By Kamlesh Tripathi

happiness 2 happiness simplicity


In search of happiness I met materialism,

In pursuit of happiness I met consumerism,

And while doing so, I fell from simplification,

To the vulgar wells of complications.


Where in the boil of life I discovered,

Big screens were there but the movie of life was missing,

Limousines were there but the happy journey was missing,

Broad roads and boulevards were there but the road map of life was missing,

Dreamliners were there but flight to happiness was missing,

Tall buildings were there but the shelter of life was missing,

Money was there but merchandise of happiness was missing.


TV-channels were there but entertainment of life was missing,

Sizzling ambience was there but the theme of life was missing,

Beautiful dresses were there but inner beauty was missing,

Tall degrees were there but life’s education was missing.


Money was there but the mouth was missing,

Holiday was there but sightseeing was missing,

Mind was there but heart went missing,

Medicines were there because health was missing.


Opportunities were there but sincerity was missing,

Fun was there but laughter was missing,

Shopping malls were there but fulfilment was missing,

Gyms are there but fitness was indeed missing,


Callousness was all over and concern was missing,

Temples were all over but God was missing,

Spiritualism was all over but the spirit was missing,

Life was there but soul was missing,

Eyes were there but vision was missing.


Then one day I realised,

Pursuit was there but the target was missing,

Complexity was there but simplicity was missing,

And everything was there but happiness was missing.


And all my life,

I thought Complication is happiness,

Complexity is happiness,

Materialism is happiness,

Consumerism is happiness,

For I had not realised the easiness of happiness.


As happiness is small,

Happiness is simple,

Happiness is sober,

Happiness is meagre,

Where happiness is a smile,

And happiness believes in principles.


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