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Short story: WHO IS SUPERIOR?


By Kamlesh Tripathi

    Once a heated debate started among various organs of the body. As to who is more important and most vital.

    Voice said—‘I’m the most important. It is only because of me that a person can speak.’ When ears started saying—‘If I won’t be there. The body won’t be able to hear anything, and so I’m the most important.’ Mind said—‘If I’m not there. A person will not be able to register and acknowledge anything. Therefore, I’m the superior most.’ Finally, Pran (The breath of life) praised itself and said—‘Well if I don’t amalgamate with the body. It will only collapse and therefore I’m the mightiest.’

    The controversy continued for a long period of time. But no settlement was coming forth. Then one day the Indriyas (feelings & senses) suggested—‘In order to solve the controversy. We should go to Prajapati (Lord of people). He alone would be able to decide who is superior among all of us.’ And, in agreement. The Indriyas approached the Prajapati and narrated the reason for their prolonged controversy and requested—‘Now you only decide for us. Who is the most superior amongst all of us?’

    After thinking for a while Prajapati said—‘Let that organ be the superior most, on whose departing, the body becomes inactive, useless and dead.’

    Everyone, abided by his verdict. First, the voice separated from the body. But the activities of the body continued as normal. After staying away for a year when the voice returned, he thought to himself—‘My absence for a year has had no effect in the body. In fact it is just working like before.’ His face fell and he entered the body again.

    Thereafter, the eyes left the body. In the absence of eyes man could not see. After a year. When, the eyes returned to see the ill effects due to his absence in the man’s body, he thought—‘my absence for a year has not made any significant difference in the man’s body.’ Considering it as self defeat he entered the human body again.

    Now it was ears turn. As planned he too left the body. But after it left the body continued to be the same. The only difference was the person could not hear. And after a year when he returned he was shocked to see. That the man’s body was functioning in the same manner. He asked the person—‘How did you survive without me?’

    ‘Well in the same manner, as a deaf would survive.’ Replied the man.

    Next was the mind. Who departed from the body of the man. After a year when he returned the body replied—‘Dear friend, without the mind. The mental development of the body stopped. But rest of the things continue as usual.’

     Finally, when the Pran decided to leave the body. All the Indriyas started getting a fraught of nervousness. They all began to realize. That till the time there is Pran in the body. They too have their presence and existence. But the moment Pran departs, even they will become useless and dead. Therefore they accepted the superiority of Pran. The strength of Pran resembles the supreme and mighty God. Shastras too have defined supreme God (Parmatma) as Pran.