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According to Central Water Commission, India has 5,264 large dams in operation, of which 75% are over 25 years old and 164 big dams more than 100 years old. Until 2018, there were 36 large dam failures, possibly making recent Tiware breach the 37th failure. Maharashtra accounts for the largest chunk of India’s big dams—2069 dams.

The pre-monsoon season this year has been the second driest in 65 years with the country witnessing 99 mm of rainfall during this period as against the average of 131.5 mm. About 42% of the country is abnormally dry—6% more than last year. Add to this a delay in the onset of monsoon and circumstances are indeed grim.

It is projected that over the coming years there will be a deficit of 43% between water availability and requirement. This will increase to 50% by 2030 unless usage patterns change.

Asceticism doesn’t lie in mere words; he is an ascetic who treats everyone alike. Asceticism doesn’t lie in visiting burial places; it lies not in wandering about, nor in bathing at places of pilgrimage. Asceticism is to remain pure amidst impurities—Guru Nanak

BT cotton is the only transgenic crop approved for cultivation in India. In the 17 years since it was approved, successive governments have declined to approve any other transgenic crop even after the relevant regulator, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), recommended commercial cultivation.

In 2009, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) after a five year scrutiny, approved commercial cultivation of BT Brinjal. But it failed to win an approval at the next stage: political executive. Even a change in government didn’t matter. In 2017, GEAC approved cultivation of GM mustard, a variety developed at Delhi University. But it met with the same fate as brinjal.

According to government sources, the regulatory process for approval of transgenic crop covers at least six stages. In response to a question from a parliamentary committee, government said that, on an average, a proposal from lab stage to decision making on clearances takes at least 10 years.

A farmers organisation, Shetkari Sanghatana has come out in support of farmers who are growing transgenic crops without approval.

Grow organic, eat organic. If Sikkim can be a totally organic state why can’t others?

In almost all leading countries of the world a doctor in a government hospital checks a maximum of 30 patients a day. In India any doctor on an average checks at least 150 patients a day.

‘Golden Hour’ is the time when doctors put in their best efforts to save the life of a patient. In some cases they succeed. In some they don’t.

Garment factories are India’s second largest employer of women with 1.2 crore women.

1% owns 48% of global wealth since 2009. 1 in 9 people don’t have enough to eat.

The Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management (FRBM) act prescribes that the central government deficit should not exceed 3% of GDP.

It is generally believed in the Indian context, the acceptable level of inflation is 4%, and the comfort zone is +/- 2%. In developed economies, the acceptable level of inflation is only 2%.

China’s economy today is 30 times larger than it was three decades ago. Indeed in PPP China’s economy is already larger than America’s.

The length of the Mexican wall to be built to stop illegal immigrants is 900 miles. It is the southern border of the US with Mexico.

Plan your work and work out your plan—SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA.

The saying goes that you become criminal only when you’re caught.

Conspectus means a summary or overview of a subject.

A typical 300 room five-star hotel generates direct employment for around 500 people, 90% of whom are waiters, housekeeping staff, front desk and concierge staff, besides cooks, chefs, managers, financial and clerical staff. There are a host of others employed in associated services such as the spa, gift shops and swimming pool.

When you compress the supply of cash and widen the tax net, money shifts from private hands to government.

It has always seemed strange to me … the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system—JOHN STEINBECK

There is a verse in Bhagavad Gita which means—masses follow the classes.

We re the world’s third most obese country and also the diabetic capital of the world—Sachin Tendulkar

By Kamlesh Tripathi




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SHORT STORY: TEXTILE MERCHANT … know your strengths



short1 shortstory

TEXTILE MERCHANT … know your strengths

    Once upon a time. There lived a merchant who used to deal in textiles. He used to reside close to a port where ships from foreign countries used to dock with loads of merchandise. And from whom, he used to buy goods to sell in the local market through his shop.

    He had five workers who use to work under his manager. And the manager in turn used to report to him. So in all he had six employees. Each time, when a ship moored in the port. The merchant used to send his manager to get the details of the merchandise available, and basis his acumen and the information collected by him. The Merchant used to buy the merchandise, and the same used to get conveniently sold in his shop located in the market.

    One day, the employees working under the manager came up to the merchant and started requesting for a higher salary on the plea, that they work harder than the manager. Who only sat there and gave instructions while they did the entire labour. The merchant gave them a patient hearing and promised to look into the matter.

    One day when the merchant received a communication from the dock that a ship had arrived loaded with textile. He, instead of sending his manager sent one of the employees working under him to find out about the merchandise that had arrived in the port.

   The employee happily left, thinking the merchant this time had given him a chance to prove himself, instead of the manager. And after sometime he returned from the port when the merchant asked,

    ‘From which country has the merchandise arrived?’

    ‘I don’t know about the country master, but it is big ship with lots of merchandise.’

    ‘What kind of fabric do they have?’

    ‘I don’t know about that master, but there are big bundles, appearing to be thaans’  (bolts of fabric).

    ‘But are the thaans designed for children, ladies or gents?’

    ‘Master I didn’t ask about that. You want me to check again?’

    ‘Then tell me the price range of each thaan? Basis which I will be able to make out whether it is for ladies, gents or children?’

    ‘Sorry master I missed that too.’

    ‘And what about the total value of the merchandise?’

    ‘No idea master.’ Replied the employee, somewhat embarrassed and staring at the floor.

    Merchant looked at the employee pensively and said, ‘Few days back you and your fellow colleagues had come asking for an increase in salary. Because you felt you work harder than the manager. This time I gave you an assignment of the manager. Thinking you will be able to at least equal what he does, if not out-perform him. Had I sent the manager he would have got all the details without my asking and perhaps he could have answered ten more queries of mine. Basis which I could have made my purchase decision.

    Now to get all the relevant information in one go. I will again have to send someone. So, whom should I send this time?’ asked the merchant.

    The employee looked up and politely replied, ‘the manager master.’

    Moral of the story: Before we expect a higher salary or consider ourselves appropriate for a higher position. We must analyse how talented, skilled and knowledgeable we are about the assignment we are aspiring for. In this case while the jobs of employees had more of physical work the manger’s job was to gather niche information about the merchandise. But that alone helped in making purchase decisions, leading to sales, generation of revenue and profits.

By Kamlesh Tripathi


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Shravan Charity Mission is an NGO that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases. Should you wish to donate for the cause the bank details are given below:


         Account no: 680510110004635 (BANK OF INDIA)

         IFSC code: BKID0006805