A lot is being discussed about the menace of Lal-Batti (Red-Beacon) culture in India. I hear and see many suggestions on TV and newspapers. But largely those suggestions are of routine nature and may not be helpful. For now, only a paradigm shift will make the difference.  Therefore, to get rid of this menace we require some out-of-the-box thinking, and to that effect my suggestions are as follows:

  1. Stop manufacture of Lal-Battis for general market forthwith. These red-beacons should be manufactured only against specific orders, emanating from the Government of India, for constitutional posts, and as approved by GOI or the honourable Supreme Court of India. Treat it, as a dangerous commodity, such as sale of acid or even live cartridges.
  2. Honourable Supreme Court has approved of certain constitutional posts, where Lal-Batti can be used. Barring these no one else should be allowed to use Lal-Battis, and if anyone is found breaking the law he or she should be fined for a minimum of Re 1 lac, plus additional amounts for misdemeanor and dishonour of the honourable Supreme Court orders.
  3. Dismantle the entire fleet of government vehicles with red-beacons, which are only misused by Netas and Bureaucrats, barring few pool vehicles and vehicles for top dignitaries. For the rest, provide them with car loans, basis their salaries and entitlements. Also, provide them with fuel and maintenance allowance and even driver allowance like in private sector. This will save crores of hard earned tax payers money as Capex. It will help in eradicating corruption and will also root out the unnecessary evil of lal-Battis.



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