By Kamlesh Tripathi

New Doc 6_1 (1)

Some personalities happen to impress you at times, but some always. He happens to be one of them. And, I would desist from venerating him; in some paltry words of mine. For words will fall short in contouring this supersonic icon of Indian business. But yes, he is inherently original, beamingly creative, and knows well how to welcome the future in all humility. A role model for many. He does complex things in simple and novel ways.

And, this time he conjoins the childhood favourite board game of Snakes and Ladders to the health regimen and shares it on Instagram for better recall value. This interesting creation of his was published in ET Panache, around the World Health Day (April 7). Wherein, he makes some simple but interesting observations in the colourful boxes of snakes and ladders,  where ladders you need to climb and snakes you need to avoid:

  • Ladder: High fibre meals (>30 gms/day), controls Blood Sugar and cholesterol.
  • Ladder: By consuming fruits and vegetables regularly, one can be at low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Snake: Aerated drinks, fruit juices and maida items lead to high blood sugar levels.
  • Ladder: Exercise (5-6 days/week) leads to significant control of lifestyle diseases.
  • Snake: Waist size (>43” M; >38” F) is a direct market for heart attack.
  • Snake: Papad, pickle and processed food increases risk if obesity.
  • Ladder: Quit smoking, it decreases the risk of heart attack.
  • Snake: Sedentary lifestyle increases waist circumference and weight.
  • Ladder: Taking the stairs increases the fitness levels.
  • Snake: Fried snacks, farsan, bakery products increase high risk of high cholesterol.

Wishing Mr. Anand Mahindra health, wealth and fame.



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