Does it require something more than sterling- unquestioned-talent to earn these awards?

It is already stinking. But before it starts rotting the present government should correct one of its biggest follies of not awarding any ‘Padma’ award to legendary, genius and ever green Kishore Kumar. One of the biggest all time singers of India- who died 27 years ago.

He spent 41 years in the industry as an actor and a singer and that too par excellence. And all rolled into one as a producer, director, lyricist, music director and a scriptwriter. So, it is indeed intriguing to note why government after government failed to include him in the awardee list- not even a Padma Shri … which is so very pathetic.

Kishore Kumar was a cynosure of every Indian, cutting across religion, mother- tongue, regions and states. And, I’m more than sure. Indians will be most eager to know as to why this son-of-the-soil has been denied the prestigious ‘Padma’ award. Especially, when we compare this iconic film personality with many others who have received ‘Padma’ awards much earlier in their careers. It gives you an eerie feeling loaded with bias.

By not including him in the awardee list we have not only insulted Kishore Kumar but every Indian who has a song or two of Kishore on his lips, and may curse be upon all those, who with ulterior motives kept omitting his name from the list of awardees year after year.

But a ray of hope comes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is now busy correcting many wrongs of India, committed in the past and I am sure he will take up this wrong too.

Kishore Kumar has sung 2,703 songs in 1188 Hindi films. He has also sung 156 Bengali and 8 Telugu songs. May Kishore Da rest in peace.


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