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By Kamlesh Tripathi

    Please help through Shravan Charity Mission

    Contribute for good Samaritan Dorris Francis’s cancer treatment. Bank details are given below.

TOI press coverage as under: 

    NH-24 good Samaritan in hospital, kin don’t have money for treatment—TOI dated 29.11.16


    Ghaziabad: She is the reason why you reached office on time every day, got to your daughter or son’s school without getting held up in traffic and kept an appointment.

Dorris Francis was there every morning, rain, shine or smog, managing a chaotic intersection on NH-24 all by herself. Since Diwali, though, that ‘post’ has fallen vacant as a crippling stomach pain landed the 59-year-old in hospital. She was subsequently diagnosed with cancer.

“She is admitted at AIIMS and her condition is not good. she has stomach cancer.” Her husband Victor, said om Monday.

Thiers is a family of modest means, and Victor is worried about the cost of treatment. They have a small house in Ghaziabad’s khora  Colony, not far from intersection where Dorris and Victor lost their 17-year-old daughter, Niki, to an accident in 2008.

    Help pours in for Dorris in sickbed—TOI dated 30.11.16


Ghaziabad: Help is pouring in for the ‘traffic heroine’ of Ghaziabad, Dorris Francis, who is now undergoing treatment at AIIMS Delhi after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.

After a report of her illness was published in TOI on Tuesday, people from across the country are reportedly contributing for Dorris’s treatment according to her husband, Victor. Dorris has been managing traffic on a particular spot at a busy intersection after her daughter, Nikki died in an accident there in 2010.

Victor told TOI that since morning he has been flooded with calls from people from different places asking after her and wishing her a speedy recovery. A sum total of about Rs 70,000 has already been deposited in Victor’s account. Besides, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, had offered free treatment for Dorris.

“I am overwhelmed by the support,” Victor said.

“In the morning I got a call from an elderly lady from Gurgaon, who asked me to collect a cheque from her house as she could not come down on her own because of her age.: Victor said.

Dr Gaurav Agarwal, unit head at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, has offered free treatment to Dorris. “We got in touch with her family members and have asked Dorris’s husband to share with us her medical report which we will discuss with our oncologists,” Agarwal said.

An NGO Shravan Charity Mission engaged in helping poor cancer patients has also offered help to Dorris.

Remit on account details as given below:

Name of account: Shravan Charity Mission

Bank of India account no: (680510110004635)

IFSC code: BKID0006805

Or mail your cheque to

Shravan Charity Mission

S-002, Arihant Ambience

Crossings Republik


Uttar Pradesh





By Kamlesh Tripathi


    “Nobody can tell what I suffer! But it is always so. Those who do not complain are never pitied.”—Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

    It is indeed difficult to even imagine how much these young kids suffer. Yet they put up a brave face. They don’t complain of pain, and require no one’s pity.

Recently, we visited these brave kids in a hospital. They are diagnosed of cancer. All are a bundle of joy. But are oblivious of what they suffer from. They smile more than us. And, that is where they put us to shame, when it comes to raw guts. We handed over our contribution in the form of cheques, to all the three Parents, of these bravehearts.


My eyes went moist. When, I saw young baby boy Rihan. Who is five and suffers from NHL (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma). He has been fighting cancer for the last six months. His father who works as a compounder has already spent more than two lac on his treatment. His income as told to us is around ten to twelve thousand per month. We wish Rihan all the best. And compliment his Parents for taking up this brave fight against cancer.


Garv Chaudhury, baby boy, age two years, was the second child, whom we met from Bulandshahr. He appeared every bit a joy. He was fast asleep when his mother tickled him to meet us. Surprisingly, he didn’t wake up crying. On the contrary he got up staring at us. He suffers from Pre-B ALL (High Risk). We wish him all the very best by praying to God Almighty. We would also like to compliment his father who is a marginal farmer and his mother who is a housewife in taking up this arduous fight against cancer. We wish them the best.


Next, we met Ayesha, a bright girl in her teens from Jaipur. Her father is self-employed and runs a workshop. His monthly income is around ten thousand. Ayesha is fighting cancer for the last one year and is diagnosed of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We wish her all the best in her fight against cancer. We also wish her Parents the very best in taking up the brave fight.

We all are so busy with our daily lives that we rarely think of such unfortunate and poor children who suffer from cancer. Should you want to contribute for the cause the account details are as given below.

Name of Account: Shravan Charity Mission

Bank of India account no: (680510110004635)

IFSC code: BKID0006805






By Kamlesh Tripathi

sikh flag gloom

An excerpt from the book ‘Gloom behind the Smile’

    It is amazing to see some cities and states losing people to other urban areas that are dynamic. This has also been happening across countries and continents. I guess this is how civilizations kept moving from one place to another. I was reading about a Sikh Guru. He once visited a village and stayed there for a few days and then prepared to leave. While he was leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper by staying here only.’ Guru moved on and as night was setting in he camped in another village and stayed there for a couple of days and enjoyed their hospitality. While leaving he blessed the village by saying ‘May you prosper and move to other parts of the world.’ A keen follower.Who was watching. Asked the Guru as to why he had given two types of blessings. To his disciples in two different villages. The Guru replied that the people of the first village. Though looked after me, were not very cultured. Therefore, I blessed them. But prayed to God. That they should not move out and spread their culture. I found the second village well cultured. Therefore I wished to the Almighty. That these people should prosper and travel to other parts of the world. So that they spread the light of their sweetness and culture everywhere.

Write to us for hard copies. Or you could purchase the book online from any book store. E-book can be downloaded from Antrik.com or Pothi.com.




By Kamlesh Tripathi

Once again in the pursuit of smiles on the two young faces we visited Apollo hospital and handed over two cheques to the Parents/Elders of these children for cancer treatment. We spoke to them for a while. May God bless them.


  1. Master Tarif, Age 12 is from the family of farmers. He doesn’t have a father and his treatment is being taken care of by Aas Mohammed his uncle who is a marginal farmer with very low income from Hayana. He is suffering from Brain Tumour. We wish Master Tarif all the  the best in life.   20150521_132626
  2. Miss Mehak Misra, age 9 is suffering from CNS Lymphoma. Her father works for a private job. Mehmak is a bright student and wants to do great things in life. We wish Mehak the very best in life.

A small contribution from you can change the lives of these poor Unfortunate children:

For net transfer:

  1. Name of account: ‘Shravan Charity Mission’

Bank of India account no: (680510110004635)

IFSC code: BKID0006805

  1. Name of account: ‘Shravan Charity Mission’

HDFC account no: (04801450000140)

IFSC Code: HDFC0000480

You could also send us a cheque in favour of ‘Shravan Charity Mission’ at the following address:

Shravan Charity Mission, c/o Mr Kamlesh Tripathi, Arihant Ambience, Sapphire-002, Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad-201009

our e-mail id is : shravancharitymission@gmail.com



Purchase the short story to contribute for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases.

Price Rs 50 only


ALLURING MIRAGE OF Raj estate-Ludhiana

By Kamlesh Tripathi

 scm image

Published by: Shravan Charity Mission

Few lines for flavour:

  •  ‘Papa ji, my friend who recently went to Toronto was telling me around ten to fifteen lacs, when his Parents are still supporting him till he finds a job. O-O Daddy ji, it is very, very tough these days.’ replied Mandeep.
  • Soon the ambience at home deteriorated. Fun, cheer, smiles were replaced by gloom and suspicion. Rapid degradation followed in interpersonal. The boisterous evenings that saw all the three brothers clanging their glasses, nibbling rich snacks in the lawns of the Kothi had turned turtle.
  • Mandeep, had married a girl of Canadian origin without informing his Parents. Jasmeet invited Jasvinder and Sukhbir for his wedding to a Tamilian software engineer but they refused to attend.
  • A gloom had set in around the clan. Rajs were now past sixty … senior citizens. Some even had health problems. Banto, had recently informed Gurdeep that Upinder and Lovely had visited PGI Chandigarh a couple of times. Perhaps, between them someone was not well.”

PRICE RS 50 (It takes just thirty minutes to receive a PDF copy of the story after remitting the payment) Write to us after making a net transfer, on the blog itself or on our e-mail id: shravancharitymission@gmail.com and we will mail the copy to you.


Name of account: Kamlesh Tripathi

ICICI account no: 008301504072

IFSC code: ICIC0000018

Thanks & Regards