Shravan charity mission



Both Sabharwal and Swami were very senior to me both in age and seniority. Our office those days was in the sprawling boulevard of Parliament Street in New Delhi, just opposite to the VIP police station, and not very far from the point where it embraced the ever famous Connaught circus; the pride of Delhi and even India.

Sabharwal, a Punjabi Khatri used to reside in Kirti Nagar and Swami a Tamil Brahmin in Karol Bagh that happened to be the nerve centre of the huge South Indian population, residing in Delhi, then. Sabharwal and Swami (S&S) made an interesting duo, one being the likes of a carefree, lively and mast Punjabi, and the other, a conservative and ritualistic Brahmin from the South. Sabharwal then was the liaison manager and Swami the admin manager of the company.

While Sabharwal truly believed in YOLO (You only live once) and often…

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