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First published in 2011

    It gives me great satisfaction to share the fact that my book ‘GLOOM BEHIND THE SMILE’ has got entry into many prestigious libraries of the US including HCL technical services, Harvard College Library; Library of Congress, Washington DC and can also be accessed in the library of MIT, Massachusetts through It is also available for reading in the University of Washington libraries—Seattle WA 98195 United States; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN-55455 US; Library of University of Chicago; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 United States and Yale University Library, New Haven, CT 06520 US.

    I began writing this book immediately after the untimely and tragic death of my son Shravan, as everything was fresh in my mind then. He had staged a long and valiant fight against Brain Cancer. But then he sadly succumbed to it leaving us all high and dry. He developed cancer, when he was just two-and-a-half. I was then thirty eight. The battle continued for 14 years and during that period he underwent as many as eight surgeries and a whole gamut of treatment that comprised of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and what not. My biggest challenge then was to keep a very fine balance between my career and my emotions. And of course keep myself solvent enough to meet the high cost of treatment. Further, as luck would have it, my wife in the process had to give up her career, as she was 24×7 required to look after the boy. Those days, I used to get a feel as if my entire life was in a deep muddle. Where, emotions had no place as that would have pulled me down on my performance. On the other hand outstanding performance would have earned me more incentives and salary and that in turn would have helped us in his treatment. So the whole thing was like a lethal chakravyuh that could have given anyone jitters.

    In this tough stranglehold of time, me and my wife spent some fourteen precious years of our lives. In that duration I grew from thirty eight to fifty two, when he finally expired. Those were the toughest years of my life. The idea of scribbling down this page, is to go down the memory lane and express my deep gratitude once again to each of those Good Samaritans who came into our lives around that period time to take us through that very difficult decade and a half, even when their names are mentioned in the acknowledgment page of the book I would like to thank them once again. Because in such adversities it is indeed the collective bench strength of all your well wishers that pulls you through the upstream.

    The book was intended to describe the grueling fight, our family had to undertake, in the India of those times to fight the dreaded disorder. And it also intended to convey, what it took, to see through 14 years of intense cancer, by an infant patient, who saw it through and through till he succumbed when he was sweet sixteen. It also detailed the issue of how noble companies fought for such causes for their devoted employees, especially, when Shravan’s medical insurance was not there, since he was just two and a half when he was diagnosed of cancer, clearly our fault. I’m sure the book has achieve the purpose for which it was written and most certainly it must have passed through many enlightened minds across the globe. Who, in turn will put their might together into this long standing challenge of cancer, for the world to benefit. 

    Here, I would also like to profusely thank all those, who helped me in bringing, this book to light. Where, I can’t forget my elder brother Ajit and his wife Aolla, my son Kartik, my colleague Bipin Bihari, Mr Vijay Sharma and my publisher Kaushal Goyal and of course my wife Sujata. For those of who haven’t read it. The book is not at all scary. On the contrary it will pep you up and make you realise there is always a way out in every situation.  

    The first publication was done by Shravan Charity Mission followed by Pigeon Books. For print copies kindly contact Pigeon books website and for e-book (In after entering home page go to categories than biography/autobiography where you’ll find the book.

    The details of its cataloging in various libraries is given below:

(  (this is the harvard link. Kindly write ‘gloom behind the smile’ in the search column that will take you to web page where the name of the book and other details are mentioned.

  1. HCL TECHNICAL SERVICES, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, MA 02139 United States vide storage noumber RC 265.6.S68 T75 2011 at Widener offsite storage Hollis number: 012926119.
  2. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON LIBRARIES-SEATTLE, WA 98195, USA- Available at Suzallo & Allen Libraries- stacks (call number- RC 265.6.S57 T75 2011)
  3. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, MINNEAPOLIS, MN-55455, USA- available at TC Wilson library Ames (RC 265.6.S68 T75 2011
  5. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill, NC 27514 USA, Davis Library 8th floor, RC.265.6.S68T752011
  6. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington (biggest library of the world) DC 20540, USA, RC 265.6.T76 2011
  7. YALE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, NEW HAVEN, CT 06520, USA- call no RC.265.6.T76x2011(LC)

By Kamlesh Tripathi


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Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

IFSC code: BKID0006805


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       The sneaking distance … dooriyan had germinated long ago. But it had begun to flower only now. I wasn’t aware of it nor was my God. And there weren’t any signs of it either. Not even a whoosh of an air. Even when the roots beneath may have been screaming about it, for a long time now. In the hope of a bright future perhaps, the venom was held back, for far too long. So, on the face of it there wasn’t even a chisel of hate but no one knew what was brewing inside.

    He had parted long ago. Shama then, was young. And what followed was a serpentine struggle, all the way to get her children up to the root and wings in the hurricane of life. Affluence had eluded her and miseries had surrounded her. Where, I had sneaked in as her isthmus between the devil and the deep blue sea that is the horrid present and the unseen and unknown future. She kept accepting in warm grace, things I was doing for her and feigned happiness all the while in return. But the tempest was only building in her. Perhaps, she was angry with her own destiny and the person who had written it but she couldn’t have challenged him. The damning offshoots of which, she had even passed it on to her children for the final onslaught that was still to come.

    Uneasy years had flown by and her challenges had somewhat leveled. Life was beginning to smile at her again as she had almost passed the upstream. But hatred is the steepest upstream they say. And all throughout her overwhelming jinx I thought I was her steersman but she had carved me as the conman.

    For all the unpleasant things that had ripped her life, she now wanted a villain to blame squarely and that was me. Perhaps, she was blindfolded when she encountered destiny and later thought it was just another me. She delighted in praising select others for all the good things that had happened in her life and for the incorrigible turmoil and shaky vicissitudes it was me. She walked around with upbraided vanity claiming all the ancestry as she gradually passed the lethal baton to her restless children who were breathing fire.

    Time had flown in an unsurprising gush. There were murmurs one day that the villain too had parted or was he done away with. No one knew. But there were smiles and the wicked smiles all around. She had sighed in ecstasy after an eon. It was all bright and beautiful around her. As, she, had finally attained complete, unquestionable ancestry. The villain had finally gone.

    Ceremoniously her time kept ticking and with that her ambitions kept upgrading until one day Shama saw the first spectre of another villain in her life and this time it was her own grown up child.

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Launch of motivational book: Refractions from the prism of God


By Kamlesh Tripathi

‘Refractions from the prism of God’ was recently launched in the Lucknow Literary Festival 2016. The book is about a three time cancer-survivor who is young and poor. His name is Suresh and he hails from Tamilnadu and stays in Chennai. In spite of three different forms of cancer Suresh has the gumption of doing PhD in cancer biology and nurtures the dream of eradicating cancer by 2040. Normally one doesn’t like reading about cancer but our readers have appreciated the motivational manner in which this book has been written.

On this milestone occasion we would like to profusely thank Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group for endorsing the book; Mrs Poonam Bagai, CEO & Founder of Cankids … kidscan, a pan India NGO for child cancer for blessing the book; and Mr Rahul Yadav founder of Yoddhas, a UNESCO award winning NGO and a cancer support group for hailing the book.

We would also like to thank Cankids … Kidscan and Shravan Charity Mission for publishing the book and Lucknow Literary Festival for launching the book.

The book is available both in e-book and print format. E-book is available in and while print copies can are available for sale in Variety Book Depot, Connaught Place, New Delhi. You could also write directly to for a copy.


Copyright@shravancharity mission

By Kamlesh Tripathi

Book K Tripathiji

    Book title: REFRACTIONS … FROM THE PRISM OF GOD– You could download the e-book from or for just Rs 100 or $1.50. Collections will be utilised for poor children suffering from cancer.


    What goes on in a cancer patient’s mind is not known even to his near and dear ones, what to talk of anyone else. Maybe, only the invasive part is revealed, and the rest remains within the confines of the patient’s mind.

    It is said about cancer, that only the ones who have seen cancer from close quarters are sensitive about it, and the rest are not. This includes cancer patients, their near and dear ones, Parents of child cancer patients, and also people who have lost their loved ones to cancer.

    A normal and healthy person may not even think about cancer, forget reading about it, because your mind is clouded by a plethora of interesting things around you, where the word ‘cancer’ is somewhat uneasy and eerie. But there is still a need to communicate to the society about the incessant suffering of a cancer patient.

    This book does exactly that. It communicates the mindset and sufferings of a poor, young and a three time cancer survivor Suresh from Chennai in a comforting and engrossing manner that readers would like to read. First time when Suresh got cancer he was six, and then he was okay for a decade and a half. But it struck again when he was twenty one and again when he was twenty four. All three were different types of cancer.

    Suresh wanted to tell his story for the benefit of other cancer patients. Primarily, to make them understand the challenges of a young cancer patient. Where, he has his entire life in front of him in terms of his school, college, professional education, career and aging parents. When, he doesn’t even know how long he is going to survive. And in all of this he builds his determination and alters his mindset to take cancer head on.

    The book has a motivational slant. That cheers you up with peppy poems and morale raising short stories, while it unfolds the grit and determination of the protagonist.

    Number of cancer cases in the world, are on the rise and there is a great need to communicate the sufferings, trauma, and the challenges of a cancer patient to people in general. Also, there is need to communicate how to handle such situations, and more importantly make people realise that cancer is conquerable.

    The author of this book is Kamlesh Tripathi and co-author is Dr Sujata Tripathi who had lost their younger son to brain cancer. The book is endorsed by Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

    The book is co-published by Cankids … Kidscan and Shravan Charity Mission. Both are NGOs that work for children suffering from cancer.

    The gutsy founder of ‘Cankids … Kidscan,’ is Ms Poonam Bagai who herself is a colon cancer survivor. But that has not deterred her. From taking up the noble cause of child cancer in India.

    Sharvan Charity Mission is an NGO that was started by the author and the co-author in the name of their late son Shravan that also works for child cancer.

    The book is available online in:

The Variety Book Depot

A.V.G. Bhawan, M3 Connaught Circus

P.O. Box 505

New Delhi-110001

Tele Nos: (011) 23417175/2567

Or download an e-book from or (autobiographies)

Or you could write directly to the NGO for your copy-

Book launch: ‘REFRACTIONS … from the Prism of God’


By Kamlesh Tripathi

Book K Tripathiji

Book launch: ‘REFRACTIONS … from the Prism of God’

Cankids-Kidscan and Shravan Charity Mission, both leading NGOs that work for child cancer in India have jointly released the book titled, ‘REFRACTIONS … from the Prism of God’ on brave ‘Suresh’ a three time cancer survivor from Chennai. He was diagnosed of cancer when he six, and he comes from a poor family.

It is an inspiring story of raw guts, where Suresh has been carrying his dream to pursue PhD in cancer even after his long struggle in terms of his illness. He is always keen to encourage other young cancer patients and survivors from his own journey of life. He is an active member of Kidscan Konnect (Young cancer survivor group)

The book is setup in a motivational and positive tone that will only cheer you up, and motivate one to fight the disease, and even wade through troublesome life. It will help cancer patients, their near and dear ones, parents of child cancer patients, NGOs, Doctors and even para-medical staff and even recommended for general reading for awareness as to how one can take on cancer.

The book has been endorsed by Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospital Group.

Avail special discount for cancer survivors and students @ Rs 175 including postal charges and for others @ Rs 200 including postal charges. Limited copies so please hurry.

Please contact us on 9971494795 or e-mail at: to reserve your copy.



By Kamlesh Tripathi

sikh flag gloom

An excerpt from the book ‘Gloom behind the Smile’

    It is amazing to see some cities and states losing people to other urban areas that are dynamic. This has also been happening across countries and continents. I guess this is how civilizations kept moving from one place to another. I was reading about a Sikh Guru. He once visited a village and stayed there for a few days and then prepared to leave. While he was leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper by staying here only.’ Guru moved on and as night was setting in he camped in another village and stayed there for a couple of days and enjoyed their hospitality. While leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper and move to other parts of the world.’ A keen follower.Who was watching. Asked the Guru as to why he had given two types of blessings. To his disciples in two different villages. The Guru replied that the people of the first village. Though looked after me, were not very cultured. Therefore, I blessed them. But prayed to God. That they should not move out and spread their culture. I found the second village well cultured. Therefore I wished to the Almighty. That these people should prosper and travel to other parts of the world. So that they spread the light of their sweetness and culture everywhere.

Write to us for hard copies. Or you could purchase the book online from any book store. E-book can be downloaded from or


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20150425_140213Dear Friends,

Shravan Charity Mission was started in the memory our late son ‘Shravan.’ He was diagnosed of ‘Brain cancer’ when he was only two-an-a-half years old. And after a long and well fought battle he succumbed tragically when he was sweet sixteen in the year 2009. It was a very launcharduous journey for us and since then we decided to help ‘Poor Children Suffering from Cancer,’ and the NGO was registered for this purpose.


Background: I have served in big corporate companies for over 36 years across India and at senior positions. But, I now pursue the cause of cancer. I am also a writer, author and a freelance journalist. I also run my own blog as detailed below. Through this blog we cover activities of our NGO where we make direct T150_6248_9789382025030financial interventions for treatment of poor children; and we also write domain articles and also article of general interest. Currently we are working with Apollo Hospitals in their poor children’s ward, with Dr Amita Mahajan, Pediatric oncologist.

My wife is an educationist and works as a Principal in a B-Ed college and my elder son and daughter-in-law are both with corporate companies.


I am also giving below some other URLs with a brief introduction of what it stands for as it will help you in understanding our activities even better:   Shravan remembrance day advertisement in the 20150214_153302newspaper on 24th February.   NGO Activity: Distributing toys to poor angels suffering from cancer.  Another way to remember #St #Valentine: #NGO activity on 14th February 2015   NGO activity #Caring for #poor #child #cancer #patients.

Dr Amita Mahajan, Apollo Hospital handing over medical assitance cheque
Dr Amita Mahajan, Apollo Hospital handing over medical assitance cheque    NGO activity in the hospital on 25.4.15   #Nepal #Quake- 25.4.15, 2015. Short article on a lifetime of tragedy.   HOW I DE-STRESSED MYSELF – IN A REAL LIFE20150214_153021 SITUATION. the ultimate stress buster is your mind (Spiritual and real life)   TRIBUTE TO SUNITA TOMAR- THE #ANTI #TOBACCO #CRUSADER AGAINST CANCER   Lucknow Observer- Interview   #Liquid-biopsy being tested in the US may soon be a boon for cancer treatment.

20150214_152826   When even your critics come to see you off- Lucknow Boy Tribute to Vinod Mehta

MY PUBLICATIONS (Earnings go for the cause of poor children suffering from cancer)20150214_152415  ‘#Book #review ‘Gloom behind the Smile’- A real life #story of a #child #cancer #patient (story of Shravan that you could purchase from us or an ebook from online stores – read the url) Book is archived in libraries of the US including the biggest library of world- Library of Congress, Washinton DC.

10805571_732929256793480_2871417989540841871_n    ‘#Aadab #Lucknow … fond memories’ is a book on Lucknow’s #culture (in novel format) of #Hindu-#Muslim #brotherhood. E-book is available in and flipkart and some other stores. Print copies available with us. Book was launched in Lucknow Literary festival last year.

551456_732929150126824_5042714517670501672_n    ‘One to tango … Ria’s odyssey.’  Is a #Story on #SINGLEHOOD about a #Delhi girl.  The book is now archived in prestigious Connemara library of Chennai. In case you require a copy you can find in any online store or write to us. download

Short stories for sale (Earnings go for cancer patients)     ‘WHO SHOT THE #WILD #BOAR?’  Is a #short #story on #wild-life written to aid poor children suffering from #cancer. Price Rs 100 for a PDF copy  ‘ ALLURING MIRAGE OF Raj estate-Ludhiana’ – a short family story written for the cause poor children suffering from #cancer. Price Rs 100 for a PDF copy.


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