STORY: Panch prakar ke Murkh (Five varieties of Jerks)


By Kamlesh Tripathi

murkh1 murkh2

Long time back in a far away kingdom, there lived a king who was very kind and judicious. His queen too was very intelligent, who from time to time used to advise him in matters related to law and order and day-to-day life.

One day the king was faced with a very complex issue where he wanted his queen’s advice. He was in a great hurry, and therefore without giving any advance intimation to the queen he entered her private chamber where she was closeted with some of her friends, discussing, women’s welfare related issues. And this embarrassed the queen in front of her friends, when she suddenly found the king in her chamber. She immediately conducted him to a corner and politely asked, ‘O my Murkh Lord, please tell me what can I do for you.’

The king never expected such insulting words from his queen. He felt hurt and without saying a word he went back to his castle. Naturally, he was very angry and agitated. He was not able to understand as to why the queen welcomed him with such curt words. After a little while he cooled down. But he desperately wanted to know the reason for this, as he was well versed with the sharp and intelligent mind of his queen.

The king had an intelligent minister in his court. He narrated the entire episode to him and asked for his point of view on the matter. The minister heard the king attentively and then smiled and softly said, ‘your majesty, the queen is but telling the truth, and she was addressing you only, when she said this. By entering the queen’s personal chamber without her permission you have displayed murkhata (stupidity) but you happen to be in the first category of murkhs (jerks) residing in this planet who generally harm the least. Let me also explain to you the various varieties of murkhs.


‘Your majesty the first category of murkhs are those who go uninvited and without informing to any gathering or a crowd, and after reaching there they just stand quiet in a corner like a pillar and this embarrasses rest of the crowd. But they don’t harm anyone. You happen to be in this category.’


Second category of murkhs are those who on being invited by their friends often disrespect and overlook their politeness and hospitality and indulge in discussing such topics where they have poor knowledge and embarrass their hosts. This creates awkward situations. But the host is not able to turn the murkh out because he is a friend.

Such murkhs are more damaging than the previous variety, but not dangerous.


Third category of murkhs are those who always argue and try to showcase their poor knowledge without realising they are becoming a laughing stock. Such murkhs are indifferent to the hollowness of their conversation and they waste everyone’s time including their own. Such murkhs are famous because they neither learn anything nor do they forget anything.


Dreaded murkhs are intelligent but incorrigible who pride upon themselves and always find fault with others while in a conversation. They ridicule everything and everyone, just to show how intelligent they are. They attract everyone with their intelligence but soon they start opposing and sit in judgement, such murkhs are very dangerous.’

After explaining all the four types of murkhs the Minister further added. ‘That is why your majesty; her majesty the queen amongst all categories of murkh has indicated towards the category you belong to.’

Now the king understood what the queen meant, though his respect for the queen remained intact in his heart, but he still had a doubt in his mind, and so he asked the minister in a mischievous tone, ‘where you and the queen have rated me murkh of the 1st type, may I also know which type of murkh you and the queen are?’

‘Sure’ said the minister with a twinkle in his eyes, ‘I can’t say about the queen but I’m the fifth type of murkh because I’m in your company.



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