By Kamlesh Tripathi

calm calm1 calm3



When things go wrong, keep your calm,

While you go to town, keep your calm,

And when you have to leave the town, still remain calm,

For the water beneath is turbulent,

But the bridge over is calm.


I may have cried when I was born,

But in the journey of life I remained calm,

I fought alone with the shield of calm,

And the most accurate arrow in any quiver is the arrow of calm.


Life is turbulent but beyond is calm,

Where turbulence is momentary, but permanence is calm,

100 metres are turbulent, but marathons are calm,

Rivers are noisy, but sea is calm.


Before a calamity it’s calm,

And after the calamity too, it’s calm,

And beyond the sound barrier it’s calm and calm,

For devils are loud, but God is calm,


I lost my pride when I was not calm,

But regained it by imbibing calm,

I saved priceless moments by remaining calm,

And I built my fortune by pursuing my calm.


All those who made it had a treasure of calm,

And those who didn’t had no calm,

Amitabh Bachchan is calm, Roger Federer is calm,

Sachin too was calm.


Volcanoes erupt, but Himalayas are calm,

T-20s are volatile, but test matches are calm,

Shallows are shifty, but depths are calm,

Hitler was nasty, but Gandhi was calm.


Days are frothy, but years are calm,

Short term is alarm, Long term is calm,

Health and wealth are off-springs of calm,

Lies are deadly, but truth is calm.


I dreaded life when I sold my calm,

I now enjoy when I have my calm,

And when I look back in life,

All I remember is my calm,


And if I could buy I would buy tons and tons of calm,

For happiness and greatness lies in calm,

Mother of all virtues, thy name is calm,

And so keep your calm.


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