By Kamlesh Tripathi


‘Earth laughs in flowers’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each flower is the heart throb of the garden where it is grows, and so also the emblem of ‘earth’s laughter’—as Emerson puts it.

But it is sad to see on TV these days. How people in droves, mindlessly present flower bouquets to VVIPs and Heads of States who mechanically pass it on to their personal security staff, standing next to them. And you get a disgusting feeling seeing these lovely flowers being insulted.

Perhaps, callous VVIPS do not have the time and mind to visualise and feel about the labour pains ‘Mother Earth’ may have undergone in ‘delivering’ each flower. And the blood and sweat of the gardener in bringing about this exquisite beauty.

Therefore, won’t it be wonderful to leave them in the garden alone, than to give them premature death in thankless bouquets. So I would plead to our PM Sri Narendra Modi to stop this culture of bouquets.

And, as for tokenism one could think of plastic or paper flowers. That too under—‘make in India’ scheme.



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