Short story: Knowledge and love


By Kamlesh Tripathi

    Long time ago there lived a great Maharishi by the name of Shaunak. He had many shishyas who used to serve him sincerely. And he often used to send them to the nearby villages, cities, and to the ordinary citizens there. To teach them the fundamental objectives of life. This continued smoothly for some time. But after a while some of his shishyas started becoming arrogant. As they thought. After having taught so many people. They had become a scholar.

    One day, a few of them went up to the Maharishi and said, ‘Guruji as instructed by you. We toured across many villages and cities, to convey your message about the essence and objective of life to the common man. And, this we did continuously and relentlessly. But now we feel this huge effort on our part has not delivered expected results. As most of them continue to be the same old moorkh. Because, even after hearing your teachings several times. They don’t want to change. So, we feel, as if we are wasting our time and energy with them.

    Maharishi, for a moment was stunned and saddened at this feedback. Because, he knew, some of his shishyas were sounding arrogant. So he replied in sarcasm, ‘I must say. You all have researched quite a lot on the various aspects of life.’ To which they replied, ‘yes Guruji you are right. Our reservoir of knowledge is now praised by one and all, and that too in all directions. And we have learnt whatever was required to be learnt.’

    Maharishi said, ‘I’m extremely happy to know. That you all have attained proficiency of knowledge. But before we discuss anything further. I want you all to form two groups. One group will gather knowledge from the people that is not bookish. The other group will gather information about love that is not physical.

    The arrogant shishyas were stunned at Maharishi’s orders. They started wondering. As to how a person can gain knowledge without reading a book, and how can he be in love without physical contact? Nevertheless, as advised. They formed two groups and immediately marched towards different directions and started discussing the matter with various people who came in contact. Where, they also came across people they had met earlier.

    But, wherever they went they were ridiculed. People made fun of them and considered them to be the moorkh of the first order.  The shishyas thus felt dejected. And since they were away from the realities of life. Even their self respect took a beating. Soon, they returned to the Maharishi and in a complaining tone said,

    ‘Guruji, it appears, this time you had sent us to the village and city of moorkhs. Where, each of them. Even the ones who earlier respected us, are today mocking at us. Because, it is impossible to gain knowledge without reading a book and even impossible to love without physical relationship.’

    Maharishi smiled and said, ‘is it so? So then what happened to the knowledge that I gave you. If real knowledge is only available through books, and love only with physical relationship. Then why did you come to me? And why is it that people after reading books and after acquiring love through physical relationship, are still ignorant about real knowledge and real love.’

    Upon hearing Maharishi’s reply the shishyas were shamed. They were embarrassed at their ignorance. They requested Maharishi to show them the way. Maharishi said, ‘my dear children. Let me make it known to you. That real knowledge will not arise out of books alone. But will arise out of these people. Because, from many them books have emanated. And before educating these people. We will have to understand the reservoir of the knowledge within us. For, if we place ourselves in their position. We will know the reason of their laughter.

    Only by knowing people from a close distance. Can we reach a definite conclusion and understand. About what they want to communicate. And all this is possible only when we accept them. So, accept people as they are. Just as we accept the universe. As it is. For that is the lone truth. Rest is only a bunch of evasive thoughts.

    In the same manner. True love comes to you only if you are humble towards the Creator of the Universe. One who has given you the body, mind and soul, and has decorated this world with various beautiful dreams. This feeling of humbleness takes you to that divine love. That forms our roots and gives us the refuge of salvation.

    To gain real knowledge and to know about real love. You all had to come to me. As I’m your Guru. And Guru is the representative of the Universe and its creator. Finally, only, the real knowledge and love for God are true.’

Maharishi– sage




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