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    Once there lived an arrogant farmer in a village. His name was Sher Singh. He was as dreadful as a tiger. Even for small reasons he used to pick up big fights. He never spoke to the people of the village in a polite manner. And he never visited anyone. Nor did he wish anyone, he came across on the way. The villagers also found him arrogant and avoided speaking to him.

    In the same village. One day a farmer by the name of Dayaram came and settled from a distant location. As compared to Sher Singh he was extremely simple and helpful. He spoke to everyone in a very polite manner. And he always tried to help the villagers. Soon he became very popular and every villager started respecting him and also started seeking advice from him.

    One day few villagers thought of giving Dayaram some good advise—‘Brother Dayaram! Never ever visit Sher Singh at his house. And as far as possible. Try and stay away from him as he is a big fighter.’

    Dayaram laughed and said—‘If Sher Singh tries to fight with me I will kill him.’

    Villagers laughed at this. They knew Dayaram was very kind. Forget killing. He wouldn’t even abuse him. But some miscreant went and sneaked about Dayaram’s comment to Sher Singh. Sher Singh on hearing this got very angry. And, he started looking for opportunities. To pick up fights with Dayaram. One day he left his bullocks in Dayaram’s fields. They grazed his crop and even destroyed it. But Dayaram quietly drove them out of his fields.

    Another day. Sher Singh changed the direction of the drains that carried water to Dayaram’s fields. With the result water started flowing in the wrong direction. Leaving his fields dry. But Dayaram avaoided confrontation. So he quietly set the drain right. In this manner Sher Singh kept harming Dayaram. But Dayaram with his cool nature did not give him an opportunity to pick up a fight.

    One day a relative of Dayaram sent him some Kharboozaas (melons). As a good gesture he decided to distribute them in the village. He sent one to each farmer. But Sher Singh refused to accept it. He sent it back saying. ‘I’m not a beggar. I don’t accept alms from anyone.’

    During monsoon, one day. When Sher Singh was returning home from the market in his bullock-cart, loaded with grains. On the way it got stuck in the mire. Near a nullah (watercourse). Where, his feeble bullocks were unable to pull the cart out of it. When the news reached the village everyone happily thought—Since Sher Singh is a crook. Let him spend the night by the side of the nullah alone.

    But Dayaram, with his robust bullocks. Immediately left for the nullah. To help Sher Singh. People tried to stop him when they said—‘Dayaram! Sher Singh has troubled you quite a lot in the past. And you often used to say. If he fights with you. You will kill him. Then why are you going to help him today?’

    Dayaram replied—‘Today, I’ll definitely kill him. And you all will be able to see that by morning.’ After this he left.

    When Sher Singh saw Dayaram coming along with his robust bullocks to help him. He arrogantly yelled—‘Please go back. I don’t require your help.’

    But Dayaram didn’t slow down. He continued walking towards him in the same pace and said—‘Abuse me if you feel so. Beat me if you wish to. But right now you are in trouble. Your cart is stuck and it’s getting dark. So, I just can’t agree to what you say now. And I have to help you.’

    Dayaram, quickly released Sher Singh’s bullocks from the harness and installed his own. Thereafter, his robust bullocks pulled the cart out of the mire. Sher Singh, then drove his bullock-cart home. He realized the goodness of Dayaram and politely said to him—‘Dayaram you killed me with your kindness. Now I am no more that arrogant Sher Singh.’ Thereafter, Sher Singh started relating with everyone in the village with extreme love, kindness and humbleness.

Moral of the story: To win over evil with goodness is the real victory of life. Dayaram, was able to achieve that.


By Kamlesh Tripathi




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Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘surname’ as a ‘hereditary name common to all members of a family.’ And in India many families can have the same surname, provided it comes down their lineage and is acceptable to them. In other words surnames are just family, caste or even trade and trait names. But certain towering personalities take their surnames to unimaginable heights and some bring it down. But bringing it down is only okay till it doesn’t start affecting the generic surname in an adverse manner.

Let us start with the father of the nation’s surname- Gandhi. I would call it one of the tallest surnames of the world. Today, Gandhi is almost a synonym for non-violence, freedom struggle and nobility. Many Gandhis may have come and gone thereafter, but this one Gandhi, the father of the nation has stood the ground; thereby raising the brand image of this surname.

Today, some contemporary and tall Gandhis, appear in certain ways, to be in ethereal sync with the father of the nation’s surname, even if they are not up there. Just as Indra and Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India, Sonia Gandhi the Congress President and Chairperson of the UPA and Rahul Gandhi Vice President of the Congress Party. And, so the overall brand image of surname ‘Gandhi’ deceptively conveys, as if all Gandhis are a towering personality by default. And in some way or the other guiding India, and could even be dynastical. Surname ‘Nehru’ too had a strong brand image but never got the critical mass to surge ahead, I guess.


It is typical of India, certain surnames always zoom you to certain professions, traits and banners. Just as the Khans, the three top stars of India; remind you of acting under the Bollywood banner- the famous trio of Shahrukh, Salman and Amir. But then one Khan could be known as a trouble maker that pulls down the brand image of other Khans. And, the Kapoors, who too remind you of the erstwhile number one family of Bollywood; Prithviraj and Raj Kapoor. And this is how certain brand images of certain surnames have been built.

And, then the Ambanis sounding generic to business; reminds you of Dhirubhai Ambani and his sons Mukesh and Anil now running the biggest business empire of the country. While we come to sports, Tendulkar, Gavaskar and Amarnath brothers connect you to cricket in the manner Amritraj brothers connected you to lawn tennis to name a few sportsmen.

And, I can’t move ahead unless I talk about one of India’s most famous surnames ‘Singh.’ It signifies the ruling class of India. Even the Sikhs as a community wear this famous surname. Many Rajas and erstwhile rulers have used this surname Singh and have given it a high brand image. Lord Rama too was from this clan. Some famous Singhs of India are Dr Karan Singh, Giani Zail Singh and Dr Manmohan Singh who unfortunately got reworded to Maunmohan Singh. But, then, where do we place the famous Yadav Singh involved in this huge scam in Noida.

Then you have one of the oldest and strongest surnames in the name and style of ‘Yadav.’ It originates from Lord Krishna, a Yaduvanshi and therefore considered holy. But then how does it battle the whining cry of criminals such as Pappu Yadav, Lalu Yadav and the more recent ones Shiv Kumar Yadav involved in rape crime. And the lackluster Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav who need to do much more in the stream of governance. Probably boxer Vikas Yadav and psephologist-cum-politician Yogendra Yadav bring some reprieve.

‘Modi’ was never a strong surname brand in India. But there again one towering personality like Narendra Modi has made the surname ‘Modi’ as an international brand now having being picked as number two out of thirty most performing of the world leaders.