By Kamlesh Tripathi

darkness light


Whenever I stumbled in life,

It was only because of absence of light,

And the more I allowed darkness to remain and reign,

Is when my light abstained.


 For absence of light is dark,

Bereft of eyes is dark,

Absence of knowledge is dark,

For darkness always resides in a care-of.


In the medley of life,

Darkness is death and oxygen is light,

And when the sun-sets, darkness too rests,

But upon sunrise darkness strikes.


Darkness laughs at the failures of light,

But light never finds the trace of darkness,

Darkness thinks light is scared,

When, light doesn’t even get a chance to dare.


In the hot chase of life,

Chase out darkness and bring in light,

For light is the beacon, but darkness a crime,

And, all in the bickering of time.


 And ever in the windmills of life,

If darkness strikes,

Blame only yourself,

For you did not follow the light


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