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Aadab Lucknow … fond memories


Picture of ‘Aadab Lucknow … fond memories’ book launch in Lucknow literary festival in 2014. A fiction written around city of Lucknow is all about homecoming of a group of friends that had left Lucknow and showcases the culture of ‘brotherhood’ between two major communities namely Hindu and Muslims that reside in Lucknow.

The e-book is available across the world through Partridge Penguin, Barnes & Noble, flipkart and Amazon and print copies are available with Variety Book store, Connaught place, New Delhi, Advani Booksellers Lucknow and Universal Book Depot Lucknow. You could also write to us for a print copy. Charges would be Rs 375 + Rs 25 courier charges in India.

You could also make a NET transfer of Rs 400 as detailed below and let us have your name and address with PIN code and we will courier it to you. Email id:shravancharitymission@gmail.com.

Name of account holder: Kamlesh Tripathi

icici account no (008301504072)

IFSC code: ICIC0000018


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E-book available in Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble. Print copies available in Poth.com, Flipkart.


‘whatever … whenever … Lucknow is forever.’

‘Aadab-Lucknow … fond memories’ is a story of a group of friends who spend their childhood and part of their adolescence in Lucknow. They part ways for their career and future but the umbilical-cord remains intact and they connect after many years, attempting to relive the city.’

‘What is #Lucknow up to? Smiling, giggling, laughing or weeping. Let’s figure out.’
‘Isn’t Lucknow the world’s showcase of #Hindu-Muslim amity? Do you have any doubts? We have none.’

‘#Imambara-to-see … Evening-in-Ganj-#Hazratganj … Kababs-to-eat …Chikan-to-wear … Attar-for-fragrance … Ikka-buggy-to-roam … Kite-to-fly … Hospitality-by-leaf-Betel-leaf … Sweet-tongue … and the great Lakhnawi pride … after-you-after-you.’

‘Langotia-Gang: A group of ‘Underwear friends’ nay ‘childhood friends’ a metaphorical and peppy expression. The Langotians take you through the intrinsic essence of life.’

‘And post #Kabootar-bazi, dressed in a crisp Achkan, seated on his flashy Ikka, he used to join Rehman for the evening Chai-Nashtaa which he ensured, he never missed after the game. After all … All was fair in love and Kabootar-bazi.’

‘Anyway, guys send me a quick update on, Vakil, Neta, Naukarshah and Abhiyanta … Shahid, IV, Irfan and Savita. Lucknow runs because of these four; business and industry are not there and rest can go to hell.’

‘Other states carry weight as a state, but we carry only some districts as weight.’
‘Mem-sahab, Babuji, kaan laga ke dhyan se suniya Lucknow ka har bachcha kya gaa raha hai.’ (Madam, Sir, listen intently to what every child of Lucknow is singing)

‘Mandar, Masjid, Church the Gurudware da shehar, change shehar Lucknow.’

‘#Awadh shrieks and shrills to the fading countenance of Wajid as she promises to herself to be in command and control of the fond memories of her Mehboob, #Wajid-Ali-Shah.’