By Kamlesh Tripathi




Like the brooks and streams,

Flows my stream of dreams,

From high mountains,

To the rigors of extremes.


Whichever way one sees,

It glees,

But for dream to realise,

One has to besiege.


For in the applecart of life,

Nothing is simple,

But in the garrison of mind,

Nothing is invincible.


And between my dreams and reality,

Something is amiss,

And the gap is wide,

For one dreams of future,

But lives in extremes.


For dream is the thrill of reality,

And reality the forerunner of dream,

And this is how life schemes.


In the harsh struggle of life,

Time to dream is a luxury,

And need to struggle a reality,

Where reality is my mother,

And alluring dream is the sky.


And from the temerity of wisdom,

Kindles the refractions of life,

Only to convey life is incomplete,

Without the spectrum of dreams.


Harsh realities are pin-pricks,

Fancy dreams are breathtaking,

And they live in different worlds,

Where reality bites,

And dream incubates.


So what is important?

To live in reality or in dreams,

For without reality there is no dream,

And without dream there is a boring reality.


And so I tread,

Three steps reality and one step dream,

For that is the way,

To beam.


Since I realised,

Dream and reality need to co-exist,

To balance your life.


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