When cancer strikes; paradigms of life change. Sunita Tomar, the 28 year old mother who emerged as an anti –tobacco crusader after she was diagnosed with cancer, passed away early on Wednesday, in her hometown Bhind in Madhya Pradesh.

Tomar (in photo above) had shot a 30- second video titled ‘Sunita’ for the government a year ago, highlighting the devastation effect of smokeless tobacco, in her life. Perhaps, some people are sent to planet earth by God to spread a particular message such as Sunita, which she did in a very brave and precise manner. May, she rest in peace.

And disregarding Sunita’s message is BJP MP #Dilip #Gandhi’s recent assertion that there is no link between chewing tobacco and incidence of cancer; is cheap, misleading and playing to the lobby of tobacco, which everyone understands. People, like Dilip Gandhi only talk like this because hitherto they have been spared the pain of cancer.


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