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     Once a professor came to his class and said. He is going to teach the students an important lesson. He then placed a glass jar on the table, and then started filling it up with table tennis balls. And he kept filling it till there was no space left.

    He then asked the students. Is the jar completely filled? To which the students collectively replied, ‘Yes sir!’

    Then the professor took out some small pebbles and started slowly putting them in the jar. He then shook the jar and with that a number of pebbles went inside and settled in the empty space available between the tennis balls.

    The professor asked again. Is the jar full now? The students replied, ‘yes sir!’

    After which the professor pulled out some sand and slowly started filling the jar with it. He then asked the students again. Is the jar completely filled now? The students once again said ‘yes sir!’

    By now the students were beginning to get a little restless when the professor lifted two cups of tea from the adjacent table and poured it into the jar. And soon the tea got soaked in the sand.

   And then the professor began explaining in a serious tone.

   Dear students, consider this glass jar as your life. Where, table tennis balls are the most important and are like the God, family, kids, friends, health and your personal fancies. Where, small pebbles are like your job, car, house etc. And sand means, small issues that include small day-to-day talk, fights and even disagreements.

    Now had you first filled the glass jar with sand first, there would have been no space for tennis balls and even pebbles. Or had you first filled the jar with pebbles first there would have been no space for tennis balls but there would have been space for sand.

     Students, exactly the same thing applies in life.

    If we get too involved with smaller things in life we will not have time and energy for important things in life.

    For your peace of mind what is essential. You only have to figure it out. It could be playing with your kids, roaming in the garden, watering the plants, going for a morning walk with your spouse, or remove the clutter from your house, or even get your medical check-up done.

     So, bother about the tennis balls of life first. For, that alone is important. First ascertain what is important for you in life. Rest everything is like sand. By now the students were spellbound.

    When, all of a sudden one student asked. ‘Sir you did not talk about those two cups of tea that you had earlier mentioned?’

    To which the professor smiled and said, ‘I was in fact thinking why till now, nobody has asked this question.

   ‘Anyways the answer to this question is quite simple. No matter how much busy and satisfying your life is. But you must always have time to have a cup of tea with your friends.


By Kamlesh Tripathi



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Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases especially cancer. Should you wish to donate for the cause. The bank details are given below:


Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

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A day with Dad


    I knew for sure. This ever changing world around me will only change further. But I just didn’t know how much. Ever since you left us on this very day many years ago. I have stayed away from Lucknow. And after many years I’m home around this time. Thinking, I would sight the changing times myself. So, on this serene and dismal morning I went out for a morning walk. Pursuing, quite the same route. That, you once frequented. And it gave me a feel as if I was following the same trail that you had left behind.

     To be frank. I wasn’t surprised when I saw. The old surroundings had really sprung up to the hilt, leaving no niche for that stilly calm. The flow of river Gomti has receded and it isn’t what it used to be in your times. It has thinned down. Like the plait of an ageing lady. The chirping Gauraiyas are nowhere to be seen. And no one knows where they have gone. Did you see them by any chance? Did they come to you? Meanwhile some Gods have grown in stature but some remained where they were. The temple of Hanuman Setu has exalted both in pomp and spirits, just like you. But the small Shivalaya near the banks has only greyed. It still emanates of that salt and pepper looks. The overarching, Banyan tree there, has spread all around the Shivalay. As if, protecting, the God of the poor, residing in it. That reminded me of the days when you protected all of us.

     The chauraha has become quite psychedelic as everything out there has changed. The famous samosawalla—Phullu who had his makeshift shop in the middle of it is nowhere to be seen—the samosas are there but the walla has changed. No one knows where he has gone. Some say he is no more. One, Good Samaritan has converted her home into an institution. I wish. Many were like her.

     The chauraha gossips are no more vociferous. The morning newspapers have swapped positions and with that even the feel. From Swatantra Bharat it is now Dainik Jagran and some others. What has grossly depleted over the years is ‘time.’ People don’t have time but enough to whine. Where, morals have declined.

    Even in the faint trickle and rustle of the holy river. I could hardly hear the serenading calls of those joyous koel in the colourful months of spring. That used to be so piercing earlier. It has now been overtaken by the roar of the swarming vehicles thriving on the embankment. That sadly pollutes the vicinity, all along the scorching day. Lots of people walk up to the newly resurrected Mandirs, Ashrams and even a Masjid nearby for peace of mind. Perhaps, someday, their temples within, shall also kindle to the call of the Almighty.

    Most bright children in and around have left for good. I now only find their parents whiling away their time in obsolescence. Is when, I wonder what I got from you and what I gave to my child. If the equations are not comforting peace shall always elude me.

    So much has changed over the years. Yet a few things haven’t changed. Just as, the day and night take their turn. The sun still rises and the rain comes when it has to come. Seasons too, alternate when they have to. But more importantly the chord we struck during our lives will never ever change.

    What I continue to learn from you is, pillars should not change. But they should allow  the change.

    May, you rest in peace.

    By Kamlesh Tripathi: Homage to Babuji (K.P. Tripathi). He left us this day in 1984.






    I was then young. My uncle used to stay in Niralanagar, a posh colony of Lucknow that was not very far from my home. He had an adjacent neighbour. Who, happened to be a Flight Lieutenant with the Indian Air Force. His name was Palta. Attached to the transport squadron where he flew Dakotas, and posted in Bakshi-ka-talab, the defence airport of Lucknow. His chic and suave wife was Rita. Good looking and quite in line with the upbeat image of the armed forces wives.

    He often used to pilot the morning flight at 7 a.m. to Guwahati. It used to take him about five to six hours. Because, enroute, he used to off-load cargo at Bagdogra airport in West Bengal. Next day he used to return in the same manner from his sojourn. Where, he normally used to take-off from Guwahati at seven. And, after touching Bagdogra again, he used to reach Lucknow by around 1 P.M.

    I often used to go to my uncle’s house those days, to meet my cousins. He had a huge terrace where we used to go and play. And, whilst on it. I often used to notice Rita aunty, sitting in one corner of the adjacent terrace, alone, with her umbrella open, under the hot sun. And, I used to wonder why. But I never bothered to ask.

    One day, when the suspense became unbearable. I decided to break it. So I asked, ‘Aunty, why do you come and sit under the hot sun?’ she smiled at me and asked.

    ‘Who are you?’

    ‘Well, I am Bina’s cousin. I often come here, to spend time with her. But each time I came here. I saw you sitting in that corner with your umbrella, under the hot sun. So, I thought of asking you.’ She looked at me and smiled and then said.

    ‘I must say you are very observant beta. I’m waiting for your uncle. He should be coming any moment now.’ And with that she grinned again. I didn’t quite understand what she meant. I began to mull, ‘waiting for uncle and that too on the terrace in the peak of summers.’ It really wasn’t making any sense to me.

    ‘But is he going to fall from the sky that you’re waiting here aunty?’ I asked a bit loudly. She laughed in amusement.

    ‘You want to see him coming?’

    ‘Yes aunty.’

    ‘Then just wait here.’

    The suspense was beginning to get interesting now. So I decided to wait. Even when it was lunch time and I was hungry. After about ten minutes I could hear the faint sound of an approaching aircraft. Soon, it grew louder. Is when, aunty stood up and closed her umbrella, and started waving at the aircraft that was now descending into the nearby airport and wasn’t very high. I then saw, the pilot had dipped the left wing of the aircraft. And after a little while it vanished behind the tall trees. Skyscrapers had not come up then so the view was clear. After the sound of the aircraft subsided, she looked at me and said. ‘That was your uncle.’ I asked.

    ‘How do you know Aunty?’

    ‘Didn’t you see? He dipped the wing of the aircraft until it went behind the trees. That signal was for me.

    ‘Aunty, but why did he do that?’

    She smiled again and said, ‘Beta to announce his arrival. Now I need to go and cook for him.’

    ‘And what will you cook?

    ‘That’s a good question. If he dips the left wing, it would mean non-veg. Right would mean veg. And, if he doesn’t dip either, that would mean no lunch. So bye for now as I need to get into the kitchen.’ And with that she went away.

    I was dazed for a moment. I too went down for lunch. And after about forty five minutes. I could hear the sound of Mr Palta’s bike.

    Many years have passed since then. I don’t even know where Mrs Palta is. But, I could never forget this small and sweet incident that reflects so much about her love and concern for her husband. And, last but not the least. How they learnt to communicate from the sky, with each other—like in semaphores. When, mobile phones were not invented and even landlines had a long wait.

By Kamlesh Tripathi


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Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

IFSC code: BKID0006805


Our publications









Copyright@shravancharity mission

By Kamlesh Tripathi

Book K Tripathiji

    Book title: REFRACTIONS … FROM THE PRISM OF GOD– You could download the e-book from or for just Rs 100 or $1.50. Collections will be utilised for poor children suffering from cancer.


    What goes on in a cancer patient’s mind is not known even to his near and dear ones, what to talk of anyone else. Maybe, only the invasive part is revealed, and the rest remains within the confines of the patient’s mind.

    It is said about cancer, that only the ones who have seen cancer from close quarters are sensitive about it, and the rest are not. This includes cancer patients, their near and dear ones, Parents of child cancer patients, and also people who have lost their loved ones to cancer.

    A normal and healthy person may not even think about cancer, forget reading about it, because your mind is clouded by a plethora of interesting things around you, where the word ‘cancer’ is somewhat uneasy and eerie. But there is still a need to communicate to the society about the incessant suffering of a cancer patient.

    This book does exactly that. It communicates the mindset and sufferings of a poor, young and a three time cancer survivor Suresh from Chennai in a comforting and engrossing manner that readers would like to read. First time when Suresh got cancer he was six, and then he was okay for a decade and a half. But it struck again when he was twenty one and again when he was twenty four. All three were different types of cancer.

    Suresh wanted to tell his story for the benefit of other cancer patients. Primarily, to make them understand the challenges of a young cancer patient. Where, he has his entire life in front of him in terms of his school, college, professional education, career and aging parents. When, he doesn’t even know how long he is going to survive. And in all of this he builds his determination and alters his mindset to take cancer head on.

    The book has a motivational slant. That cheers you up with peppy poems and morale raising short stories, while it unfolds the grit and determination of the protagonist.

    Number of cancer cases in the world, are on the rise and there is a great need to communicate the sufferings, trauma, and the challenges of a cancer patient to people in general. Also, there is need to communicate how to handle such situations, and more importantly make people realise that cancer is conquerable.

    The author of this book is Kamlesh Tripathi and co-author is Dr Sujata Tripathi who had lost their younger son to brain cancer. The book is endorsed by Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

    The book is co-published by Cankids … Kidscan and Shravan Charity Mission. Both are NGOs that work for children suffering from cancer.

    The gutsy founder of ‘Cankids … Kidscan,’ is Ms Poonam Bagai who herself is a colon cancer survivor. But that has not deterred her. From taking up the noble cause of child cancer in India.

    Sharvan Charity Mission is an NGO that was started by the author and the co-author in the name of their late son Shravan that also works for child cancer.

    The book is available online in:

The Variety Book Depot

A.V.G. Bhawan, M3 Connaught Circus

P.O. Box 505

New Delhi-110001

Tele Nos: (011) 23417175/2567

Or download an e-book from or (autobiographies)

Or you could write directly to the NGO for your copy-

Open letter to #Sebi, #TRAI, #PF-commissioner about #Tulip #Telecom Limited- a listed company run by ex-serviceman Lt Col H S Bedi




We all want ‘acchey din’ for every Indian as committed by our dynamic Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.

Last year acting on your complaint, the ever helpful honorable #Supreme Court of India ordered the arrest of Subrata Roy, founder and Chairman of Sahara Group for not depositing amounts collected from small investors with you. This heralded a vigilant SEBI trying to protect the interest of “small investors” a welcome gesture, seldom heard; nevertheless a new beginning.


And, while it is gratifying to learn that SEBI cares for the ‘small’ in India. I would like to cite an example of another listed company in the name and style of “TULIP TELECOM LIMITED” run by an unethical and shameless Lt Col H S Bedi, about whom, I understand, has not paid the dues, including statutory, to its employees and has also been jailed for evasion of service tax.

While SEBI willfully nurses the wounds of ‘small investors’ what about wounds of hapless ‘employees’ of such listed companies; and where is TRAI? (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that is required to brazenly monitor such rogue companies and their unethical board of directors. In fact Indian Inc. has a cherished reputation and it is only because of companies like Tulip Telecom and MDs like Lt Col H S Bedi, the revered Corporate Behemoth appears sullied at times; and sadly so.


There is a possibility, that both SEBI and TRAI are unaware of this company and its rueful deeds; and just to substantiate the magnitude of the issue I am scripting the story I have received from one of the employees with his name veiled with a request to both SEBI, TRAI and the PF Commissioner to provide relief to the concerned employee.

SEBI must be doing an intense due-diligence before allowing companies to raise public funds, as it is a matter of serious concern if some companies do not even pay statutory PF dues and other full and final sundry amounts to their hapless employees and ask them to just leave, high and dry. And if not, SEBI must build a mechanism to circumvent such frauds committed by such rogue companies by attaching the movable and immovable assets of such companies including their directors, as mere jail term wouldn’t be sufficient. On the other hand TRAI should revoke licenses of such companies and utilise their deposits if any with them to pay off genuine employee dues. A proper trail of funds should be launched and such failing directors should be debarred from registering any other company in future; basis their unscrupulous and criminal intent. The Provident fund commissioner, if asleep in this matter, is requested to wake up and help employees.

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) should debar such companies and their Board of Directors from their membership. For make no mistake if Surata Roy can languish in the jail why can’t Lt Col H S Bedi, and if Sahara’s properties can be attached why not Tulip Telecom’s property?

#MNCs wanting to collaborate with Indian companies should desist from taking on board such companies and directors with dubious distinctions; and even iconic personalities such as film-personalities and cricketers should not endorse products off such companies where directors have the propensity and nudge for hapless employee dues.

I am giving below a gist of the sad story of the employee in the form of his 27th reminder addressed to the Management team of Tulip, which they again chose not to reply. The team comprises Sukhmani Bedi DS Bedi and Col Bedi. The excerpts of his e-mail are as below (Complete correspondence is available)

Subject: Request for release of Full and Final and other statutory payments on humanitarian grounds.
Dear Ms Sukhmani, Mr Deepender & Col Bedi

Warm – New Year Greetings,

  • Last year, I had tried many possible methods to connect with all of you on a daily basis, be it may, via phone calls, text msgs, wts-app and even emails. But for some strange reasons, none of you, neither took my calls nor returned my calls, nor did you reply to my messages, nor my emails. In fact I have been writing mails profusely regarding clearance of my dues for last 10 months but till date I haven’t got a firm reply from you.
  • The employee further underscored about his urgent financial need in terms of his brother undergoing treatment in one of the hospitals but then also the unethical-trio never responded.
  • Sukhmani once called on 13th Aug 2013 and basis discussions committed to call back with updates with respect to the long pending full and final payment of Rs 4.16; but after that, days have gone by and the employee is yet to hear from her and as a matter of fact he has tried to connect through phone, sms and even wtsapp- but all in vain.
  • As a last resort the employee once again begs as he has nowhere to go and mentions. “I am  forced to write to you again as I have been traumatized and “cornered due to “Zero Communication methodology” adopted by “Tulip Management” with regard to release of my FNF (full and final) amount and other statutory payments and compliance’s like PF payment and Form 16.” And there are many trailing mails to establish the concerns. Employee further writes.
  • I have tried my level best to connect with Mr. Ashu and both of you via all modes of communication for last 5 months but all in vain again and this pains me deep. (Please refer trailing mails) I have very categorically and emphatically mentioned my personal and financial problems but it seems my miseries have no effect on Tulip’s management.
  • However, basis several discussions with Ashu & Sukhmani regarding subject matter, I am constantly writing for clearance of my dues. The last communication on the subject was from Ashu on 29th April 2013 stating me to “call him to work out a payment plan” (trail mails). Post, that I have made innumerable calls and written constantly but I am yet to receive a firm positive revert from you. I must add with a heavy heart that I am a shattered man and I feel betrayed by the Management.
  • And ss you are aware, I had served the company to the best of my ability and was instrumental in establishing video business. I stuck with the company in worst of time and was the last person in video team to quit as my struggle to maintain myself and family reached a boiling point and sustainability and survival became the “core issue.”
  • Sukhmani , although you are quite aware of current financial and family circumstances yet allow me to throw some light and refresh you. My financial & family life is currently quite deplorable as I am the sole bread winner of my family with a widowed mother and a sick brother diagnosed of a cerebral medical condition in December 2012 and currently under treatment.
  • I request you with folded hands to consider my case on humanitarian grounds and release my funds as below
  1. Full and Final payment of rupees 4.16 lacs
    2. Provident fund Statutory per Law of GOI
    3. Form-16: Statutory compliance to be adhered by organization as per GOI.

The employee once again requests the Management of Tulip Telecom to settle his dues.