By Kamlesh Tripathi

durvasa muni krishna pandavas


After losing in dhyut-krida (gamble) to Duryodhana, Pandavas along with Maharani Draupadi had exiled to Kamyaka forest. But even after driving Pandavas out of the kingdom Duryodhana was not in peace. And how to completely destroy them was his perennial worry.

And it was a coincidence, as just around that time Maharishi (saint) Durvasa landed up at Duryodhana’s palace, and stayed with him for some time. And during his stay, Duryodhana looked after him quite well, and happy with his hospitality Maharishi granted him a vardan (blessing) is when treacherous Duryodhana very politely said—‘Maharishi! Pandavas are my elder brothers. And if you are happy with me, I desire the way you gave me an opportunity to serve you, which has given me a sense of fulfilment, I wish you kindly give a similar opportunity to my elder brothers also, at least for a day. And I wish you visit them with all your shishayas (pupils) to enjoy their hospitality and arrive there when Maharani Draupadi has eaten, so that my brothers don’t have to remain hungry for long.’

But the real story was something different. When, Pandavas went on exile to the forest; at that time many Brahmins who loved them and were their followers, too accompanied them. And they somehow never came back. But feeding so many people in the forest was not easy. And so Dharmaraj Yudhistir performed a long and deep tapasya (meditation) to please Lord Surya. When Lord Surya was happy he gave Yudhistir a vessel and said—‘if you cook roots and vegetables in this vessel that food will become endless. And you will be able to feed hundreds of people till such time Draupadi has not eaten. And after Draupadi has eaten nothing will be left in the vessel for the day.’

Duryodhan knew about this secret. And because of this secret only he had requested Maharishi Durvasa to visit Pandavas after Draupadi had finished eating. Durvasa muni (sage) acceded to what Duryodhan had requested for and visited Pandavas. Duryodhana was now extremely happy thinking Pandavas will not be able to provide food to Maharishi Durvasa after Draupadi has eaten and then shot-tempered Maharishi Durvasa will curse and destroy Pandavas. And this was an example of his evil intentions.

But because Maharishi Durvasa had given a word, to Duryodhana, he along with his thousands of shishyas (pupils) one day in the afternoon arrived at the Pandavas, in Kamyaka forest. Dharmaraj Yudhistir and his brothers got up to receive them and did a prostrate pranam to the Maharishi. And with folded hands requested him to occupy the main asanas (seats)

Maharishi said—‘Rajan! (King) may, God bless you. We all are very hungry, but we have not performed our prayers. So you please arrange for our food. In the meanwhile we will soon return from the nearby lake after our daily rituals and prayers.’

And as a habit Dharmraja Yudhistir with folded hands said—‘As you wish Guruvar (Guru). Food will be ready, so kindly return at your earliest after your daily kriya (chores) and prayers. But when Maharishi Durvasa left with his shishyas, Yudhistir and his brothers were terrified.

They enquired from Draupadi and came to know she had already eaten; and now shot tempered Maharishi Durvasa on not getting food would definitely curse them to ashes; this much was definite—and giving him food on time seemed impossible and so, there was no way out. And upon finding her husbands worried she said—‘why are you’ll worried? Krishna will arrange for everything.’

Dhrarmaraj Yudhistir said—‘had Sri Krishna been here we wouldn’t have been worried at all; but only recently he left for Dwarka and I’m sure by now he must not have even reached Dwarka.’

Draupadi with a lot of confidence said—‘who knows where he comes and goes? And which is that place where he is not present? He must be somewhere here only and will appear soon.’

And after saying all this, Draupadi left for her cottage and started praying to madhusudhan (one who killed demon by the name of madhu) Krishna. And soon Pandavas saw, Krishna’s chariot with four white horses and his insignia Garoor atop coming and stopping near him at great speed. And even before the chariot could come to a complete halt Krishna jumped and rushed towards Draupadi’s cottage.

And, since he was in great hurry, neither did he wish anyone nor anyone could wish him. He straightway entered Draupadis cottage and in great urgency he said—‘krishne! I’m extremely hungry, so give me something to eat at once.’

‘So you have come, Krishna my brother! I knew you will come at my distress call; Druapadi, was as if was rejuvenated. Just then she suddenly got up flabbergasted and said—‘Oh I have to serve food to Maharishi Durvasa.’

‘First you give me food, then talk of giving food to someone else, as I am unable to even stand because of hunger.’ Said Krishna.

‘But I have finished eating. The vessel given by Lord Surya has been cleaned and washed for the day and kept. So where is the food? Your penniless sister therefore called for you, only to arrange for food.’

‘Don’t just say anything you feel like. I’m extremely hungry. Show me the vessel.’ Replied Krishna. Draupadi quietly handed over the vessel to Krishna. Krishna took the vessel in his hand and started inspecting it by having a close look at it, all over. On the inner side of the vessel he found a piece of vegetable leaf stuck in the vessel. He picked it up and said—‘you were saying nothing is there, but what is this? This can feed the whole universe.’

Draupadi quietly kept watching Krishna when he put that small piece of leaf in his mouth and said—‘may this satiate the world.’ And then he burped and said again, ‘may that satiate the world.’

And out there in the lake, Maharishi Durvasa and his shishyas had a very strange time as everyone out there started burping and burping. Everyone suddenly started feeling they have eaten and there tummy is full. And surprised they started looking at each other. Looking, at his own condition and that of his shishyas, Maharishi Durvasa said –‘today I am reminded of the episode of Ambrish. Pandavas are in the forest where they are struggling for their own food and it was not right on our part to come here, and now I am not hungry and won’t be able to eat at all.  And now their food will get wasted which will irk them; and they can easily destroy us in seconds as they have the blessings of Lord Krishna. So there is only one way out and that is to quietly leave this place.

When Maharishi Durvasa wanted to leave, how could his shishyas stay behind. And when they left they did not think of stopping anywhere till they had reached Brahmalok (where Lord Brahma resides)

After having the leaf that was stuck in the vessel, Lord Krishna came out of Draupadi’s cottage smilingly. Then he greeted Dhramraj Yudhistir and his brothers and as he sat he asked Sahdev to remind Maharishi Durvasa about the food.

Sahdev left but came back soon, because Maharishi Durvasa and his shishyas were not there as they had left for Brahmalok.

‘Not knowing when Maharishi Durvasa might suddenly return for food,’ Dharmaraj Yudhistir started worrying again; because Maharishi Durvasa was known for his habit of asking people to cook for him and then return in the night, midnight or next day or even after some days to eat the food. And after returning he wanted the food just immediately and if there was even a slight delay he would curse.

‘Now, Maharishi Durvasa will not come here. And he came here only because of treacherous Duryodhana. So there is no need to worry,’ said Lord Krishna as he began narrating the entire story to Dharmaraj Yudhistir and his brothers.

Truly God is very close, only if you have trust in him.


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