Dr Amita Mahajan, Apollo Hospital handing over medical assitance cheque
Dr Amita Mahajan, Apollo Hospital handing over medical assitance cheque


We all have read instances of ‘healing’ where God in some form heals a person from extreme suffering. And he may not be in position to do this each time personally so he sends his representative; and in today’s context it happens to be St Valentine who is primarily remembered for his ‘human concern’ which also includes sheltering of ‘love’ and those struggling for love.

And on this blessed occasion our NGO was back to those unfortunate poor children; in the poor children’s ward of Apollo Hospital New Delhi. As usual it was sad to see them in that state, when they had not even seen the world; but were lying on those cold hospital beds with beady eyes not knowing when they will go home and be able to lay their hands on their toys or on the shoulders of their friends who must be eagerly waiting for them.

And, I consider myself fortunate for having met these children and their Parents together with Dr Amita Mahajan, Pediatric Oncologist, Apollo Hospitals to give them cheer and hope in a small way. For they all were in the hospital for weeks where no one had come to meet them; and for a change, I felt so nice, seeing that my being was bringing a smile, on someone’s face.

It was heart rendering seeing little Jia age approximately 2 years suffering from acute leukemia; and after some cajoling she smiled at me; for anyone who came to her was only with medicines and injections that she hated, perhaps.

Brave Uzma age approximately 10, suffering from AML, form of acute leukemia was sitting on her bed, is when I approached her. She had gone through a round of chemotherapy. I could see her daring eyes telling me she will come out of it in flying colours.


Fayaz Ahmed from Bihar age approximately 3, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia was fast asleep when her mother woke him up to meet us. He didn’t like it, but then I did hold him in my arms for a moment and passed him on to his mother.


And brave Tushar Khattar age approximately 8 years, suffering from brain tumour was lying on the bed from where he looked at me and smiled as if nothing had happened and that told me what courage is all about.


Brave parents with parched lips, dry throats, unruly hair and drained faces only projected their brute struggle and determination to take the fight against cancer to another level. May God give them the strength.

For donations:

Cheques in favour of “Shravan charity mission” account no (680510110004635) Bank of India


‘shravan charity mission’

Bank of India account no- 680510110004635



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