Many years ago there lived a deceitful king who always blamed God for anything wrong that happened in his kingdom by saying, “It’s all God’s doing.” But at the same time, for anything good that happened in his kingdom he always said, “It’s the king’s doing.”

    When there were floods in his kingdom he blamed God. When there was an epidemic he blamed God. When there was a war he blamed God. When there was a drought then too he blamed God. In utter disgust he often used to blurt, ‘it’s all God’s doing,’ and slowly that became his catchphrase. In a vast kingdom such as his, something was always going wrong and that gave him umpteen opportunities to curse God.

    Fed up, one day, God approached the king and said,

    ‘Rajan … While ruling over such a vast kingdom, many things will go wrong and many things will go right and it is but the king’s duty, to take the sum total of it, in his stride. But what I find here is something very strange. For all the things that go wrong in your kingdom, you pass it off as God’s doing, and for all the things that go right, you pat your shoulder, to pass it off as the king’s achievement. Now is that fair?”

    The king replied, ‘Prabhu … Of course it is fair.’

    ‘Then explain how.’ God reasoned.

    ‘Prabhu … blaming you is like blaming destiny which is ultimately God’s will. Now, who can question destiny that happens to be God in disguise. And yes, I definitely pat myself for things that go right in my kingdom because it only increases my halo, aura and my command over my subjects.’

    ‘God smiled at the king and said.’

    ‘Rajan … I suggest for some time now, reverse the trend and witness the change.’

    ‘Prabhu … I didn’t get you.’

    ‘Rajan, it’s very simple. For all the things going wrong in your kingdom take the blame upon yourself. Say, it’s the king’s doing and, for all the things going right in your kingdom say, it’s the God’s doing. And, I’ll meet you after a year when we’ll see how the change has affected you and your kingdom.’

    King folded his hands, closed his eyes and said, ‘As you wish Prabhu. After which God left for his heavenly abode.

    Soon, the king instructed his ministers, to badge him for everything, that was going wrong in his kingdom and praise God Almighty for whatever was going right in the kingdom. The ministers were surprised at this gesture of the king, but then they remained silent since they were subordinates.

    Gradually, the work pressure on the king, started increasing, when ‘destiny’ started turning into, shabby governance. The king was now feeling more responsible as he didn’t want his name to get spoilt—earlier it didn’t matter, as it was God’s name that was getting spoilt.  So, he immediately took some proactive measures and started participating much more effectively in the day-to-day running of the kingdom. He built suitable embankments before the floods arrived. He got wells dug up before the crop was sown, for irrigation. He built night shelters for the poor before arrival of winters. And when, the kingdom was attacked by enemies he led by example and fought the battle himself from the frontline. He was able to unearth the frauds that were being committed under the banner of destiny by his ministers. The king was now a changed personality.

    When the rising waters of the river could not enter the kingdom because of the embankment the king praised the God. Upon the bumper harvest because of the new wells that were dug up before the sowing, he praised God. On the day of inauguration of night shelter he again praised God. And thereafter whenever there was something good happening in the kingdom he only praised God Almighty and said it was all because of his grace.

    In a year’s time the reputation of the king took an about-turn. The citizens of his kingdom were now convinced that they couldn’t have had a better king than him. For he took direct responsibility in terms of tackling every challenge that erupted in his kingdom. And at the same time for any success he showed humility and praised God Almighty. This gave an impression to people that the king has become very humble. And with that his overall aura went up.

    After exactly a year God came to meet the king. The king was very busy sorting out urgent issues of his kingdom. He requested God to give him some moments so that he could close certain pressing matters and then sit with him with a free mind. God agreed to wait. But in the rush of work the king forgot that God was waiting for him. The king did return to his castle but only after finishing his work which was after a couple of days and found God still waiting for him. The king fell on God’s feet for the delay in attending to him and pleaded forgiveness, profusely.

    God helped the king to stand on his feet and then said.

    ‘Rajan I’m happy to see the change in you, and for worthy King’s like you God doesn’t mind waiting.’

    Moral of the story: Work is worship.

Written by Kamlesh Tripathi



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