Recently, I visited an old friend-cum-colleague of mine, whom I knew quite well. An innate live-wire, I should say. Whom, I had known for the last thirty years but was meeting him after three years. With the idea of reminiscing those good old days. I was now plonked in his drawing room holding a fancy glass and some mouthwatering snacks.

In the initial moments of warm-up I felt as usual; and as usual as I used to feel in his company earlier. But then a little beyond that. I felt as if the winds had changed. For he was not the same, and had become sober, quiet and somewhat unresponsive. Anyhow, I went past those unwieldy moments and left with an overbearing him.

Later on. I pondered and pondered, about what I thought. The diffident behaviour of my friend. And, each time I only came across emotions and insinuations that had no logic. Next day, as usual, I was back, dabbling my laptop. When, I decided to surf around certain industries, where I found some logical co-relation with my friend’s behaviour.


The industry in which my friend was working was undergoing torturous times. When, I decided to peep into his company figures, which I found were even more pathetic. As for the past two years it was in deep red. I then decided to drop the disturbing thoughts and leave the whole thing to unknown destiny.

Time trickled by. It was three months since I had met him. When, one day. I got a call from him again. And, his very first sentence took me back to times immemorial. Thirty years, to be precise. He had found a new job. I found in him the same chirpy soul talking to me, and once again he invited me home. In the manner, he usually invited me. Which, I couldn’t refuse. Sure enough, he had regained himself, and it was heartening to visualize that. So, I drew a moral out of his story.

In life don’t ever misunderstand any such friend and don’t write him off. For you really don’t know, who might be standing next to you when you are close to crossing the broken bridge. They may look and behave in a manner that may make you feel, they are annoyed with you. But they could be annoyed with themselves. Yielding and bleeding to their own circumstances in this unnecessary tough world.



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