mahabharat, due to sheer arrogance Duryodhan not only rejected the offer but also attempted to insult and imprison Krishna and at that time Krishna in extreme anger showed him some form of his Vishwaroop which was quite different than what was shown to Arjun, but unfortunately ignoramus Duryodhan in his haughtiness and false pride could not understand the divine message from Lord God Krishna otherwise the war of Mahabharat could have been averted.




By Kamlesh Tripathi


    Once there lived an arrogant farmer in a village. His name was Sher Singh. He was as dreadful as a tiger. Even for small reasons he used to pick up big fights. He never spoke to the people of the village in a polite manner. And he never visited anyone. Nor did he wish anyone, he came across on the way. The villagers also found him arrogant and avoided speaking to him.

    In the same village. One day a farmer by the name of Dayaram came and settled from a distant location. As compared to Sher Singh he was extremely simple and helpful. He spoke to everyone in a very polite manner. And he always tried to help the villagers. Soon every villager started respecting him and also started seeking advice from him.

    One day few villagers thought of giving some good advise to Dayaram—‘Brother Dayaram! Never visit Sher Singh at his house. And as far as possible. Try and stay away from him as he is a big fighter.’

    Dayaram laughed and said—‘If Sher Singh tries to fight with me I will kill him.’

    Some villagers laughed at this. They knew Dayaram was very kind. Forget killing. He couldn’t have even abused anyone. But someone went and sneaked about Dayaram’s comment to Sher Singh. Sher Singh on hearing this got very angry. And, since then he started looking for opportunities. To pick up a fight with Dayaram. One day he left his bullocks in Dayaram’s fields. They grazed his crop and even destroyed it. But Dayaram quietly drove them out of his fields.

    Another day. Sher Singh changed the direction of the drains. That carried water to Dayaram’s fields. With the result water started flowing in the wrong direction. Leaving his fields dry. But Dayaram without any confrontation. Quietly set the drain right. And in this fashion he kept harming Dayaram. But Dayaram with his cool nature did not give him an opportunity to pick up a fight.

    One day a relative of Dayaram sent him some Kharboozaas (melons) from Lucknow. As a good gesture he decided to distribute them in the village. He sent one to each farmer. But Sher Singh refused to accept it. He sent it back saying, ‘I’m not a beggar, and I don’t accept alms from anyone.’

    During monsoon, one day. When Sher Singh was returning home from the market in his bullock-cart loaded with grains. On the way it got stuck in a mire. Near a nullah (watercourse). Where, his feeble bullocks were unable to pull the cart out of it. When the news reached the village everyone felt—‘Since Sher Singh is a crook. Let him spend the night by the side of the nullah alone.’

    But Dayaram, with his robust bullocks. Immediately left for the nullah. To help Sher Singh. People tried to stop him when they advised—‘Dayaram! Sher Singh has troubled you quite a lot in the past. And you often used to say. If he fights with you. You will kill him. Then why are you going to help him today?’

    Dayaram replied—‘Today, I’ll definitely kill him. And, you all, will be able to see that by morning.’ After this he left.

    When Sher Singh saw Dayaram coming with his robust bullocks to help him. He arrogantly yelled—‘You please go back. I don’t require anyone’s help.’

    Dayaram didn’t slow down. He continued walking towards him in the same pace and said—‘Abuse me if you feel so. Beat me if you wish to. But right now you are in trouble. Your cart is stuck and it’s getting dark. So, I just can’t agree to what you say now. And I must help you.’

    Dayaram, quickly released Sher Singh’s bullocks from the harness and installed his own. Thereafter, his robust bullocks pulled the cart out of the mire. Sher Singh then drove his bullock-cart home. He realized the goodness of Dayaram and politely said to him—‘Dayaram you killed me with your kindness. Now I am no more that arrogant Sher Singh.’ Thereafter, Sher Singh started relating with everyone, with extreme love, kindness and humbleness. To win over evil with goodness is the real victory in life. Dayaram, was able to achieve that.





    Once upon a time a rich merchant lived in a city, located near the sea coast. He had two sons who had domesticated a crow as their pet. They regularly used to feed him with the leftovers in their plates. The crow had thus partied now, for quite sometime on the tasty and nourishing food that he got from his masters and with that he had even grown fat. And, because of the royal treatment that he got from his masters he had also become arrogant. Where, he had started considering himself, a class above the other birds, in the surroundings and often used to insult them.

    One day near the sea coast some swans landed. Perhaps, they were coming from a long distance and wanted some rest. The sons of the merchant who happened to be there, couldn’t help but praise those beautiful birds. The crow could not bear this and got jealous. In anger and to show off, he went up to the swans and finally to the one who appeared to be their head and said—‘I want to have a flying competition with you.’ 

   The swans tried to explain—‘brother! We are long distance fliers. Our home is in Mansarovar which is quite far off. By competing with us what will you achieve? And can you even compete with we swans?’

    The crow in an arrogant tone said—‘I know many ways of flying. I can fly at various speeds. And each speed, I can maintain for hundred yojans (miles). So, tell me if you have  the guts to take me on? And at what speed you all want to fly?’

    The head swan said—‘Dear crow! I know you are very talented. But I know of only one speed that is my speed and I’ll fly in that only.’

    Upon hearing the meek answer of the Swan. The arrogance in crow only increased. He said—‘Fine, you fly the way you want.’

    By then some birds had also arrived there to witness the competition. Soon, both swan and the crow flew towards the sea. Where, the arrogant crow soon started performing acrobatics in full strength. He flew ahead of the swan but swan preferred to cruise at his optimum speed. And upon seeing the swan trailing, the crows that had gathered there started cheering.

    After a little while the crow started tiring. He started looking here and there for islands with trees where he could go and rest. But he was unable to find anything around except for the deep blue sea. In the meantime the swan surged ahead of the crow. By now the speed of the crow had dropped. He was extremely tired and was about to fall in the sea. That had various types of mammals and fish that could have eaten him up.

    When the swan realized the crow was left behind. He turned around and came up to him and asked—‘brother what is the matter with you? You look extremely tired and you’re unable to fly anymore. Soon you would be touching the waves of the sea. So which is this speed of yours?’

    Upon hearing the sarcasm of the swan. The crow in a humble tone said—‘Dear Swan! we crows, only know how to caw-caw. So how at all, will we know, how to fly long distance. I have paid the penalty for my arrogance and stupidity. Kindly, therefore, save my life.’

   The swam took pity in the half-dead, semi-conscious and drenched crow. He lifted him by his legs. Loaded him on his back and flew over the sea and dropped him at the same spot from where they had started flying.

    The short story only conveys the downside of being arrogant and being humble is the biggest virtue one can possess. 

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Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi




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charvaha god at work indian king

    Long time ago there lived a king, who was habitually righteous but extremely arrogant. One day, he called his Prime Minister and said,

    ‘I have a doubt that keeps bothering me. As you know. In this universe everyone has a job to do.  Just like the king, who is supposed to rule. A soldier’s job is to fight, a trader is supposed to trade. A teacher is supposed to teach, a preacher is supposed to preach and even the rest of the citizenry have prescribed jobs to do.

    That is the law of the universe. In the same manner. The person who runs this universe. Also must be having a definite job to do. About, which, I know nothing. So please tell me what is the job of the person who runs the universe. That is the job of God.’

    Prime Minister had no ready answer. To this very tricky query of the king. As no one had ever asked him a question like this. But he tried to deflect the king’s attention by saying.

    ‘Your Majesty! No one has an answer for this very intelligent question. Neither, it is mentioned in any book—as the job of God.’ He then halted for a few moments. But, since, he was an extremely cunning person he thought for an instant and added, ‘Nevertheless, your question is quite valid. As this question came to my mind also and that too several times. But since my job was to advise you to help you run the administration. I didn’t bother to ask. And these are spiritual issues. Where, I  think the Raj-Purohit (Chief-Priest) will be in a better position to give an apt answer.’

    After expressing his views. He strategically left the place immediately. Leaving the entire responsibility of answering the question on the shoulders of the Raj-Purohit.

    When the king posed the same question to Raj-Purohit. He too got bewildered, as no one had ever asked him such a question. Because, no one knew what the exact job of God was. And everyone, only knew to the extent they had read in the books. Even in the books there was no separate information about God’s job responsibility.

    But the King specifically wanted an answer to his question. Raj-Purohit couldn’t have dared to offend the King, so he sought a week’s time.

    King agreed and said, ‘okay, but I need a comprehensive reply to my question.’ Raj-Purohit went home. In the next one week he went to all the libraries in the kingdom and went through all the books that he could lay his hands on. But, no where, he could get a comprehensive answer to this question.

    By the end of the week he was mentally quite exhausted. So he went out of the city and sat under a tree and started thinking. How will he show his face to the King tomorrow, or should he leave the kingdom and flee.

    One shepherd boy who was grazing his sheep nearby. Saw the Raj-Purohit sitting there in a pensive mood and recognised him. He asked, ‘sir, why are you looking so sad?’ Raj-Purohit replied, ‘child you please do your work, as I have some spiritual task to handle.’

    But, when the child assertively asked again. Raj-Purohit narrated his problem. Knowing full well, the boy will not be able to solve his problem. But the child was smart. He said.

    ‘Raj-Purohit ji, if you are troubled only because of this small question. Then please go home and relax. Tell the King, this shepherd boy knows the answer to his question.’

    Upon hearing this. The Raj-Purohit was stunned. Because, even the most renowned scholars of the kingdom didn’t know the answer to this question. He pleaded to the boy to let him know the answer. But the child insisted. He alone, would tell the king. The answer to question.

   This relaxed him a little bit when he left for his home. Next day when he reached the King’s court. The king repeated his question and with great amount of eagerness and waited for the answer. But was flabbergasted to hear. That the answer to his question was available with a shepherd boy. He immediately ordered for the child to be there. The boy arrived at the King’s court in great enthusiasm.

    When, everyone looked at him with a great amount of disgust. And also waited for the valuable words to come out of his mouth. The king asked, ‘O shepherd boy! Do you know the answer to my question. That even the renowned scholars sitting in my court don’t know? So tell me all that you know about the subject?’

    The shepherd boy hesitated for some moments and then said, ‘Your Majesty! Before, I answer your question. I wish. I be given the right kind of seat to sit. Because, as far as this query is concerned. You are the student and I’m the teacher. So, I’ll provide you with that knowledge. In principle the seat of the teacher should be higher than that of the student. But such is not the case here.’

    Upon hearing this, everyone started whispering in an appreciative manner, about the boy. The King also felt some sense is his statement. After a few moments the King vacated his throne and requested the shepherd boy to occupy it After which he eagerly was waiting for the answer, while looking at him.

    But the boy after sitting on the throne went quiet. He started enjoying the great feel, while perched on it. The King got restless and in an arrogant tone he shouted. ‘Hey you child. Will you answer now. What is the job of God?’ The boy looked at the King and peacefully asked, ‘what answer?’ and on hearing this. All those present in the King’s court were stunned. The boy then said, ‘the job of God is to put down the arrogant and lift the humble.’

    This story is one out of the thousand stories of Puran (mythological scriptures). That is still relevant even today. Just as, it was in those days. 

by Kamlesh Tripathi


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By Kamlesh Tripathi

arrogant bragging rishi

Maharishi (great spiritual leader) Matang was a bhramagyani (theologian) He had many devotees, and to meet his devotees he used to continuously travel to various towns and cities, and that gave an opportunity to his disciples to see new places, and meet new people. Most people used to come to the Maharishi with their worries and problems to get it solved.

One day the mukhiya (Head) of a town with his complete jingbang and sycophants came to meet the Maharishi. And to Maharishi’s surprise, mukhiya’s sycophants were not getting tired of praising him. And the pompous mukhiya with a lot of arrogance, started boasting to Maharishi about how he had thought about the citizenry of his town and had made plans to develop it, by keeping their future in mind.

After sometime, Maharishi Matang went to another town. There the famous vaidya (practitioner of Ayurvedic medicines) of the town came to see him along with his aides and supporters and started swaggering about, how he had treated so many illnesses and saved so many from the cruel hands of death. And when his aides and supporters were praising the vaidya, Maharishi couldn’t help, and he laughed. Vaidya took offence to Maharishi’s laugh and left immediately with his aides and supporters.

And, after some time, in a different town, a renowned Pandit of that town, along with his disciples came to see the Maharishi. And all those disciples started bragging about the spiritual knowledge of the Pandit, and started narrating how he pardoned the crime of so many criminals and brought them under his fold and gave them assurance of a good life. Upon hearing all this talk Maharishi laughed, when the Pandit too, took offence and left in anger.

The disciples of Maharishi were watching this, and were amazed at him, when they decided to ask, ‘Gurudev, normally you bless people who come to your fold, but thrice we saw you have not blessed them, on their achievements and on the contrary you laughed at them, because of which they took offence and left in a huff. Can we know the reason for this?

Maharishi smiled and looked at them, and said softly, ‘My dear disciples, Mukhiya was planning to sort out others life in the town when he knew nothing about his own life. In the same manner Pandit, by pardoning criminals was trying to become God, when he never could focus, his own attention on the number of sins he himself had committed. And such arrogant and boastful people want to control the future, life and faith of others.

I laughed because the mukhiya is soon going to die, the viadya will contract a disease shortly that doesn’t have a cure and the pandit will go mad soon. In life we should not try and do those jobs which are beyond us. In fact we should encourage other people to move forward themselves. We should rely only on God, and at best, should be in under the aegis of a theologian, if required.

This story reminds us about some relevant aspects of life, and that is, although, we may plan meticulously for our future we can’t ensure it. We are no one to give life to anyone but we can definitely look after the health of someone. In the same manner we can control our devotion. We can increase our devotion or help increase devotion of others.




By Kamlesh Tripathi

arrogance helpless



On 24th of June 2015 Kiran Rijijiu the all powerful minister of state for home, Government of India, was returning from Leh to Delhi, along with his assistant Nirmal Singh. To accommodate him. Three members of a benign family of an IFS officer, including a child, were disallowed from boarding flight AI-446, according to media reports. This unpleasant episode, delayed the flight and brought Kiran Rijiju under an avoidable, but virulent controversy called #VVIPRACISM.

In this world, often the rich and mighty feel they are all too powerful, and nothing can strike and ground them, even when they are at large. But, I guess, this is not how God works. And, in this case also. When Kiran left for Leh he couldn’t have imagined in his dream. That he will be caught up in such a odd controversy. Considering the fact that he is an all powerful minister of state for home in Government of India. But he forgot about God Almighty. Who has his own ways of tracking such devious stories—and this time it was through the media.

This brings us to the moot point. That anything can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere no matter how powerful he or she is. And, this is what Rijiju’s controversy conveys to the society.

Take for instance. Had Kiran Rijiju known. That by gate crashing into flight AI-446. He will become a clumsy news item. Even when he is going for an official visit, and will enter a zone of controversy. Where, the matter will escalate right up to the PMO. In all probabilities, he would have shunned this flight. But God had not passed on, any such vibes to him and therefore he had no such inkling, of such a happening.

For Kiran, retaining the prestigious job, as minister of state for home, in Government of India, any day is much more preferred, than getting mired in such stupid controversies.

But, I presume, he too never anticipated this ruckus. Perhaps, he thought I’m the all mighty minister for state, and that too for home, so who can question me. And so, he got on to the flight. But this larger than small arrogant mistake of his, hit him like the bolt from the blue.

So, this gives us a lesson of life. That no matter how powerful you are. You wouldn’t know what will come and hit you. Now or even later. Especially, if you try to be devious with the hapless.

For God has his own arrows in his quivers. That the notoriously rich and mighty can’t see. Such episodes keep happening at regular intervals. Only to remind us of this stark reality. Where, this time Kiran Rijiju was the chief protagonist.

He will therefore remember this episode throughout his life. But more important is need for the message to spread across to the society.