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By Kamlesh Tripathi

arrogant bragging rishi

Maharishi (great spiritual leader) Matang was a bhramagyani (theologian) He had many devotees, and to meet his devotees he used to continuously travel to various towns and cities, and that gave an opportunity to his disciples to see new places, and meet new people. Most people used to come to the Maharishi with their worries and problems to get it solved.

One day the mukhiya (Head) of a town with his complete jingbang and sycophants came to meet the Maharishi. And to Maharishi’s surprise, mukhiya’s sycophants were not getting tired of praising him. And the pompous mukhiya with a lot of arrogance, started boasting to Maharishi about how he had thought about the citizenry of his town and had made plans to develop it, by keeping their future in mind.

After sometime, Maharishi Matang went to another town. There the famous vaidya (practitioner of Ayurvedic medicines) of the town came to see him along with his aides and supporters and started swaggering about, how he had treated so many illnesses and saved so many from the cruel hands of death. And when his aides and supporters were praising the vaidya, Maharishi couldn’t help, and he laughed. Vaidya took offence to Maharishi’s laugh and left immediately with his aides and supporters.

And, after some time, in a different town, a renowned Pandit of that town, along with his disciples came to see the Maharishi. And all those disciples started bragging about the spiritual knowledge of the Pandit, and started narrating how he pardoned the crime of so many criminals and brought them under his fold and gave them assurance of a good life. Upon hearing all this talk Maharishi laughed, when the Pandit too, took offence and left in anger.

The disciples of Maharishi were watching this, and were amazed at him, when they decided to ask, ‘Gurudev, normally you bless people who come to your fold, but thrice we saw you have not blessed them, on their achievements and on the contrary you laughed at them, because of which they took offence and left in a huff. Can we know the reason for this?

Maharishi smiled and looked at them, and said softly, ‘My dear disciples, Mukhiya was planning to sort out others life in the town when he knew nothing about his own life. In the same manner Pandit, by pardoning criminals was trying to become God, when he never could focus, his own attention on the number of sins he himself had committed. And such arrogant and boastful people want to control the future, life and faith of others.

I laughed because the mukhiya is soon going to die, the viadya will contract a disease shortly that doesn’t have a cure and the pandit will go mad soon. In life we should not try and do those jobs which are beyond us. In fact we should encourage other people to move forward themselves. We should rely only on God, and at best, should be in under the aegis of a theologian, if required.

This story reminds us about some relevant aspects of life, and that is, although, we may plan meticulously for our future we can’t ensure it. We are no one to give life to anyone but we can definitely look after the health of someone. In the same manner we can control our devotion. We can increase our devotion or help increase devotion of others.


article: The magic art of ‘Chamchagiri’




    Word #chamchagiri (sycophancy) requires no introduction. Even the so called English gentry of our country, understands it well enough. And, in India nothing meaty can be obtained without this art of arts, more precisely the mother of all arts.

    During our lifetime we all aspire to become qualified professionals such as engineer, doctor, lawyer, bureaucrat, chartered accountant and the list goes on and on for which we go to professional colleges and even qualify through tough exams. But, for this particular ‘art’ you needn’t go to any University to obtain a degree. Yet it remains the most powerful tool of success in contemporary times.


    Because, it is a two way requirement and has now become a status symbol. If you call yourself a VIP you must have chamchas around you. Without chamchas you don’t qualify as a VIP. Conversely, to survive, grow and secure yourself also you need to do Chamchagiri. Perhaps, that increases your tailwind and catapults you way ahead of competition.



    It was always there. We have glaring examples of Chamchas operating out of darbars and courts of erstwhile Rajwaras and Kings, in tall Empires, and even in hallowed establishments.

    But in earlier times it was considered a menial habit almost close to beggary which has now evolved into a refined and potent art that pays handsome lifetime dividends, which not everyone can learn. Its crafty students are found buzzing around the bureaucratic circles, in corporate corridors, swarming the political circles around parliament and Assembly; and at times it also seeps into the forbidden-the judiciary.

    While, some people through chamchagiri have escalated the growth of their career by coining catchy statements like ‘Indira is India and India is Indira’ made by Dev Kant Barua, the then Congress President. Others have shown it through self arrived, trait  and gestures. Such as a Chief Minister picking up chappals of Prime Minister’s son and making him wear it again while it slipped out in a muddy field during a political campaign. Some more examples that stand tall in my memory is a Police officer touching a senior netas feet, in full Police uniform. A security personnel cleaning the sandal of a lady Chief Minister, and also the state of art gesture of prostrating in front of the lady Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mrs J Jayalalithaa.

    But a recent one that I saw looked a little desperate. This Chamcha had a red plate above his car number plate that read, ‘Vidhayak ka Pratinidhi’ (Representative of MLA). Trying to please his master by becoming his representative. Some Chamchas learn this telling art just to make a living and not to catapult their careers which is still understandable like the one above.

    I have often thought about the genesis of this disease called ‘Chamchagiri.’ To me it always appeared as a colonial and a feudal requirement for a better survive. But the hangover of it has only increased when it should have gone down with the world becoming more business like.

    And, if chamchagiri can get you two square meals I would send calling for the HRD ministry to at least announce a ‘Certificate course’ in the subject to reduce unemployment for now.


By Kamlesh Tripathi




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