Short story: Two Ponies


By Kamlesh Tripathi



    Once upon a time there was a trader who had two ponies. He often used to load them with grocery. To sell, in the nearby villages located in the hills. Once, it so happened, that one of his pony fell sick. But the trader did not come to know of it. He wanted to carry salt, jaggery, pulses and rice to the nearby villages to sell. So, he loaded both of them equally and started off in his mission.

    But, while negotiating. The uneven hilly terrain. The sick pony was having problems. They halted for a breather. Is when he said to his fellow pony—‘today I’m not feeling well. I’ll drop one of the bags loaded on me. So you keep standing here. When our owner notices that he might load it on you. But if you move ahead. The owner will load it back on me. In this manner my load will get reduced and I will be able to come along with you.’

    But the other pony replied—‘why should I take your load? As if I have lesser load on my back. Sorry, I’ll only carry my share of load.’

    The sick pony kept quiet. But he was feeling extremely sick. And, while moving on the hilly track. He inadvertently stumbled into a bolder lying on the road. He went off the hill and rolled down and finally succumbed to his injuries.

    The trader was shocked at the sudden death of his pony. He stood there for a while not knowing what to do. Then he lifted the bags of the dead pony and loaded them on to the other pony. Now that pony started repenting and thinking—‘had I listened to my fellow pony and taken some extra load. He wouldn’t have come across this fatal accident and in turn. I wouldn’t have had to carry the entire load on my back.

    Moral of the story: A person who doesn’t help his colleague, who is in danger has to repent.



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