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    Each morning as I walk up to the flowing rivulet near the small hillock that lies above my picturesque hamlet I get to feel the power of silence. Looks like everything around is trying to say something by remaining quiet. And on my way up as my steps take to the natural rhythm. It gives me a supernatural feel as if the hillock is the insurmountable head of Shiva. And the flora and fauna around are his deep rooted jatas and the rivulet is the humble adornment of Namami Gange. And where, both are in a stance to bless me and perhaps, they are also saying something when you distinctly hear the dribble upstream.

    Everything around is so very still. Is when, you get to feel, silence is the loudest explosion on earth. Very faintly at a distance you can now hear the horn of passing car that was not there earlier. Man has made mechanical inroads to most hideouts of nature. There is a chirping shemozzle that sounds like music in the bird’s camp that is only ratcheting as the dawn is broad banding. Some of them really don’t know what to do except for fluttering here and there for want of food. Few mongrels have just got up as the morning rays strike their eyes when they start stretching themselves. The flying butterflies as if have started a troupe dance to honour the morning rays of the sun. And one can indistinctly hear the mooing of the cows from the barn that only tells you that the village has woken up for the day.

    I halt to catch my breath is when I turn back. The hamlet looks much smaller than its actual size. Sights at times change even when reality doesn’t. I continue with my walk. There are no human beings here and so there is no ruckus. I’m all by myself. This is how I came and this is how I’ll go, all alone.

    I leisurely reach the top from where I get the divine view of my beloved village down below. I wonder what it must have taken Almighty to create this wonderful settlement. Perhaps even exotic creations are a small thing for him. There is a sudden drift in the direction of the breeze that only tells me to accept the ensuing change and there is no reason to feel lonely. For there is enough in nature to give you company when there is no human company around you. But you need to explore it.

    And like every day, I sit there for sometime, interacting, with my mother of all times, that is mother earth. This is where she caresses me. The intensity of which is equivalent to the intensity of the aromatic breeze that touches me all over. The shrill calls of some mynahs that have just landed there, give me a feel as if she’s trying to say you are not alone and I’m there. I feel rejuvenated. But it is time to head home now. So, I start the descent back. Where, on the way I come across a few goats and some cows as if giving me a standing ovation to my victory over loneliness. Is when I start humming the evergreen song of Kishore da … Zindagi ka safar, hai ya kaisa safar, koi samjha nahi koi jana nahi.

   (In today’s day and age loneliness is a huge social problem. It is not always possible for parents to be with their children and for children to be with their parents. But you still need to live it out and live it out grandly. So move out of your loneliness and explore the nature. For it has a cure for every life situation)

By Kamlesh Tripathi





By Kamlesh Tripathi


It springs up every time,

That clutter in my empty mind,

And each time,

It only reminds me of wasted times.


If empty mind is a devil’s workshop,

A cluttered mind is a spooky den,

Where emptiness is a result of nothingness,

And clutter an offshoot of everythingness.


When I began doing things,

 I came out of my empty mind,

But by doing too many things at a time,

I cluttered my mind,

But whether it is the empty or the clutter,

Both smother the poetry of life.


And in this baffling world of mine,

One wonders at times,

From where to begin,

And where to end, the acrobats of life.


At times even the almighty—the mind … fails to act,

And slumps into emptiness,

And succumbs to everythingness,

And deviates from equilibrium,

Where, one only wonders why?


One day when I opened my eyes to see my mind,

I could only see zigzag and criss-cross of empty lines,

And that revealed the reasons,

For the clutter in my empty mind.


And thereafter,

I decided each day I would scan my mind,

And would meditate,

To remove,

The malwares floating in my mind.




By Kamlesh Tripathi



In the eternity of lifetime,

There was seldom a downtime,

When the kind heart stopped blessing,

And the cunning tongue stopped maligning.


For heart was naïve,

Heart was kind,

And it was caring and forgiving,

Just like the Jesus of times,

But it had a straight tongue,

To remind about tough times and crimes.


Where the cunning tongue was sweet but vicious,

And had imbibed all the wickedness of times,

Just like the serenade with unheard rhymes,

And had a cunning mind,

That wanted to outlast the Jesus of times.


And all along in life,

When the cunning tongue was in dungeons,

Kind heart kept helping,

Kept aiding,

Kept forgiving,

Which the maligning tongue, kept loving,

In the happenings of bad times.


But even with all the rapturous showers in life.

Tongue had its own designs,

Of the wretched kind,

And so,

Tongue kept cribbing,

Kept maligning,

The Jesus of times.


But kind heart kept overlooking,

Kept forgiving and forgetting,

Cunning tongue’s venomous onslaught,

That lasted an eon of time.


And for the Jesus of times,

It was only heartfelt regrets,

That it had a heart of gold,

Laced with a straight tongue,

Not appreciated by times.


Even when it spoke for values,

For goodness,

And for virtues,

But now time was running out.


And kind heart had nowhere to go,

With the carcass of his straight tongue,

When the Jesus within said.


Fear not my child,

For you’re not as wild,

And your gracious tongue will be understood,

Only by a few,

In these dark and squalid ravines.


So come with me son,

Leaving behind that maligning tongue,

To its audience.


And remember,

What you sow you reap,

And so,

Wait for the day

When the cunning tongue face-offs with a cunning heart.



Short story: WHO IS SUPERIOR?


By Kamlesh Tripathi

    Once a heated debate started among various organs of the body. As to who is more important and most vital.

    Voice said—‘I’m the most important. It is only because of me that a person can speak.’ When ears started saying—‘If I won’t be there. The body won’t be able to hear anything, and so I’m the most important.’ Mind said—‘If I’m not there. A person will not be able to register and acknowledge anything. Therefore, I’m the superior most.’ Finally, Pran (The breath of life) praised itself and said—‘Well if I don’t amalgamate with the body. It will only collapse and therefore I’m the mightiest.’

    The controversy continued for a long period of time. But no settlement was coming forth. Then one day the Indriyas (feelings & senses) suggested—‘In order to solve the controversy. We should go to Prajapati (Lord of people). He alone would be able to decide who is superior among all of us.’ And, in agreement. The Indriyas approached the Prajapati and narrated the reason for their prolonged controversy and requested—‘Now you only decide for us. Who is the most superior amongst all of us?’

    After thinking for a while Prajapati said—‘Let that organ be the superior most, on whose departing, the body becomes inactive, useless and dead.’

    Everyone, abided by his verdict. First, the voice separated from the body. But the activities of the body continued as normal. After staying away for a year when the voice returned, he thought to himself—‘My absence for a year has had no effect in the body. In fact it is just working like before.’ His face fell and he entered the body again.

    Thereafter, the eyes left the body. In the absence of eyes man could not see. After a year. When, the eyes returned to see the ill effects due to his absence in the man’s body, he thought—‘my absence for a year has not made any significant difference in the man’s body.’ Considering it as self defeat he entered the human body again.

    Now it was ears turn. As planned he too left the body. But after it left the body continued to be the same. The only difference was the person could not hear. And after a year when he returned he was shocked to see. That the man’s body was functioning in the same manner. He asked the person—‘How did you survive without me?’

    ‘Well in the same manner, as a deaf would survive.’ Replied the man.

    Next was the mind. Who departed from the body of the man. After a year when he returned the body replied—‘Dear friend, without the mind. The mental development of the body stopped. But rest of the things continue as usual.’

     Finally, when the Pran decided to leave the body. All the Indriyas started getting a fraught of nervousness. They all began to realize. That till the time there is Pran in the body. They too have their presence and existence. But the moment Pran departs, even they will become useless and dead. Therefore they accepted the superiority of Pran. The strength of Pran resembles the supreme and mighty God. Shastras too have defined supreme God (Parmatma) as Pran.




By Kamlesh Tripathi

calm calm1 calm3



When things go wrong, keep your calm,

While you go to town, keep your calm,

And when you have to leave the town, still remain calm,

For the water beneath is turbulent,

But the bridge over is calm.


I may have cried when I was born,

But in the journey of life I remained calm,

I fought alone with the shield of calm,

And the most accurate arrow in any quiver is the arrow of calm.


Life is turbulent but beyond is calm,

Where turbulence is momentary, but permanence is calm,

100 metres are turbulent, but marathons are calm,

Rivers are noisy, but sea is calm.


Before a calamity it’s calm,

And after the calamity too, it’s calm,

And beyond the sound barrier it’s calm and calm,

For devils are loud, but God is calm,


I lost my pride when I was not calm,

But regained it by imbibing calm,

I saved priceless moments by remaining calm,

And I built my fortune by pursuing my calm.


All those who made it had a treasure of calm,

And those who didn’t had no calm,

Amitabh Bachchan is calm, Roger Federer is calm,

Sachin too was calm.


Volcanoes erupt, but Himalayas are calm,

T-20s are volatile, but test matches are calm,

Shallows are shifty, but depths are calm,

Hitler was nasty, but Gandhi was calm.


Days are frothy, but years are calm,

Short term is alarm, Long term is calm,

Health and wealth are off-springs of calm,

Lies are deadly, but truth is calm.


I dreaded life when I sold my calm,

I now enjoy when I have my calm,

And when I look back in life,

All I remember is my calm,


And if I could buy I would buy tons and tons of calm,

For happiness and greatness lies in calm,

Mother of all virtues, thy name is calm,

And so keep your calm.






    Long time ago there lived a lazy farmer in the countryside who wanted to become rich without any efforts. One day he learnt of a Mahatma (noble and learned person) who lived in the jungles and about whom it was famous that by visiting and praying to him one could fulfill his desires. So, he decided to visit him.

    The Mahatma after peacefully listening to the farmer agreed to fulfill his wishes. He assured, ‘I will give you a mantra that will make you rich.’ And soon he passed it on to the farmer.

    Who was now exuberant about the comforting thought, that without any efforts he will now become rich. But as he was about to leave, the Mahatma called him back and said, ‘Arrey, I forgot to tell you something important. The moment you start getting weary of monkeys this mantra will become ineffective, and then you will not get the fruits of it.’

    Upon hearing this, the farmer started laughing and said, ‘Mahatma ji, you just don’t worry, monkeys have never troubled me, neither in the fields nor in my thoughts. And, for a long time I have not even dreamt of a monkey.’ And, after replying to the Mahatma, the farmer quickly rushed to his house and started preparing for a ritualistic recital of the sacred mantra.

    But the moment he uttered the mantra he got terrified, because he thought of ‘monkey.’ Thereon, whenever, he uttered the mantra, he thought of monkey. And soon, every moment, the thought of monkey started troubling him. So much so that monkey even started coming in his dreams. And sadly by now, the thought of monkey had truly disturbed him, both while he was awake and also while he was asleep.

    After some days the farmer was quite terrified and saddened as the thought of monkey had almost plagued his mind. And, when he was unable to bear this he went running to the Mahatma and fell on his feet and started sobbing, ‘Mahatma ji, I am extremely distressed as I have lost my peace of mind. I have no desire of becoming rich and you please take your mantra back and save me from the thought of monkey.’

    This story is from an Indian Upanishad and reveals our mindset which like a monkey is never in our control. This story also conveys, goals are important but equally important is the means to get to your goal.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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HOW WE DE-STRESSED OURSELVES– IN A REAL LIFE SITUATION: The ultimate stress buster lies in your mind




    I was once faced with an ominous situation that looked like a lifetime disaster, where my younger child was diagnosed of ‘Brain Cancer’ when he was just about two-an-a-half-years old. What followed thereafter was a long battle of nerves, emotions, brawn and brain through the thick and thin of my fast corporate life. Even though, at the end of it we lost the battle, because we couldn’t save him, but not before fighting up to the last straw.

    I then had a very demanding corporate job. And during that phase of my life we were located in various metros such as Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi –NCR. Where, we did not have any day-to-day support from our extended family nor even old buddies. Nevertheless, we had to survive, by fighting the menacing circumstances, where, caring colleagues and friendly neighbours were the only ones who came forward to help us.


    The prevailing situation fatigued me no end. I was working for some big banners those days who took good care of me. They were considerate under the circumstances. But I still had to continuously perform to keep my stalk and career ambitions alive. My wife, who too was qualified, had to abandon her career because she had to stay put at home to take care of the child. And beyond that, there were immense financial and emotional insecurities to deal with, in terms of expensive treatment, physical stress and the mystery behind the ultimate cure. 

    When he fell sick, we were in our late thirties. A tricky age, when we were not quite clear, whether we should adventure for a third child when the second was in peril to maintain the count of two. And God! it was a horrendous situation, when even the Indian economy every now and then was not doing well and lot of companies were issuing pink slips. This led to severe job insecurity, when every month our medical bills were spiraling above seventy five thousand in the final years of his life.

    But even with all these humongous issues we needed to work and survive. So, we charted out an omnipotent methodology to de-stress ourselves. It was a seamless combination of ideas, thoughts, mythology and even some physical exercises, that took us through the ordeal. And, as we were approaching the end, the intensity of stress increased exponentially, and under those circumstances this was how we eased our tension:



    Everything, in one’s life starts from the mind. Mind is your biggest problem. Your biggest enemy. But also your biggest friend. Your solution provider and leveler. So, we decided to control it by conditioning ourselves, in the following  manner: By …..

  • Deciding to do away, with all the negative emotions.
  • Nothing is permanent so why worry. Just keep doing what you are supposed to do under the circumstances.
  • PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) Pray and pray.
  • Don’t plan excessively. Take life one day at a time.
  • No matter how bad things are, they could be worse.
  • At any given time in your life. There is something going right and something wrong. This balances life. For in life not everything will go wrong, nor everything will go right in one go. That is the law of the nature.
  • Life is a very sturdy boat. So, just keep moving and don’t stop. For movement is life and stillness is death.
  • Whatever, you can do for the child do within your means. Don’t get intimidated by what others tell you to do. Especially, if it is beyond your means.
  • Our child may have to leave the world soon. But even I have to go some day. For that’s destiny. At the end of it we all have to go. No one can fight the law of nature. So why worry.
  • Don’t try to run the universe yourself. Leave few things to God. Your child could be one of them.
  • Human beings are blind. They can’t even see the next moment of life. So how can they predict the time of anyone’s death.
  • There is something called the destiny. Try and believe in it.
  • When the child was very critical towards the end days. I started believing in miracles all the more. Even when it did not happen with us. But it kept me charged under the circumstances.
  • I started taking my work more passionately. Remember your daily routine could be one of your biggest stress busters.
  • Just dress up and show up for work. Never sulk around in those negative surroundings and emotions.
  • After a bad day there is always a good day. But one really doesn’t know which is that bad day and which is a good day.
  • Only get dismayed by situations you have created for yourself and not situations that God has created for you. For he only will correct it. ‘Brain Cancer’ was God’s creation.
  • Try and be watchful whenever, there is a change of surroundings, locations, friends and colleagues around you. For, every change of situation, will have something new to offer. And, with that. There is also a possibility of some new energies coming close to you to influence you. Remember, life is all about positive and negative energies.
  • Life is an esoteric journey. For every new situation you’ll have some new company who would leave you when that part of the journey is over. So nothing is permanent.
  • To console ourselves we even started thinking. This child has a short life.  He is here to spread a message. So, don’t just feel morose about it and help the cause.
  • In those firefighting days we had created our own little Gods. Anything, that helped our circumstances was like a God to us. And, how clearly, we felt. There are two worlds. One is the world of cancer and the other is without it for the lucky ones. Where, we belonged to the former.
  • We never initiated a discussion around our child’s health to look for sympathies. As we believed in God and in ourselves.


  • I took up to regular walking and weekend Golf. It was a great stress buster.
  • Deep breathing became a regular activity that helped us in restoring freshness and rejuvenated our lives, even in those scary nights when we couldn’t sleep.
  • I got hooked up to one of the soap operas that suited my timing for deflecting my tired mind.
  • We kept our home ambience alive for we didn’t want to give advance invitation to death. And, in that, we looked for micro positivity in life.
  • Whatever the child wanted we provided. We were proud of him and never negative.
  • I got into a hobby that still continues. To divert my mind.


  • What to talk of human beings, when, even Gods had to leave their mortal bodies.
  • The biggest unknown boon of life is a painless exit and a dignified death. Mythology, combined with our circumstances taught us that.

    These are pointers from the book: “GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE” now catalogued in many libraries of the US including Harvard and Library of Congress. It is also catalogued in libraries of Canada and even India.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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    Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

IFSC code: BKID0006805


Our publications