By Kamlesh Tripathi

janmashtami janmastami 2 janmastami1

Lord Kirshna’s birthday on Krishna Janmashtami is indicative of a path breaking new era. Let’s analyse it from a fresh point of view. He was born in the night. Night signifies darkness and darkness is indicative of ignorance and illiteracy. Krishna’s birth brought the light of dazzling knowledge that removed illiteracy of minds.

He was born in a jail, where his parents were tied to chains. This signifies that we too are in our own jails and are locked up in our own vices such as sex, anger, greediness, selfish love, hatred, jealousy, enmity, cheat, eroticism and arrogance. When, he was born all the chains in the prison broke by themselves, and all the prison guards went off to sleep and he was let off the jail. This shows God almighty has tremendous powers and can make anyone sleep or wake up from sleep. If we with true spirits remember him, all our doubts are removed and what we are left with is love, trust and faith.

Today, the people of this world look at each other with a great amount mistrust and jealousy. Man’s intelligence and skills are misused which gives rise to human discords. Wars are fought to keep peace. In this violent and deceitful atmosphere it is even more important to learn trust, gentleness, hope and love from Lord Krishna.

After his birth little-mighty Krishna was shifted to Gokul (Gau-kul) In Sanskrit ‘Gau’ means a cow, which is the emblem of purity, simplicity and nobility. Baby Krishna—avatar of God was kept away from the atmosphere of slavery and cruelty of king Kans. In fact he was kept in the pure and loving surroundings of mother Yashoda’s home which depicts even we could attract Lord Krishna to come and stay at our home provided we too have earnest love for God and his simple ways.

Srikrishna was born on ashtami—which is the eighth day of the calendar month and falls in—shani-grah that signifies algaav (non-attachment) This conveys the message that when Krishna was born he was away and above the mischief and deceit of the world. This also means we should promote dispassion and surrender from the world and should do away with ‘attachment’ but in any case we should not forget our real self.

Today in many families people don’t respect their elders and love their younger ones. There is a great amount of mistrust. Religious fanaticism is all over. And in such an atmosphere birth of Lord Krishna gives us a feeling of positivity.

And his birth brings us the holy message:

“Learn to have faith in yourself the way I have faith in you. Follow the discipline of life, stay within your own simple behaviour and help me in serving others as it is your duty. Don’t worry about anything. Without any conditions surrender yourself to me with all your love. I will look after your welfare both in this birth and beyond.”

This should be our aim of life.



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