STORY: WHY SHIVA REDUCES KAMDEV TO ASHES–Check, the arrogance in you


    Powerful asura (demon) Tarkasur, after seeking the blessings of Lord God Shiva (also known as Sadashiv), conquered, all the three lokas (worlds). He then, threw, all the devtas (deities) out of Swarg (heaven) and started ruling the place all by himself. Terrorized, Devtas, then approached Lord Brahma.

    When, Devtas narrated their plight to him. He said, ‘since Tarkasur has been blessed directly, by Lord God Shiva. There is no one else in the cosmos who can intervene in this matter. So, the only person who can kill Tarkasur, is his own avatar (embodiment of God). As and when, he is born.

    ‘But how will that happen?’ asked Devraj Indra. Who was leading the team of Devtas. Replying to Indra, Brahma said.

    ‘If Lord Shiva falls for Girija, (Goddess Parvati) who is anyway in Himachal, where, Shiva is in dhyan (meditation). They can get married, and as a consequence of that, have his avatar. Who will be named, Rudra. He would then be empowered to kill Tarkasur. But this will not be easy. As, Lord Shiva, is beyond any worldly and even, cosmic allurement. So, it’ll not be that easy for Girija to attract him.’

    With the humungous challenge ahead, Devraj Indra suddenly thought of Kamdev (the god of love). And within no time Kamdev appeared with folded hands and said—Prabhu (God) what made you, think of me?

   Indra said, ‘Dear Kamdev. There is a demon by the name of Tarkasur. He is blessed by Lord God Shiva and that makes him invincible. As, no one, can kill him for now. Therefore, he is troubling the whole world. He has also conquered our abode—Swarg (heaven). He can only be killed by God Rudra. Who, happens to be an avatar of Lord Shiva. But he is yet to be born. This is what Lord Brahma has told us. And, Lord Shiva can have Rudra, only if he marries Girija. So, to get Lord Shiva attracted to Girija, is now your job.     Girija, in order to worship and serve Lord Shiva goes to him every day. If they both get married, the wishes of Devtas can be fulfilled—which is, the death, of Tarkasur.’

    After, patiently, listening to Devraj Indra, Kamdev said—‘Rajendra! (Indra) I will surely do this job for the welfare of the Devatas.’ Thereafter, Kamdev with all his paraphernalia reached the spot. Where, Lord Shiva was meditating.

     At the particular place, where, Shiva was sitting in dhyan (meditation), there, Kamdev, used his illusory tricks to arouse his feelings. He made the surroundings, look like, the beautiful erotic spring, where, the birds started chirping in melodious tones. The ambience soon got romantic that did not spare, even the Lord. When, he got the sudden whoosh of Goddess Girija, but nothing beyond that.

    Kamdev used all his five arrows on him. But he was unsuccessful in all his attempts. As, there, was no effect of his arrows on Shiva. After all, who had the power to unsettle Shiva? Most certainly, no one in the universe.

    During that time, Girija with a tray in her hands. Filled with flowers and ingredients, came there, for the puja of Lord Shiva. With her, she also had her friends. And coincidentally, even Lord Shiva, was out of his dhyan at the same time. Kamdev thought, this was the opportunity, and shot his arrow of crush on Shiva and thereafter in continuity. He shot, one arrow after another. This struck Lord Shiva momentarily.

   With that he got attracted to Girija at once.  But soon he realised, something abnormal was happening to him. He questioned—‘what is this! I’m nirvikar (changeless). Yet I’m impacted by this stroke of infatuation. If, as, God I’m affected. What will happen to the average people of the world? It surely, appears to be the job of Kamdev.’ He thought in some regret.

    Sure enough, when he turned to his left, he saw Kamdev standing there with his bow and arrow. He could not control his anger. And with that, all the three lokas started shivering. It appeared, as if, hell is about to swallow the universe. Just then his third eye opened and from that. In great velocity fire oozed out, and that reduced Kamdev to ashes. All the three lokas quaked in fright. Devtas saddened, but Asuras were happy. After Kamdev was dead. Even, Girija returned home with her friends, feeling devastated.

    Kamdev’s wife Rati, upon, seeing, her dead husband, fainted. When she regained consciousness. She started wailing—’Swami!   Why did you go to Shivlok at all, without telling me? What should I do now? Where should I go? All this is a result of the arrogant talk, you often made in Indralok (Indra’s abode). Devtas, have only done bad for me. They sent my husband here. Only to get him reduced, to ashes.’

    Moral of the story: One should know his limits. Kamdev tried to transgress his powers and had to pay the price.

    Later Devtas assembled around Lord Shiva. Shiva asked for the reason. Devtas said, ‘Lord you are antaryami (omniscient) and you know the reason.’ Shiva understood. They had assembled for Kamdev. He clarified—’whatever happened. Happened, because, of Brahma’s shaap (curse), which, can’t be reversed now. But yes. When, Lord Vishnu will take avatar as Krishna. Then Kamdev will be his son. His name will be Pradhuman. A demon by the name of Shambar will pick Pradhuman and throw him in the sea. Rati, Kamdev’s wife, during that time will be residing in the same city. That is Shambar. She will get her husband back, in this city only. Kamdev will kill Shambar and along with his wife, he will come to Krishna.


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