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With the rough noose of target around one’s neck and loads of life to carry on with; merely observing office timings has become more of a head count drill and a calculation of salary mechanism for the accounts and HR. For what, if I only observe office timings but don’t achieve my targets. I may still be sacked, even when I am a regular office attendee. But what, if I achieve my business targets and don’t achieve my attendance target. I may have to take a salary cut along with a sack for breaking office discipline, in spite of achieving my business targets. Where, management, at sweet will may be kind enough to sanction my accrued incentives.

Perhaps, there has always been a simmer of sorts between the Management and the employees on this account– office attendance–leave and the targets. Mind you, mere office presence, between 9 to 5 does not get you to your targets, with present day complexities and the sordid hustle and bustle of life. So something, close to high octane energy, something different together with a meandering passion is required to achieve those never ending and ever accruing professional targets of life.

The stated 48 hours of office in a week is just about sufficient to prepare the springboard from where you could dive to pluck your target. But the tedious groundwork starts brewing the moment you get up from your bed; is when your soul starts mating full flow with the business targets. That then moves with you to every corner of your house that you go to, including your precious morning throne. Supposedly your most private moment, where not even your better half is allowed, but those business targets are.

And, beyond the breakfast table, or to any other morning ritual of yours, including your morning prayers, and prayers collectively in tandem with your colleagues for targets. Thus, building the spiritual bulwark for the organization.

The average travel time to office in big cities has increased to over an hour one way and during this time also, you are glued mostly to your business and organizational targets. Where, all you do is to think, plan and set up a daily bit-by-bit approach towards achieving those milestones moments. For in the mornings it is not a rare sight to see business executives waiting impatiently to speak to their clients while they may take any mode of conveyance, including personal cars and two-wheelers, crowded buses and metro rail or a suburban local. And your business pursuit doesn’t just get over when you leave office for most us carry it home whether you like it or not. And the buck doesn’t stop there, as post a Sunday afternoon siesta, when the Monday morning blues erupt in you, is when you open your laptop to prepare for the Monday morning review, cutting into your well deserved weekend. For, if the review goes well your week is made, else, you need to build your entire week all over again. So, what earlier was in the confines of 9 to 5 has spilled beyond the time warp. Some management’s who are abreast to this reality, are sailing through competently with tweaked systems and procedures-employee friendly, but some are still struggling, only to conceive the reality.

The intricacies and pressures of both sides could be better understood. Only, if the modern day employer more appropriately termed as ‘management’ had ever done a job and the ‘employee’ ever ran an enterprise. For both uselessly keep visualizing the other side of the grass is greener, when it is actually a bald zone.

The point of essence is; today’s employee is not a 9 to 5 guy but a 24 x7 guy. Who at times operates from the designated office, from the road, his personal car or even a two-wheeler, airport, railway station, jam packed bus or a bus stand, cab, crowded local suburban, metro rail and at some lucky moments from his residence; for you can’t exist anymore on a obsolete routine of a mere 9 to 5 show up. And in all of this your gadgets (Smart phones and laptops) have become your office.



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