Short story: Mongoose and the lady




    Once upon a time there lived a farmer who had a mongoose as a pet in his house. He was very clever and loyal to his master. One day the farmer went out on business and his wife too after feeding the baby and putting him off to sleep left for the nearby well, to fill water in her pitcher. She was relaxed as the mongoose was there to guard the baby.

    But after she left for the well a black snake came out from the nearby hole, close to where the baby was sleeping on the floor. And it started inching towards the infant. On seeing the threat, the mongoose pounced on the snake and attacked him. In the fight that ensued, the mongoose tore the snake into pieces and killed it. He then went to the main door of the house to wait for the farmer’s wife.

    The farmer’s wife soon returned after filling her pitcher when she saw the mongoose resting near the doorstep. But on seeing blood in his mouth she thought he had bitten her baby. She felt saddened and even angry for a moment. And then in a fit of rage she threw the heavy pitcher full of water on the mongoose. Poor mongoose could not withstand the impact of the heavy pitcher and died on the spot.

    Farmer’s wife then ran inside in panic, but only to find that her baby was peacefully sleeping, but close by, a dead snake was lying that was killed by the mongoose. The lady realised her mistake. She ran towards the dead mongoose and held it in her arms and started weeping. But by then it was too late. And that is why it is said:

    One should not act and react without ascertaining facts, and if you do so you’ll only mess up things and be laughed at by the world.

Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi



2 thoughts on “Short story: Mongoose and the lady

  1. You are such a liar. You fucking bitch that you are no good. How do you even sleep. God will punish you for your sins.

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