By Kamlesh Tripathi


    Once upon a time there lived a Mahatma called Angiras in the forest. In his aashram he had many pupils. And all them had a great respect for him. Especially, his knowledge and wisdom.

    Amongst, the pupils. There were some who learnt faster than the others and followed the route suggested by the Guru. These pupils were generally respected by others for their learning prowess. But there were some who were jealous of them. They used to forget. That because of their own shortcomings they were unable to understand and comprehend the Guru in a wholesome manner. Soon they started suspecting that the Guru was using some mysterious ways to coach his favourite students, for some special talent.

    One day when the Guru was alone. They went up to him and asked, ‘Gurudev, it appears you are teaching something special to your favourite students. Why don’t you give the same knowledge to us, also?

    Guru, did not like the query of his pupils. But he peacefully replied. ‘I consider everyone to be the same, and have imparted the same education and knowledge to everyone. And, if some out of you have progressed faster than others. It is because of your own efforts. Who has stopped you from being proficient?’

    Students could not understand what the Guru was trying to say. This made the Guru rethink. After a little while he spoke again, ‘I am ready to give special attention to all the students who want it. But I have one condition. You will have to clear a small test for me. You will have to go to the nearby village. To find a good person for me.’ Finding the test to be simple and easy. All the complaining students were very happy. They quickly elected a representative who enthusiastically set out on the mission.

    But unfortunately. Wherever he went and whomsoever he met. Were all involved in some form of sin. And after searching a lot. He returned to the ashram empty handed and in a remorse tone he said, ‘Gurudev, I’m sorry. I could not find even one person who had not committed a crime.’

    Guru, in a morose tone said. ‘Is it so! Let me see. Okay let me send someone, out of those students. About whom you all were complaining.’ Guru then called for a pupil out of them, and ordered him to go to the nearby village to get him a bad person. The obedient pupil said, ‘As the Guru desires. Let me try.’ And, with that he left.

    But the remaining students out of that lot. Felt as if Gurudev had again committed injustice. Because, the pupil will get plenty of bad people. As the village is full of them.

    Guru requested them to keep their cool. After sometime. The deputed pupil returned empty handed and said with folded hands, ‘Please pardon me Guruji. I scanned the nearby village but I did not find a single bad person.’ On hearing this. Rest of the of the pupils started laughing. He further said, ‘every person has done at least one good deed. And I did not find a single person who had not done one good deed. So, kindly excuse me.’ After saying so. He took his Guru’s permission and left.

    Guru then told his complaining pupils, ‘My dear students. This is that borderline which differentiates between good and bad, right and wrong and positive and negative.

    Your mind blossoms when in everything you see goodness. World is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. It depends on your mindset and what you want to take from the world. People who are positive grow faster than those who are negative.

    For a Guru all his pupils are dear. And if any pupil considers himself distanced from the Guru. Then it is that student’s stupidity. The more you feel close to me. The more you will develop and it will be seen in your actions.’

This story tells how we should face life and its challenges. Complete surrender to your Guru. Will only lift you from your sorrows. The story is from Upanishad.


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