Short story: The Rabbit and the frog




    At some time in the past there were three rabbits, who in the peak of summers assembled near the dry bushes of a nearby strawberry plant in a park. Since, there was nothing available to eat in the fields because of the intense heat they were very hungry. And also quite troubled by the pet dogs that used to escort the walkers both in the mornings and in the evenings. Further, all the bushes in the field had dried up and were without any leaves. So, they couldn’t even hide behind them to keep away from predators, and upon being chased by stray dogs, they used to get a camouflage with great difficulty. With all these day to day problems they had become quite weary of their lives.

    One day one rabbit in frustration said—‘God has done great injustice to our species. He has made us extremely small and weak. As he has neither given us pointed horns like the deer nor sharp paws like the cat. We have no weapon to defend ourselves from our enemies. The only thing we can do is to run away from everyone. From all corners the creator of this world has only created disasters for us.

    The second rabbit in desperation said—‘I am extremely scared of this pitiable and tentative life of mine. So, I have decided to drown myself in the pond.’

    The third one giving up on life said—‘Even I want to die as I cannot take this sorrow anymore. So, I’m just going to jump into that pond and drown myself.’

    ‘So, let’s all go with you. Since, we all have lived together, we shall also die together.’ Voiced the first rabbit. And they all left for the pond.

    Meanwhile, some frogs that were lying and lazing around the pond. When they saw these rabbits approaching, panicked and quickly started jumping into the pond.  And upon seeing them doing so the first rabbit suddenly stopped and said, ‘brothers! There is no need to give up on our lives, come let’s go back. Because in this world created by God there are even smaller and weaker beings than us, who live and survive, so why should we get demoralized with life and try to kill ourselves?’

    Heeding the advice of the first rabbit they all decided to do away with the thought of committing suicide and returned.

Moral of the story: Whenever, you feel you are surrounded by serious problems that scare you to death, lookout for people in this world who are sadder and poorer than you, who are sick and prone to difficulties. That will make you realize how better off you are and will remove the fright of life.

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Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi


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