By Kamlesh Tripathi

abdul hamid abdul kalam indian flag


There is no alarm,

As India has the might of,

The Abdul’s, Hamids and Kalams,

And so there is no alarm.


From battlefield to the drawing board,

From LOC to missiles,

They knew all,

And all knew them,

For they dared all,

But no one dared them.


In the line of duty,

Hamid laid himself,

And while leading the nation,

Kalam was way ahead.


Kalam gave India the throb of missile,

That could stare at the dare of any hostile,

And all drenched in technology and science,

He placed India in the rare club of nine.


A teacher at heart,

A scientist by mind,

A genius by birth,

A politician not inclined,

But a President by merit,

And a noble inherent.


And epitome of simplicity,

Role model of youth,

Every bit an essence,

To India’s presence.


You towered India,

To the scales of excellence,

But your job was not over,

When you suddenly left for heaven.


While India will miss you,

India salutes you,

You rest in peace,

But bless young India,

With more Abdul’s like you.


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