By Kamlesh Tripathi




Dear Shravan

This is how we remember you on your 23rd birthday


Always alive, as if you never went,

On the roll as if never spent,

Days have passed and years have gone by,

But to me it appears,

As if those bygone moments have just commenced.


And there from the heaven,

So much to watch,

But nothing to repent,

For soul is intact what if body is spent.


But in this game of body and soul,

For me there is so much to repent,

Having lost you to heaven,

And no one knows the extent.


There is indeed a difference,

Between the whiz of your soul and the touch of the body,

The touch is no more,

But the whiz is still felt.


My days still commence, with your pleasant memories,

That takes me beyond body and soul,

And thanks for your ‘whiz’ that comes each day, my son,

For that keeps me alive; rest I live.

Bless you Shravan.



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