Paroshe karyahantaran pratakshya priyavadinam,

Varjayetadrishyam mitran vishwakumbham payomukham.

A friend, who talks flatteringly sweet things overtly but covertly tries to harm should be gotten rid of without any delay. He is like a pot that is filled with poison but is topped with cream to deceive.


Na vishwaset kumitre cha mitre chasapi na viswaset,

Kadachit kupitam mitram sarv guham prakashyet.

A friend who is no good, should not be trusted and a friend who is not proven bad should also be not trusted with your secrets because he might reveal them when he is not on good terms with you.


Mansa chintitam  karya  vacha nev prakashyet,

Mantren rakshayed goonam karya chasapi niyojayet.

What plan you have thought of in your mind, should not come on your tongue. Contemplate and rethink over it, keeping it guarded. Put the idea or plan into action without voicing it.


Kashtam cha khalu mukhatava kashtam cha khalu yovanam,

Kashtatookasthtaram chaev pargenivasanam.

Stupidity is a woe, the youthful days are woeful, but living on other’s mercy is woe extreme.


Shaley shaley na manikayam mokitakam na gaje gaje,

Sadhavo na he sarvatra chandanam na vane vane.

Every hill does not contain gems, every elephant has no mani-pearl on its forehead, every place is no home of nobles and every forest does not grow sandalwood trees.

Translated by Kamlesh Tripathi


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