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By Kamlesh Tripathi

arrogant bragging rishi

Maharishi (great spiritual leader) Matang was a bhramagyani (theologian) He had many devotees, and to meet his devotees he used to continuously travel to various towns and cities, and that gave an opportunity to his disciples to see new places, and meet new people. Most people used to come to the Maharishi with their worries and problems to get it solved.

One day the mukhiya (Head) of a town with his complete jingbang and sycophants came to meet the Maharishi. And to Maharishi’s surprise, mukhiya’s sycophants were not getting tired of praising him. And the pompous mukhiya with a lot of arrogance, started boasting to Maharishi about how he had thought about the citizenry of his town and had made plans to develop it, by keeping their future in mind.

After sometime, Maharishi Matang went to another town. There the famous vaidya (practitioner of Ayurvedic medicines) of the town came to see him along with his aides and supporters and started swaggering about, how he had treated so many illnesses and saved so many from the cruel hands of death. And when his aides and supporters were praising the vaidya, Maharishi couldn’t help, and he laughed. Vaidya took offence to Maharishi’s laugh and left immediately with his aides and supporters.

And, after some time, in a different town, a renowned Pandit of that town, along with his disciples came to see the Maharishi. And all those disciples started bragging about the spiritual knowledge of the Pandit, and started narrating how he pardoned the crime of so many criminals and brought them under his fold and gave them assurance of a good life. Upon hearing all this talk Maharishi laughed, when the Pandit too, took offence and left in anger.

The disciples of Maharishi were watching this, and were amazed at him, when they decided to ask, ‘Gurudev, normally you bless people who come to your fold, but thrice we saw you have not blessed them, on their achievements and on the contrary you laughed at them, because of which they took offence and left in a huff. Can we know the reason for this?

Maharishi smiled and looked at them, and said softly, ‘My dear disciples, Mukhiya was planning to sort out others life in the town when he knew nothing about his own life. In the same manner Pandit, by pardoning criminals was trying to become God, when he never could focus, his own attention on the number of sins he himself had committed. And such arrogant and boastful people want to control the future, life and faith of others.

I laughed because the mukhiya is soon going to die, the viadya will contract a disease shortly that doesn’t have a cure and the pandit will go mad soon. In life we should not try and do those jobs which are beyond us. In fact we should encourage other people to move forward themselves. We should rely only on God, and at best, should be in under the aegis of a theologian, if required.

This story reminds us about some relevant aspects of life, and that is, although, we may plan meticulously for our future we can’t ensure it. We are no one to give life to anyone but we can definitely look after the health of someone. In the same manner we can control our devotion. We can increase our devotion or help increase devotion of others.









In the life ahead lies the toil of my yesterday,

In the life ahead lies the heat of my today,

And in the life ahead slumbers my unruffled dreams waiting to unravel,

Is when my unknown life ahead tow-chains with my pristine past.


And in the cantabiles of today lies the unresting rehearse,

And all along the soft dribbles of the winding brooks,

Lies the harsh and cruel nature,

Yet life ahead only believes in its bloated ego.


Sanity says forget the past enjoy the present for future is unknown,

But i say unknown is unknown till it is known,

So be with your present,

And never dump your past,

For bright days ahead will only evolve out of your vibrant past.


And between the flashy today and the glamorous tomorrow,

Exists my mother of lifetime–my past,

That held my hand and showed me the way.


And when the flash dwindles and glamour recedes,

Much evaporates and little is left in the days ahead,

But a treasure to applaud,

In the realms of past and the bygone days.


And that is when i realised,

There is no future without a past,

But there is a past without a future.


By Kamlesh Tripathi




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We know nothing about our future, yet we all have a future.

As narrated by anonymous in Lucknow.

It was just the other day when I had gone for a cocktail dinner to one of my friend’s place, on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding somewhere in Gomti Nagar. I had really done a lot of planning to be there. Having come, all the way from Delhi. But for some reason my wife couldn’t accompany me on that particular day.

Considering it will be a late night. I had hired a cab for the evening; and was expecting to have some great recalling moments. Catching up with some very old friends.Whom I had not met for an eon now. Besides that, I also expected many unknown, yet distinguished guests on the occasion. Overall a formal flashy gathering, where I wasn’t wrong.

The party had just about begun in the first floor of a guest house that he had hired. The epicenter of the venue was quite well lit, with a festive ambience. Buoying with some lilting ghazals and appropriating the celebratory occasion to a rocking start.

I too saluted the moment by gulping down some whisky, as I waved out for some piping hot chicken-tikka-kabab, in the freezing, yet enjoyable ambient temperature. And, as I put a piece in my mouth, very strangely it went straight down my throat and into my food pipe before I could even chew it and started choking me. I felt a little alarmed and cussed to begin with.

First, I tried to gulp it down with some whisky and then some water. But to my shock both whisky and water started oozing out of my nose but the chicken remained where it was. I rushed to the toilet thinking I’m about to vomit but there too nothing great happened as the chicken piece or the chicken bone, still remained stuck.

In all of this some fifteen to twenty minutes must have passed. By now the party was in full blast, when I could hazily see, some unknown, yet smartly dressed up couples and their children around me. Just then, I felt I was close to a blackout. But there appeared not a single known face in the tangible surrounding. Whom I could have shouted for help. Moreover the music was too loud. And, by now I was beginning to feel a little embarrassed.

It was an unexpected and painful moment for me. When I could feel my present withering to a repulsive future. Coming my way on fast track; to grip me. I was now in deep agony now, for over twenty minutes. Breathing heavily through my nose and messy all over, is when I decided to leave. For I didn’t want the party to get spoilt. And by now my eyes had even blurred. All the fluid stuck in my throat was dripping out of my nose. My hanky was all wet and by now some people had also started noticing me.

Fortunately, I was able to locate my cabby in the car park. I waved at him. He appeared to be a smart guy. As he smelt something was wrong with me, just by observing my body language and drove the car right up to where I was standing, as if in divine sync. I slid in, and in panic, I asked him to take me home. And even though, he could make out, I was unwell, He did not say a word till he put the car in motion.

By now, another five minutes had passed. I called my wife at home and told her to be at the gate, to take me to a doctor forthwith. Briefly describing, what was stuck in my throat. She panicked upon hearing this. I was in deep agony by now. My eyes were closing and I was breathless.

Meanwhile, the driver, while he was driving, opened his water bottle and asked me to forcefully drink some water even if I couldn’t. Which I did, but nothing improved. On the contrary I became a little more uncomfortable. He then slowed the car and started patting me on my neck, but I remained uncomfortable. By now, I could make out we were crossing ‘Bhaisa Kund,’ the cremation ground at around 9.30 in the night. That was indeed scary. As, I found it quite still and dark, with I  so close to it. Will I be brought here tomorrow? Was the weird feel I got. And, will I survive this onslaught of chicken-tikka-kabab, I wondered, in surrendering emotion.

It was one of the most frightening moments of my life for obvious reasons. Since, no one from my family was there to hold me, except, the cabby who appeared as a family then. Who happened to be a young guy, and my only source of inspiration. Perhaps, the divine co-passenger sent from heaven, for the hallowed moment. I helplessly thought, will I make it from here? I pondered in pessimism, but by then my head had slumped forward, almost resting on the dashboard; perhaps the end was near, thought the cabby.

Is when I suddenly felt he had stepped up the vehicle. We were to turn right but he took to the left and in just about five minutes he stopped in front of a small hospital. He rushed inside and got a wheel chair and took me straight to the emergency ward with the help of a ward boy. By now, I was hardly able to converse, but the driver explained to the doctor, and the doctor with a minor procedure pulled out the chicken piece and advised me not to attempt it, ever again. And with that my trauma had subsided, but myriads of introspection arose.

Because, the last one hour had given me a feel of life’s biggest certainty, death. It also conveyed, you have very little control over your future. So enjoy every moment and create similar situations for others also. As anything can happen anytime. And all around you, you only have fellow passengers. For you don’t know who all will come to see you off. And, who all, you’ll see off, when the moment comes.

And, last but not the least, the incident took me close to an accident victim. Who suddenly dies away from his family and without any forewarning. He has no one to see him off. But my case was slightly different. Where, the fellow passenger, the driver in this case had come to see me off. For a moment I thought, the strong thread of family would have helped me go past that last flicker. From the feel of future to actually arriving at the future–death. But I guess the longing best wishes of my family and the presently departed souls at Bhaisa kund still wanted me alive and about, and so pulled me back with the lease of life. But then who knows when it will strike again.