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charvaha god at work indian king

    Long time ago there lived a king, who was habitually righteous but extremely arrogant. One day, he called his Prime Minister and said,

    ‘I have a doubt that keeps bothering me. As you know. In this universe everyone has a job to do.  Just like the king, who is supposed to rule. A soldier’s job is to fight, a trader is supposed to trade. A teacher is supposed to teach, a preacher is supposed to preach and even the rest of the citizenry have prescribed jobs to do.

    That is the law of the universe. In the same manner. The person who runs this universe. Also must be having a definite job to do. About, which, I know nothing. So please tell me what is the job of the person who runs the universe. That is the job of God.’

    Prime Minister had no ready answer. To this very tricky query of the king. As no one had ever asked him a question like this. But he tried to deflect the king’s attention by saying.

    ‘Your Majesty! No one has an answer for this very intelligent question. Neither, it is mentioned in any book—as the job of God.’ He then halted for a few moments. But, since, he was an extremely cunning person he thought for an instant and added, ‘Nevertheless, your question is quite valid. As this question came to my mind also and that too several times. But since my job was to advise you to help you run the administration. I didn’t bother to ask. And these are spiritual issues. Where, I  think the Raj-Purohit (Chief-Priest) will be in a better position to give an apt answer.’

    After expressing his views. He strategically left the place immediately. Leaving the entire responsibility of answering the question on the shoulders of the Raj-Purohit.

    When the king posed the same question to Raj-Purohit. He too got bewildered, as no one had ever asked him such a question. Because, no one knew what the exact job of God was. And everyone, only knew to the extent they had read in the books. Even in the books there was no separate information about God’s job responsibility.

    But the King specifically wanted an answer to his question. Raj-Purohit couldn’t have dared to offend the King, so he sought a week’s time.

    King agreed and said, ‘okay, but I need a comprehensive reply to my question.’ Raj-Purohit went home. In the next one week he went to all the libraries in the kingdom and went through all the books that he could lay his hands on. But, no where, he could get a comprehensive answer to this question.

    By the end of the week he was mentally quite exhausted. So he went out of the city and sat under a tree and started thinking. How will he show his face to the King tomorrow, or should he leave the kingdom and flee.

    One shepherd boy who was grazing his sheep nearby. Saw the Raj-Purohit sitting there in a pensive mood and recognised him. He asked, ‘sir, why are you looking so sad?’ Raj-Purohit replied, ‘child you please do your work, as I have some spiritual task to handle.’

    But, when the child assertively asked again. Raj-Purohit narrated his problem. Knowing full well, the boy will not be able to solve his problem. But the child was smart. He said.

    ‘Raj-Purohit ji, if you are troubled only because of this small question. Then please go home and relax. Tell the King, this shepherd boy knows the answer to his question.’

    Upon hearing this. The Raj-Purohit was stunned. Because, even the most renowned scholars of the kingdom didn’t know the answer to this question. He pleaded to the boy to let him know the answer. But the child insisted. He alone, would tell the king. The answer to question.

   This relaxed him a little bit when he left for his home. Next day when he reached the King’s court. The king repeated his question and with great amount of eagerness and waited for the answer. But was flabbergasted to hear. That the answer to his question was available with a shepherd boy. He immediately ordered for the child to be there. The boy arrived at the King’s court in great enthusiasm.

    When, everyone looked at him with a great amount of disgust. And also waited for the valuable words to come out of his mouth. The king asked, ‘O shepherd boy! Do you know the answer to my question. That even the renowned scholars sitting in my court don’t know? So tell me all that you know about the subject?’

    The shepherd boy hesitated for some moments and then said, ‘Your Majesty! Before, I answer your question. I wish. I be given the right kind of seat to sit. Because, as far as this query is concerned. You are the student and I’m the teacher. So, I’ll provide you with that knowledge. In principle the seat of the teacher should be higher than that of the student. But such is not the case here.’

    Upon hearing this, everyone started whispering in an appreciative manner, about the boy. The King also felt some sense is his statement. After a few moments the King vacated his throne and requested the shepherd boy to occupy it After which he eagerly was waiting for the answer, while looking at him.

    But the boy after sitting on the throne went quiet. He started enjoying the great feel, while perched on it. The King got restless and in an arrogant tone he shouted. ‘Hey you child. Will you answer now. What is the job of God?’ The boy looked at the King and peacefully asked, ‘what answer?’ and on hearing this. All those present in the King’s court were stunned. The boy then said, ‘the job of God is to put down the arrogant and lift the humble.’

    This story is one out of the thousand stories of Puran (mythological scriptures). That is still relevant even today. Just as, it was in those days. 

by Kamlesh Tripathi


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arrogance helpless



On 24th of June 2015. Kiran Rijijiu the all powerful minister of state for home, Government of India, was returning from Leh to Delhi, along with his assistant Nirmal Singh. To accommodate him. Three members of a benign family of an IFS officer including a child, were disallowed from boarding flight AI-446. According to media reports this unpleasant episode, delayed the flight and brought Kiran Rijiju under an avoidable, but virulent controversy called #VVIPRACISM.

    In this world, often the rich and mighty feel they are all too powerful, and nothing can hit them, even when, they are at large after a heinous crime. But, I guess, this is not how God works. In this case also, when Kiran left for Leh he couldn’t have imagined in his dream that he will be caught up in such a odd controversy. Considering the fact that he is the all powerful minister of state for home in Government of India. But he forgot about the Supreme Power who has his own ways of tracking such devious stories—where this time it was through the media.

    This brings us to the moot point that anything can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere no matter how powerful he or she is. And, this is what Rijiju’s controversy conveys to the society.

    Take for instance, had Kiran Rijiju known that by gate crashing into flight AI-446 he will become a clumsy news item. Even when, he is going for an official visit and will enter the zone of controversy where the matter will escalate right up to the PMO. He would have shunned the flight. But God had not passed on any such vibes to him and therefore he had no such inkling of such a happening. For Kiran, retaining the prestigious job, as minister of state for home in Government of India, any day is much more important than getting mired in such stupid controversies. Which he had not done deliberately.

    But I presume, he never anticipated the ruckus. Perhaps, he thought I’m the all mighty minister for state, and that too for home, so who can question me. So, he got on to the flight. But this arrogant mistake of his hit him like the bolt from the blue.

    This gives us a lesson of life that no matter how powerful you are. You wouldn’t know what will come and hit you now or even later. Especially, if you try to be devious with the hapless.

    For God has his own arrows in his quivers that the notoriously rich and mighty can’t see. Such episodes keep happening at regular intervals. Only to remind us of this stark reality. Where, this time Kiran Rijiju was the chief protagonist. He will remember this episode throughout his life. But more important is the need for the message to spread across to the society.

    This is only a spiritual lesson and no aspersions on any one.


By Kamlesh Tripathi




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