Copyright: “From the Prism of God’

By Kamlesh Tripathi

granted taken for granted taken for granted1


God what I wanted you never granted,

And what I didn’t you often granted,

You killed my wishes and pooped my desires,

And left me crying in the middle of fire.


In my tryst with destiny,

How much you mattered,

When I thought of you every moment,

As my sole benefactor.


But in recent times My God,

You riddled and raddled,

At all my grants,

And what makes me wonder,

Is why you surrendered?


Lament not my son,

For I see what you can’t see,

And I don’t want to see what you see,

And that brings about the mystery.


I granted what was good for you,

I granted what was right for you,

I granted what was required for you,

And I granted what you couldn’t see,

But I could see.


I admired the unassuming in you,

I admired the toil in you,

I admired the fire in you,

And so I kept granting you,


Until one day I realised,

 Your fire was waning,

Your toil was receding,

And the unassuming in you, was now assuming,


And so I pulled my hands,

For make no mistake my child,

What is good for all is granted,

And what is good for you alone may not be granted,


But remember my child nothing shall be granted,

If you start taking things for granted.


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