Kamlesh Tripathi


A couple of days back Sonia Gandhi with her brigade of Congress MPs staged a half kilometer solidarity march only to tell India and the world, that Dr Manmohan Singh is above corruption and that the trial court summoned him out of unknown motives. Some judiciary stalwarts called it a case judicial overreach. And, some BJP leaders playfully consider Dr Manmohan Singh as an upright and straight forward academician- Prime Minister; and they keep resonating this at regular intervals so that they can shift the entire tag of corruption towards the Congress High Command –Sonia Gandhi.

Media too refers Dr MMS as a victim of circumstances, overlooking those famous cautioning words, ‘Caesar’s wife needs to be above suspicion.’ And, so, also the Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world. But, in all of this Dr MMS is either too naïve or too smart and needs to answer some questions to retain his tall and revered brand equity:

  • For if there was corruption, financial misdeeds and scams in the UPA regime why should Sonia Gandhi alone take the blame as he was an untiring accomplice, being head of the Government.
  • And it doesn’t cut much ice that he was arm-twisted to carry out corrupt instructions; where he could have dis-obeyed Sonia Gandhi and stepped down. So you became an accomplice to be in a coveted position of PM.
  • You enjoyed being the Prime Minister of the country meeting world leaders, staying in that sprawling 7 race course road, roaming in those BMWs cars, SPG protected. And even today by virtue of that position you are where you. And so why should you not take the entire blame of corruption. In fact a person who can stop corruption but doesn’t is equally to be blamed.

And unless MMS clears the air, his image will remain stained and this is what power can do to even a TALL MANMOHAN.


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