It was just the other day when we had bumped into each other, as old chums after many years, clearly not knowing what had kept us away all this while; but, having, met, as if destined, I thought we would relish, cherish and take it to our graves- the friendship.

And, for some good period of time our friendship continued in all its serenading tone and tenor, and splendidly much more in spirits, where we often exchanged notes on what all had happened in our lives, to what was happening now, and, also, what all could happen in times to come. And, ergo, one felt so very blissed and blessed, at this divine happenstance, as if arising, straight out of the God’s chest. For, it had somewhat stoked my life with some artistic and energizing hue, and if not mistaken, I could possibly say the same for my friend too. We were now in good touch and nick and often exchanged notes on various issues confronting our lives.

And, then, one day, I did not receive any communication from this friend of mine, and thereafter for a couple of days. I thought my friend might be busy with work and engagements. I tried to contact but there was no reply, and I don’t know why. Time, since then has trickled and continues to trickle, yet there has been no contact between us.

But, in all of this what was wondrously intriguing was the long ‘silence,’ of my friend; that conveyed more, than it hid. So then, ‘learn to respect the “silence” without questioning why?’ is what I told myself, while preparing to move out, but with a hope that one day again, we may bump into each when the deafening ‘silence’ gets over.


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