In the arc of twilight,

When the day recedes,

Night retrieves,

Is when the daylight dims,

And darkness begins.


That makes me wonder,

Is it time to surrender?

Where the end looks closer,

And time every minute a bulldozer.


It appears as if,

There isn’t much left to render,

For the thread of life,

Now looks very slender.


So the time looks ripe,

In the realm of life,

To account for,

What you missed in the strife,

And gathered in the stride.


But before the destiny strikes,

 And takes you by its might,

Into the wide blue yonder,

That is full of thunder,

As you have to surrender,

It gives you a chance to remember.


Therefore before the untoward arrives,

Scan through your haphazard life,

To slate it out for your own sight,

What you could attain,

And what remained in vain.


And rejoice,

To the gift of life,

That the rare attain,

Wrapped in the hallowed domain,

Under the aegis of the sacred saint.


So reflect honestly,

To the count of your vivacity,

To feed your own vanity,

And ask yourself.


Did you see what you wanted to see?

Did you do what you wanted to do?

Did you say what you wanted to say?

Did you love, whom you wanted to love?


For the rhythm of life,

Is only as wide,

As the breath of life,

And only the lucky go past,

The fill of life.


So before the destiny arrives,

 In plentiful,

Be kind,

Be sublime,

For that is prime,

In the God’s mind.


By Kamlesh Tripathi


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