Sureshbhai Patel lying paralysed in hospital
Sureshbhai Patel lying paralysed in hospital
3rd degree torture by Eric Parker
3rd degree torture by Eric Parker


Madisan, Alabama policeman Eric parker is charged with 3rd degree assault and is being fired, after authorities say he threw down a handcuffed 57 year old man from India who was walking around town, while visiting some relatives. Though the FBI is investigating this incident in which Sureshbhai Patel has been paralyzed, yet this brings us to a horrific and nagging question. That is about the IQ levels of some of these American cops who shoot from the hip to prove no point, and in the process they only reveal their racial bias. A media report now suggests Sureshbhai Patel was used as a guinea-pig by Eric Parker to teach his colleague how to pin down criminals. But even that is cruel, animal like and atrocious by any standards. And in the process he has paralyzed Sureshbhai; and his racial sound bite about ‘a black and skinny man roaming the area’ has only embarrassed the black skinny but otherwise healthy President of the US- Barack Obama.

Policeman Eric Parker
Policeman Eric Parker

Even in some earlier instances American cops have gone overboard, by not being able to distinguish between the turban of an Indian Sardar and a Muslim terrorist of the likes of Osama and have subjected them to humiliation. They have also demeaned Indian dignitaries at airports. So the moot question is. Are American cops insulated from rest of the world, that they can’t even decipher sartorial niches and accomplishments of other countries. And so, shouldn’t they be given a complete run down on various kinds of attires worn across the world since America is the world’s greatest economy and people from all over the world flock here some way or the other. Also, a rerun of visuals at regular intervals about world’s whose who, will help.

NJ cop shooting a black man when both his hands are out of the car
NJ cop shooting a black man when both his hands are out of the car

And, in this episode also Eric Parker from all corners looks and behaves like a duffer. Not being able to decipher between a hardcore criminal and a 57 year old non English speaking gentleman, and behaves as if all non English speaking individuals are criminals. The video released only enrages the world. As a cop he should have been more aware than a normal American citizen to decipher between a criminal and a gentleman. So what creates such duffers in the US Police Department is again the moot point when they boast of such a high standard of police training with a sensitive and thinking mindset.

In 2000, the US Department of Justice (USDOJ) Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Offices and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) collaborated to pilot an innovative post-police academy training strategy with Reno, Nevada Police Department. This problem based learning strategy, titled the Police Training Officers (PTO) Program. Institutionalized adult learning theory and problem solving tools into a process that encouraged new officers to think using proactive mindset, enabling the identification of and solution to problems within their communities

The APOSTC or the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission requires law enforcement officers to go through and pass the academy and be certified as police officers of the law. Before going through the academy, they must be employed full time as a cop, meaning they have to work an average of 40 hours per week and within 6 months of being employed they need to complete the academy training in order to be certified. Failing to do so will nullify their employment and they will have to wait two years before submitting another application.

While the training has various physical and legal requirements. It also talks of some important physical, legal and behavioural aspects that the candidates should possess such as:

  • Age should be at least 19 years.
  • Have a high school or a GED
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • American citizenship
  • Good moral character with no felony or misdemeanor or convictions, and isn’t a registered sex offender
  • Complete medical examination by a licensed doctor or a physician and be certified for good physical health and fit for physical demands of the Police Academy.
  • Complete psychological examination and in case they fail this test, a 2nd comprehensive test will be administered by an agency that is commissioned by the commission and in case a candidate fails, both the test, he or she must wait for a year to become eligible again.

All academy trainees must complete 480 hours of basic academy training.

  • The overall score of all the written exams, first aid exams, legal issues exams should not be less than 70%.
  • Successfully complete and pass the physical agility test.
  • Pass all 43 hours of firearms training. Must qualify in two out of three attempts in the firearms course.

So while the training of Police in the US is all comprehensive there is need to screen officers who nurse racial biases. With the wherewithal of the US, it should not be difficult to identify such policemen and indoctrinate them with better virtues and humanness. For one can perform police duties even without paralyzing dark and skinny ‘Sureshbhais’ for if South Africa could give up apartheid why can’t a minority of police officers in the US. But then to arrive there. The US must first accept the scourge of racialism in its Police force and not just sham away from reality.



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