By Kamlesh Tripathi

Subuktigin was a poor man before he became a king. Just an ordinary soldier. One day he took his gun and sat on his horse and went out for a shikar (hunt) in the jungle. That day he was quite unlucky. Although, he traveled a long distance. But as ill luck would have it. He did not come across a single animal. He was disappointed and was about to return when he spotted a deer with her small baby. Subuktigin was suddenly animated and started following the two.

Scared, the deer ran and hid herself behind the bushes. But in the process her baby was left behind. Subuktigin caught hold of the baby and tied its legs, and loaded it on to his horse and then started searching for the deer. But when he could not find her he returned with the baby.

When the deer saw, her baby being taken away by the cruel shikari, she couldn’t resist and came out of the bushes and started following Subuktigin. After travelling a distance, when Subuktigin turned around he was surprised to see the deer following him. In fact he was shocked at the sight, and felt merciful towards her. He decided to untie the legs of the baby and let it go. Mother deer was extremely happy to meet her baby once again and in a flash of a moment she disappeared along with her offspring.

That day after returning home when Subuktigin slept he got a dream. Where, one angel was telling him—‘Subuktigin! The way you showed mercy on the poor deer was amazing. This has made God happy and therefore he has included your name in the list of would be kings. One day you will surely be a king.’

Subuktigin’s dream came true. He later in life became a king. Showing mercy on a deer earned him this reward. People who show mercy on animals are appreciated by God.


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