By Kamlesh Tripathi

Once upon a time a pair of crane used to live in a farmer’s field near a village, along with their newly hatched babies. It so happened that before the babies could grow up to fly. The field of the farmer was ready for harvest. This got the pair worried. Fearing their nests would now get destroyed.  And, before the farmer cuts the crop. They should leave the place and move to a safer area. But unfortunately the babies were unable to fly. Worried, the mother crane told the babies—‘in our absence if any one comes to the field, learn to remember what all he says.’

One evening when the pair returned home with food for the babies, they said—‘mother-mother today the farmer had come. He inspected the fields by walking around it. At one or two places he also halted and kept staring at the crop. He was telling himself that the crop is now fit for harvest. Today, I’ll request the villagers to cut it.’

The father crane upon hearing this told the babies—‘don’t you worry. The crop will not be cut so soon. It will be long before it is harvested.’

After sometime one day when the pair returned in the evening the babies were nervous. They started saying—‘we should now leave this field immediately. Today the farmer had come again. He was murmuring to himself that the villagers are very selfish. They are not making any arrangements for harvesting my crop. Tomorrow I’ll send my brothers and have the crop harvested.’

But the father crane was still not worried. He told his babies—‘the crop will not be harvested soon. In a couple of days you will also start flying. So there is no cause for any panic.’

By now many days had passed. The babies had started flying and were now fearless. One day in the evening they told their parents—‘this farmer is only scaring us. He had come even today. When he started saying. My brothers don’t listen to me and all of them only make excuses. The grains of my crop are beginning to dry up and have also started falling. Tomorrow morning I will come myself to cut the crop.’

Upon hearing this the father crane panicked and said—‘come on! Hurry up! It hasn’t got dark as yet. Let’s fly off to another place which is safer. Tomorrow, the crop will definitely be cut.’

The kids said—‘why will the crop be cut this time. What makes you say that?’

The crane replied—‘till now the farmer was depending on villagers and his brothers. Therefore, the hope of crop being cut was not there. People, who leave their tasks for someone else to perform. Their tasks never get done. But those who get ready to do it themselves. Their jobs no one can stop from getting it done. If the farmer has decided to cut his crop tomorrow, sure enough he will do it.’

The pair along with their kids left for another place forthwith.


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